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Anybody else feel like this is a step down from the first game? The graphics are nicer, but the music is nowhere near as good and the game just feels slower and more about wandering around these vast but kinda empty levels instead of the tight, action-packed platforming of the first game. Since you can do the worlds in any order there's not a proper difficulty curve either.

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>Anybody else feel like this is a step down from the first game?

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Definitely not a step down, but yeah, SML1 had more of the straightforward action feel of SMB1, while SML2 has more of the "exploring the levels" feel of SMB3/SMW

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Personally, I was glad there were no shoot em up sections.

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The very different types of obstacles and challenges (not to mention locales and even mechanics) in each Zone tend to cushion the arguable negatives of lacking a strict overarching difficulty curve, and there still were encapsulated difficulty curves inside each "set" of levels. That's a more than acceptable general template to design a game, as the Mega Man series proved; whether it fits a Mario game is again arguable, but it'd be weird to argue it as particularly jarring or inappropriate.

Also, in GB games it was an understandable trend to offer a choice of variety out of the gate because portable systems would often involve shorter casual play sessions when actually used in a "portable" context like a commute for example. Devs who didn't think of that early on quickly realized it made sense, like Konami with the second GB Castlevania for example. Granted, this factor may have been redundant in this case given SML2 saved your progress lol

Anyway, I think the game is fine and it's fever-dream tier creative in general compared to its predecessor and Mario games in general. Though I do dislike the stiffness of the controls in comparison to the first, and also the Wario games are definitely more fun and unique.

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It’s the majoras mask of mario imo weird as fuck and I can see why Nintendo tried to bury it, whoever made that shit is loopy

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>tried to bury it
To be fair, not being a social media trending topic literally right now qualifies as forgotten/buried these days even for otherwise mentally healthy people

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I think it could've been really good if it wasn't piss easy. It's like impossible to die, and you get 30+ lives in like 20 minutes of gameplay.

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Why are people constantly saying that Nintendo wants people to forget SML2 or something?
It was literally announced as one of the launch titles on their recent switch online thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-KAU3bK1Y8

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No way. Land 2 is the best

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I enjoy the simplicity of the original much more than this one. No bullshit, straigh to the point, the 3D Mario games are nothing but bullshit.

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The only thing sml1 did better was having smaller sprites for Mario & the enemies. Everything is too big for the gameboy screen in sml2.

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Whenever someone asks if they are the only one who feels a certain way I always think "Of course you're not" but in this case I think you are on your own OP.

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It all makes sense in context OP, fuck didn’t you even read the credits?

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First game is half-baked mess that can be beaten in 20 minutes. Not even music saves it.

Land 2 is an improvement in every way.

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yeah but does land 2 have a rap about it?

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Okay I take my words back.
This is too fresh

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I tried replaying it recently and it controls a lot worse than I remember.
Then again SML1 controls pretty shit too.

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Lmao, that "YEAH! WOO!" from It Takes Two that was sampled for Action 52 is in this.

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So what? Nintendo will throw any old shit they can find onto their Virtual Consoles or whatever because it's all first-party and thus costs nothing. Doesn't mean it's a mark of quality.

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I'm not saying that this means SML2 is a quality game. I'm saying that the idea that Nintendo wants this game to be memoryholed doesn't make any sense.

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I do. It's trying to be a more on-brand SMW-esque experience and really misses the mark. It doesn't have half the charm of SML1 and it's too easy, even compared to that. The design's all fucked because everything's too big, too.

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>all these tastelets saying 2's better

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>being contrarian enough to pretend 1's better
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Wow I wasn’t expecting this to be so good

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The least you can do is vocaroo it.

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I wish all contrarians a slow and painful death

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This made me chuckle. Thanks for your effort anon

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A+ work anon.

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No, you don't.

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Thank you. Your game is still boring and lame comparing to SML1, but you're a real bro for this.

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The intimacy of the camera makes this the most engaging and sometimes challenging Mario game. The level design accommodates this gracefully and the scenarios are fun and interesting unlike every game after mario bros except doki doki, it also isnt obnoxiously eastern and wario is a far better villain

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Nah, I think the Super Mario Land trilogy is one of those things where each new entry was better than the last.

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SML1 is the perfect game for taking a shit. The curve is so tight and Mario drops when falling just like the enormous logs that result from my playthroughs.

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this song will never be the same again lmfao

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Holy based