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Hello all. Zoomie here who needs recommendations on cool games to play. So far in my Zoomer career I have played probably a handful of retro games. Banjo Kazooie (the original), Og Doom and Duke Nukem 3d (80s dad), Chrono Trigger. Super mario world 1 and 2. and older pc games like Return to castle Wolfenstein. Pretty broad genre base but I just wanted to include the games that I've played so it would be slightly easier to give recs.

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I'm just going to recommend some of my favorites like FFVI, FFVII, Perfect Dark, NiGHTS Into Dreams, Sakura Wars, Wild ARMs, Magical Pop'n, The Adventures of Little Ralph, Super Ghosts N' Goblins, just to name a few.

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Play those

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How far back are you willing to go? 8 bit? You could give Mega Man a shot to see if you like the formula. Mega Man 2 on NES or Mega Man X on SNES are a good start. You could start with Mega Man 1, but 2 is an easier entry if you never played any.

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Thank you for the recs! Does FF stand for final fantasy?

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Im all in 4 8bit. Ill try thoes out

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The worst thing about tiktok is that zoomers no longer get their opinions from youtube
tl;dr Ask your gramps to teach you how to use youtube

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Youtube opinions are worthless though. At least tiktok is just retarded memes that no one takes seriously.

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If you like those games then here is my list:
>Mario 64
>Final Fantasy 7
>Sonic 2
>Metroid Zero Mission
>Castlevania SotN

I'll give a short comment on each game and how I'd recommend playing them:
>Halo 1
"The Master Chief Collection" is on PC and Xbone/XSX and contains the best versions of its included games. You can press Tab (or select on the controller) to switch between the original and the remastered "Anniversary" graphics, but Halo 1's Anniversary mode is very controversial; play that in classic mode. Halo 2's Anniversary mode however looks excellent.
Play the original instead of Black Mesa. BM is really pretty but it really overstays its welcome by stretching what were once the final few chapters into half the total runtime, and missing the point of these chapters all the while
>Mario 64
The DS version is great but should only be played AFTER the original. I recommend playing the original with this patch: https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/4905/
>Final Fantasy 7
There's lots of mods for the PC version but if you ask me, the game just doesn't look right that way; the graphics and animations lose all plausible deniability when upscaled. I'd emulate the PSX version at 240p with this retranslation: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1H5eZ0TtjeSq3bVzZAUNpXEsAk-1U8i0w/view
>Sonic 2
What can I say? It's a classic. There's no wrong way to play this game.
>Metroid Zero Mission
It's only on GBA so yeah emulate that
No wrong way to play this game. I prefer the PSP version that was included in Dracula X Chronicles due to the new translation and voice cast

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Thank you for the recs. Loved the first sonic so sonic 2 is right up my alley. and my dad introduced me to half life when I was like 6 but we never finished it (I need to). Thanks!

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really i recommend finding a top 10 or top 100 list per console and just picking what looks interesting.

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Vs reccomended games wiki up to 6th gen is another good resource. I reccomend starting with whatever 16-bit console you never really played and dive in to that. 5th Gen has some real beauties that flew under the radar, that’s basically the entire sega saturn as a console.

Separately if you unironically use tik tok and worship e celebs reassess what your slop life is worth and think about what damage that shit is doing to your brain receptors, most zoomers never do

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Thank you for the resource and info. Also I dont use tiktok.

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>best version
no. at least not in the case of CE. best version of CE is objectively 2003 PC or Custom Edition with Chimera and opensauce. Master Cuck Collection can't even use mods and is still missing visual effects from the original PC release that you can't restore.

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Good, don’t let them hook you into the pipeline, it all goes downhill from there, I tutor zoomers for extra cash on the weekends and grim doesn’t begin to describe the landscape. I suggest you start with retro emulation before going out and buying a bunch of stuff, we’re in the middle of a pretty hard bull run on a lot of retro game prices because of a mix of le coof driven indoor gaming, certain consoles getting astroturfed by people with patreons, etc.

Emulation isn’t perfect, but it’s good enough for getting your feet wet, and if you’re young I think it’s better for you to save your money for something like a car, tuition, etc. the leddit roms subreddit has an excellent mega thread full of resources on how to get all of those games easily

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Oh alright thank you. I didn't plan on buying any consoles right now anyway since I have no room in my room.

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You’re welcome, there’s a bunch of crusty grumps on here myself included, but there genuinely is a charm to older games that’s been lost, especially in regards to games feeling complete on release, doing “different” stuff, etc. there’s a whole fun to discovering old games that you click with, there’s excitement around new romhacks and translations of games that never made it state side, etc. after you explore a few consoles I think you’ll find some groups of games you really enjoy and by that time you’ll have enough of a sense to find things on your own.

Two areas to not ignore as well: Arcade, and handhelds. There’s some great arcade stuff out there, especially the NeoGeo, CPS1/2/3, etc. MAME can be tricky to set up but finalburn is very easy, and those games are still played multiplayer today over fightcade. Also, don’t neglect handhelds. There’s some brilliant handheld games on the retro systems as well, and even some less popular handhelds like the wonder swan or neo Geo pocket color you may not have heard of.

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Punch-Out and Super Punch-Out, timeless games that any zoomer kid can pick up and enjoy in my experience

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Secret Of Mana
Secret Of Evermore
Treasure Of The Rudra
Illusion Of Gaia
Castlevania: Aria Of Sorrow
Dragon Force
Dark Savior

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Alot of people have been recommending Castlevania games. Are castlevania games "play in any order" games or is there a definitive play order?

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If you have an Xbox (One or higher), go buy Rare Replay and check out some of their other games. You might like Banjo-Tooie or Conker (also on N64). For other Nintendo stuff, try DK64 and the Donkey Kong Country games on SNES. If you like Super Mario World, try Super Mario All-Stars on SNES or the originals on NES, as well as Super Mario Land 1 and 2 on Game Boy. Banjo also got a sequel and a racing game on Game Boy Advance.

N64 in general has a lot of good games if you are just getting started... Super Mario 64, the original Smash Bros, Mario Party, etc.

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They all have the gothic/infernal aesthetic, but the first ones are more just straight platformers without RPG elements or Metroid exploration. Aria Of Sorrow is for me, the ideal Metroid/RPG type Castlevania, but if you care about understanding the basic premise first, maybe start with another one. AoS is kind of a twist in terms of story, since the protagonist is not a Belmont.

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Ah okay

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Don't worry about the story, the games go back and forth in time all about some member of the Belmont family who has to hunt Dracula. I started in with the original NES game and loved it.

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Kind of like Mega Man, the first few games are really challenging but starting with SotN they lower the difficulty and replace it with exploration and RPG elements. If you do play one probably just start with SotN, the earlier games are just really tough imo.

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>MCC can't even use mods
Are you retarded? It literally has a Steam Workshop page. Unlike the 2003 version, it also has co-op
>still missing visual effects
Such as? To my knowledge, everything has been restored.

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Paper Mario 64, Thousand Year Door, Harvest Moon Snes (with mods), Contra Hard Corps (super hard, play with a friend), Sonic 1, 2, 3 and Knuckles.

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By the way, if you can, do find yourself a CRT tv and compare to your screen, there'll be a huge difference, pick the one you like more, but older games were made for CRT tvs.

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This list is really interesting. Taking out platforms that only had <5 games on them and ranking them by highest to lowest

PC - 109
Arcade - 43
NES - 44
Xbox 360 - 41
PS3 - 32
PS2 - 28
PlayStation - 16
SNES - 15
Macintosh - 14
PS4 - 10
Amiga - 10
Xbox - 9
Gamecube - 9
N64 - 8
Wii - 8
Xbox One - 7

I find it interesting just how many of the "greatest games of all time" came from the PS2 and PS3 era, even though the PS3 was often criticized for having a tiny library. And likewise, platforms we think of as major players in the history of video games such as the Wii and DS barely register as a blip on the list (DS was under 5 games so it got cut, even)

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>Super Castlevania 4 and Rondo of Blood
Any version of Rondo is fine, just don't play the SNES "version"
>Mega Man Classic/X series
I'd say the best ones in the classic series to start with are 2, 4 and 7, as for the Mega Man X games, I'd recommend starting with X1 or X4. X3, X5 and X6 are all lacklustre to bad in their original forms but thankfully there's improvement mods which make them a lot more fun to play, X3 has the Zero Project mod, X5 has the Improvement Project Addendum mod and X6 has the Tweaks mod. X1 also has a pretty good remake on PSP.
>Sonic Classic/Adventure series
Don't play the soulless DX version of SA1 unless you're playing the PC version modded.
>Puyo Puyo Tsu
The Saturn version is probably the best as it has all of the content from the other versions plus a really good arranged OST.
>Kirby Super Star
Got a remake on DS that redrew the sprites and added more content.
>Crash Bandicoot 2
Play the PS1 version, avoid the N-Sane Trilogy.
>Spyro 1
I can't comment on the remake but you're still probably better off playing the original.
Play the PS1 version, both remakes are soulless garbage.
>House of the Dead 2
All versions are fine, the upcoming remake is probably going to be shit if the remake of the first game is anything to go by.
>Guardian Heroes
Can't comment too much on the 360 remaster, it adds some new mechanics but the colours look dull and washed out compared to the original Saturn version

I'd also recommend the PS4 version, Castlevania Requiem, it's basically just the PSP version but you can play it on a bigger screen and you don't have to play through the ugly Rondo of Blood remake to unlock it.

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I think the Wii and DS had a ton of good-great games, but very few legendary games, and a ton of shovelware which has been filtered out by time and hindsight but was much more obvious when those consoles were actively being developed for. They’re remembered fondly here and elsewhere but it’s because we know what to play, what to avoid, time has revealed the le gems, and it’s all the more obvious given the year over year rot of the current industry how much more these platforms seemingly have to offer. Hopefully that makes sense, critical lists like these in general are hard to define.

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I think there's also probably some bias shown here as the Wii and DS had more casual-oriented games and in general Nintendo consoles cater towards a younger audience, so I think especially for reporters at the time they were reluctant to praise a "kids console." Aside from the NES, the majority of legendary titles come from the Playstation series and the 360, which especially at the time were marketed as being for "real, hardcore gamers." PC goes without saying since it's a bit like how saying Tetris is the best selling game of all time is *technically* true but it isn't really playing on the same field as everyone else. And arcades make sense because that's right when the industry was starting and every development was innovative and a lot of the gameplay loops that are still used today were originally implemented.

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Yeah, there was such a pushback against fun and color at that time which was probably a mistake in retrospect. I’m not even sure where the industry is at right now in regards to that, it feels like a weird middle ground

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I feel like at this point with how successful the Switch is we've managed to pull ourselves out of that mindset. I think the fact that people who grew up playing the GC/Wii are now old enough to be journalists now themselves also helps

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Capcom fighting games. My little nephews liked those.
Street fighter Alpha 3
3rd strike
Capcom vs SNK 2
Xmen vs sf if you like marvel

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of course

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>play Ultimate
>plays Smash Remix

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Fellow zoom zoom zoomie here: play the entire Rareware catalog (Perfect Dark, Jet Force Gemini, and Diddy Kong Racing to begin with) for your N64 fix, then play some good ol’ Turrican. Sprinkle in a few dashes of Oddworld Abe’s Oddysee/Exoddus and you should be good.

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Oppai Slider 2

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Harvest Moon 64 is also a pretty good followup to the SNES original but I'm pretty sure that game is still pretty expensive unless you can read moonrunes enough to play the Japanese version (but if you're emulating anyway then price doesn't matter).

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This. You're totally fitting in now.

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Banjo Tooie is worth trying

My 2nd GOAT

The scale is MUCH larger than the first game. It can be overwhelming. Some of the Jiggies can take an hour to solve. The pacing is not as good, and technically it pushes the N64 to it’s absolute limits on Stock hardware, *sometimes* running at 10 FPS or less on N64.

But the ambition is impressive, especially considering it is not require an expansion pack.
The transformations are dramatically more fun, there are more Easter eggs, and you can even PLAY as Mumbo, although he’s a bit underwhelming.

The Xbox version is the best for dat smooth 30fps.
Do yourself a favor, and lookup the cheats, put in the ones for faster run speed, unlimited air, and no fall damage, if it won’t break your save. Getting 100% is a drag, so don’t worry about it.

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Mcc includes the best version… I thought this was a retro board and no MCC is not the best way to play. They changed gameplay, unless they did a massive update recently The shooting is still fucked…
-player who played the og to death and thinking the MCC would be a good way for us bros to relive the glory days but we all dropped it immediately.

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Also for 40 bucks u can get a used Xbox and halo 1-2 which is about what the MCC costs on steam. And then u have a retro console as well!

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>The shooting is still fucked
In multiplayer the pistol spread was increased yes. This encourages you to use more than 1 gun :DDD

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So not retro, thanks. Good to know that version is still fucked. 343 was a fucking mistake

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Also pretty telling who actually played the game at release and who played the game w the pretty graphics and shitty gameplay adjustments done by a vastly inferior studio. Rant over, play whichever version u like but one is retro the other is… something.

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>10 weapons in the multiplayer sandbox
>the game is unplayable when 1 of them has increased spread

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>Nobody said Dynamite Headdy or Rocket Knight Adventures

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Play Banjo-Tooie, OP. It's best Banjo

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