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>first 3d game by nintendo
>is a great classic

How did they master the technology and design so quickly and gracefully?

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Nintendo's absolute top priority for SM64 was making sure it controlled well and the camera wasn't garbage

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Mario Clash was 3D.

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Was the competition scared when they rolled out the control stick? In a lot of old Mario 64 demos the host usually points out that you can precisely change speed, walk, etc. PS1 didn't get the sticks until later on.

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2bh itt was rough to say the least

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By moving away from Mario's heritage of obstacle course gameplay and turning it into a game about moving around in empty levels with some gimmicks thrown in here and there.

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So they kinda failed...

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Your brain is 2D

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Shinto magic

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because they were 90s Nintendo

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> i make this same thread every day
convicted pedophiles with criminal records really shouldn't be on the internet. does your parole officer know that you're using the internet?

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It gets boring replaying levels for completion.

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>*farts in your face*
What now, bitch?

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Surely it must feel great being le ebin contrarian, eh?

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physically painful opinion to read

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It’s called the LAW of diminishing returns, fucking shit for brains.

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thats not what diminishing returns means. the worlds are sandbox style. specific stars require traversing specific parts of the level. you dont just run to the "end" of the level and touch the flagpole. theres no way anyone actually has this opinion, so i will at least give you props for getting me to reply

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It definitely falls under the law of diminishing returns. You can’t just say “no it doesn’t, because sandbox.” That’s not an argument against diminishing returns. That doesn’t even make sense. It’s still playing the same thing over and over.

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but the camera is garbage

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This thread is not going well. Mario is fun though

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i guess youre saying "diminishing returns" means "going into the same level multiple times means it gets less and less fun". youre wrong, and retarded. cheers

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No it's not. You're ignoring facts to perpetrate justify an opinion that you can have, but with a reason that makes no sense.
Your logic only makes sense for red coins and 100 coins.

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I don't know. How many times are you going to post this thread?

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I’m not wrong you will never have the same dopamine rush as when you first started playing and getting good. The point of no return depends on how much fun the game is to you. You really think speed runners are having fun? No fucking way bro that’s work for accomplishment, they started out loving Mario but now most of them despise it. If you’re not into speed running then the law of diminishing returns hits a lot sooner, like the 3rd or 4 th time you replay the game it starts to get less out of it (for the most part). There are exception that might extend your enjoyment, but the law will catch up eventually. Always does, always will. That’s why there are kaizo and crazy romhacks, because playing the same thing over and over gets boring.

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if playing sandbox worlds over and over gets boring you must really hate linear levels, but yet it seems like thats what youre arguing for.

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No it doesn’t, I don’t think you understand how brains work or what the law of diminishing returns actually encompasses. You’re being pedantic on purpose to try and protect your idealistic thought process by bringing up non arguments. It doesn’t matter about red coins, that’s just part of the equation.

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>You really think speed runners are having fun?
Aw so you never had an argument and just wanted to whine.

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No, that’s not what I said at all. How did you even get that from my argument? The law of diminishing returns affects everything, including linear level design.

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You have no pints at all and all your arguments are logical fallacies at best. It’s nice that you are trying to still pull it together, but you lost hard to science, anon.

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SM64 is boring as fuck and I've only ever seen severely autistic men play it for long periods of time. If you want something endlessly replayable, skill-based and actually fun, maybe go olay Quake 3 or something. Wahooing around Bobomb Battlefield is not fun. It's gay and retarded.

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Hey I'm not the one here who autistically appeals to bandwagoning while moving the goalposts. You've got hangups and the basis of your argument clearly shows. Nice try, low IQ-kun.

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quake 3 was made by people who think mario 64 is one of the greatest games of all time

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no lol

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>It's Western FPS shit

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I’ll admit my grammar has been less than savory, though my argument is solid. You can’t just say I have no argument when I proposed a base for my assertion plus supporting material. You really need to come up with just one thing to refute my point.
1. Prove how this doesn’t pertain to the law of diminishing returns.

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>"cringe", said the 33 year old man who plays a game about a cartoon plumber killing sentient mushrooms and riding rainbows

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playing a mario game because its fun is way less cringe than playing a gory fps because you think that makes you cool. if youre gonna go there just remember that playing any vidya at all makes you a fag at the end of the day.

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didn't read, you're a fag and you play fag games lol.

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Nah, you're just autistically pretentious.
Using personal hang-ups that unironically live rent free in you head to justify why a game is bad is mental-illness.

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>>first 3d game by nintendo

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>>first 3d game by nintendo

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feels like i never left /v/

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Sorry were you trying to discuss something other than Nintendo games? You should probably lurk more, this is a Nintendo board kid

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People discuss non-nintendo games all the time here.
You should probably lurk more.

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I was being le sarcastique my good gentlesir *tips*

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>what is Star Fox

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It had to be their #1 priority. Zelda eventually, too, to a lesser extent.
In that regard, nothing's changed. It's still their #1 priority. They probably revised the Mario movie over and over until they were satisfied with it.
It's a good thing, that they always make sure these franchises never falter. But it exposes how fragile Nintendo is.
...Is what I would say if they didn't have Pokemon now. They can churn out Poketrash now and people will still buy it.

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Still one of the greatest game ever

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>Still....the greatest game ever

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Because they started work with the base controls, and then worked around it. Not even regarding obstacles, if the basic controls for the game don't feel good, how can you expect to make a good game around them? Honestly a lost mentality nowadays, as everyone seems to want to stick the same few design philosophies into all games,

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Was it their first 3D game? Hmmm

These two, pic related, and arguably the original Super Mario Kart all came first.

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I still remember the first time I played this and I swear I saw 2 goombas fucking

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I accept your concession.

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Also, I never said anything was bad. Learn reading comprehension.

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>master the technology
Nintendo made a fuckton of really weird programming fuckups and just plain wonky design choices (red coin sound effect is generated in code rather than just a sample) that seriously hampered the performance of the game. I like Super Mario 64 don't get me wrong, but the coding for the game fucking sucks and praising it is just wilful ignorance.

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Really it is all the zoomers. They aren't aware of anything outside of the Google, Meta, ByteDance bubble. I wish I knew less about those platforms and I wish the bled less into other niches of the internet.

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Thats the secret, it wasn't quick.
They spent for fucking ever developing this game, probably the longest dev time of any game at the time.

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The real question is why did it take other 3D games so long to adapt to the now perfected camera system

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