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>stupid plastic shit thread
don't care

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false alarm everyone

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I'm sorry mods please go easy on me.

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No one cares. Collecting overpriced scalpershit is a mental illness.

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Bubble only popped on Zelda Collector's edition for GameCube. Word got out that Majora's Mask crashes and the value went down.

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t. went to Ebay to check and was annoyed it was a prank

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There is never going to be a bubble pop moment, video games arent a stock market. People will just slowly wind prices down once they reach a point not even the more money than brains type will buy them.

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Games will just sit on Ebay for years at the same price until they sell. Blame Ebay for enabling people to do that.

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>paying thousands of dolars for plastic when emulation is free
>or if you really want to play on original hardware, a used SNES and flash cart are less than $100
Legitimate mental illness

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Oh man, what a nightmare.

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Is this real? What's this from?

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Yeah, you'll see bubbles pop in narrow cases, like when FFVII skyrocketed about a decade ago and then suddenly got normal again. But for entire consoles it's just going to be a gradual return to normalcy as the generation that grew up with it ages out and there aren't enough new collectors of that console to replace them. It's what happened to the Atari before the NES and then SNES went apeshit.

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Its not exactly what you think.
Mizkif invested in mint graded sealed box video games.

He then watched a live auction to see what his is worth. As you can see he didn't invest well.
(assuming those are the real prices he claims he paid)

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>What's this from?
Someone who's such a financial genius they keep track of investments in notepad

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this. I only buy things like limited editions of consoles/peripherals. maybe certain special editions of games. but fuck payingthousands for something that's just gonna sit on a shelf and never even get used. at least my JP PS2s can double as backup machines.

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>using notepad as an excel sheet

he deserved it for being this retarded

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>rabid nostalgiafagging millennial manchildren will only die out around the year 2081
Only 58 more years till the bubble pops!

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Can't scalp old products.

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What am I looking at here I don't speak /biz/tard. Are the 85+ markers supposed to be grading unopened copies or some shit?

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Weird how the "you're retarded for wasting money on physical media when emulation is free" crowd can never ever shut the fuck up and stick to their own community.
Almost like you can't stop talking about how sour the grapes must be.

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>weird how people can never shut the fuck up about negative externalities

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lmfao you will never be an oldfag. You will never fit in. You will never be the insider.
This is /vr/ not /vemu/, go back to your subreddit, zoomie.

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Please, stop caring about uuuh plastic! Ok? So I can buy all the games I like from before my time

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mmm port-a-potty sludge

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I bought some MVS games since I love Metal Slug 3 and X

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There's so much self-dealing and price fixing going on that graded games are a straight up scam now. There's literal lawsuits happening against WATA and Heritage Auctions as we speak. It's a life lesson for everyone else: the most successful scams don't prey on people's stupidity, they prey on people's greed.

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This is the average intelligence of an individual that thinks that video games are an investment. I’ve noticed that it’s only really burgers that do this shit. What it is it with Americans and thinking they’re going to get rich from reselling old consumer products?

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there is literally nothing wrong with this. his formatting just sucks.

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Notepad comes with windows, Excel requires you to get Office first, which may also be a reason why he didn't use it.

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They're not in it for playing games. It's either as an expensive coomlect hobby or to make money reselling.

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LibreOffice is free if you’re too dumb/pussy to pirate Office. It’s honestly just embarrassing if you claim to be an entrepreneur/investor and don’t know how to use Excel.

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then how do you do calculations retard

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A substitute for something meaning in their life, yes, because they either can't go out and actualise themselves, or they don't want to. Guess what, though? Playing video games past the age of 18 is the exact same thing. You are a nerd sitting at the nerd's table pretending to be one of the cool kids, kindly stop it, it's obnoxious.

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There's things called "paper", "pens", and a "calculator" sweetheart.

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Can you seriously not do basic arithmetic in your head?

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yeah and there's also something called excel

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alright do the thing he was trying to do in your head right now

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Yeah, you've lost the right to call anyone else a retard lmao

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80/85+/90 etc are all grades of the games physical condition from VGA, a company who been grading video games since ~2009. 85+ basically means its sealed and in nice condition with some minor flaws.

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It's because Americans naturally trend towards attempting to squeeze money out of anything they can.

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It's pretty criminal that Office isn't built into Windows period.

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What does this even mean.

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>box alone goes for $60

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I have friends that talk this way about video game merch and it always makes me wince. I really don't care if a game box is worth a few bucks.

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i specifically hunt down stuff without a box
last year i got a dreamcast that came with its box, and first thing i did was throw the cardboard away
i hoard enough stuff as it is

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The only thing that's popped are items that are back in stock. Like various video cables. Honestly is just sad to make threads like this.

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Ranting and Raving about it constantly is a mental illness.

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It's a free program in Windows. Anybody can write what ever they want in it.

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>last year i got a dreamcast that came with its box, and first thing i did was throw the cardboard away

What a waste...

I sold my boxes of all my old systems and made several hundred on all that shit. Yes, just the cardboard boxes.

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>i specifically hunt down stuff without a box
this, I'm in it to play not collect, and there's no reason for me to hoard a piece of hist-
>last year i got a dreamcast that came with its box, and first thing i did was throw the cardboard away

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He's lying. It's called trolling.

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it's just cardboard bro
too much effort, i have never sold anything and never will

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Fuck yeah sold that long ago

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you just gave me a good idea for a future thread. next time i got a 20 year old cardboard box like that lying around, i will make a webm of me burning it just to see /vr/ squirm

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>too much effort, I have never sold anything and never will

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Their whole business model, much like adobe and winrar, is nickel and diming businesses. Sure, any normie can pirate Excel or photoshop, but if you want to use any of those in a professional setting, you gotta pay up. Especially important now that windows is basically free.

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>I-i-it's because

>> No.9940938

>asked for answer
>get upset at answer

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Can agree. Krikkz Everdrive with pirated roms, bootlegs and Emulation is where it's at.

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Why would I care about old physical stuff? MISter is good for what I need.

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Correct there is thousands of ways to not pay the scalper price. Paying for these things is just plain retarded in the modern age. Those that get mad about these solutions have sunken cost fallacy written all over them.

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That anon's not here. Stop treating this like Discord.

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I see the Mods are using another thread for their base of IRC operations again.

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I knew this guy was a twitch faggot didnt know he was also a vga graded fagot as well.

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Go back to Discord groomer.

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cringe zoomer shit

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Americans look really ugly.

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>everything I don't like is zoom zoom
Excel has been around since 1985 but sure enjoy being inefficient because of egotism book boom

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Excel has been around since 1985 but hey, enjoy your inefficient egotism boom boom

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So he lost -36,000 so that means he gained $36,000? Not bad

>> No.9942094

bros,,, whens it gonna poop!?

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It means he's bad at formatting

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>Word got out that Majora's Mask crashes
I thought this was common knowledge since it has been online for years.

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This guy looks like he's going to ask me to go bowling with him.

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literally this
anyone who had it at release and ACTUALLY played is aware
either your disc/laser are in godtier condition or your file will forever be unfinished as you cannot progress

OoT was fine, the nes games were fun too even as a kid with limited funds i was annoyed but eventually just got the n64/cart/expansion

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and unlike you I will never spend $1,000 on Pokemanz

>> No.9942736

Most people do, in general. The shock comes from going outside frequently.

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>that feel when its australiakun doxxing night

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>shitpost on anonymous image board
>don't know what anonymous means

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MiSTer is where it's at.

>> No.9944398

Notepad is a fast, reliable way to quickly jot things down.

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>Its not exactly what you think.
Yeah, while I do think there was a trickle down speculation/hype effect on other games, a crash in the graded sealed US game market probably won't have a huge impact on the "normal" collector markets. Non-graded sealed games, prototypes, and super mint complete games (basically things which could've attracted the WATA crowd) might go back down a bit. Loose carts, B and below condition complete games, and non-US releases will probably be unaffected since a lot of those items weren't quite as attractive to investors in the first place and the hype spillover damage to those markets has probably been fully internalized by regular gamers and collectors at this point. That said, the lesser investor bandwagoners might be dissuaded from trying to invest in non-sealed games after seeing prices collapse on some of the graded sealed games, which could prevent future spikes and perhaps slow the overall upward price trend.

tl;dr anything that drives down game prices anywhere is good, but some fat fucks theoretically losing several grand on their game investments probably won't have much of an immediate impact on prices in the broader market; at best it might cool a little of the profit-focused hype and stall the Johnny-come-lately investors from driving up other game markets

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Anyone born after 1980 is a zoomer, retard.

>> No.9944542

I'm glad your not a teacher. American education is already shit enough.

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Prices sure are plummeting… bought mission impossible for the 64 off lukie games less than a year ago and it’s already tripled in what it’s going for from them and eBay. That bubble sure is poppin!

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I know for sure there's certain e-celebs that enjoy doing the following: smoking a fat joint, staring at their collection walls, and checking ebay to see how much games keep increasing their value

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you just made me notice that both armored 4 and 5 increased in value after 6 was announced..
i should have grabbed the previous ones as well back then when they were cheap

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I'm still pissed about that. Needed to pick up the games for 3 and 5, but kikes and Fromtards jacked the prices up. At least I have 2/AA and 4/FA.

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Pretty sure square reissued a bunch of their ps1 games. Iirc you could buy new copies of some of their ps1 games up until a year ago from their company store. I've got a silver cd copy of Chrono Cross I got that way. They have new ps2 games up right now.

>> No.9946557

Yeah, that's probably why games like FFVIII and Chrono Cross never went above $30 or so compared to a lot of other PS1 RPGs. FFVII hitting $100 for a while was a unique case of FFVII fever brought on by Advent Children and some other related things. It certainly was never going to last. I think the same holds true for a lot of Gamecube games. There's no way the market can sustain the insane prices of what feels like the entire library at this point. When even Double Dash, which sold several million copies, is $80 that's an obvious sign of a bubble.

>> No.9946573

I got 3 two weeks before the announcement. Literally quadrupled in value straight after.

>> No.9946703

I actually have only felt "bubble pressure" in the couple years before 2020. The last 3 years ive been scoring tons of cool shit ive wanted for good prices. I just got a complete Odyssey at a little church flea market 3 weeks ago and just this past weekend spend a grand total of 14 burger bux for shipping on some good jap ps2 titles that I won for 1 cent bids on eBay. Im also pretty much at the point where across all platforms there is probably less than 100 titles i would still be interested in getting some day.

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>lost -36,000
>makes that back in a single stream
oh boo-hoo.

>> No.9948869

holy shit it popped!!!111!11

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It finally happened.

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I don't really care either way. Pic-related has made coomlecting obsolete to me and I'd honestly prefer paypigs to keep the prices up while I sell off my collection before the save batteries die.

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are you using a usb stick to transfer xbox games to your hdd?

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I used it to install the softmods, but I transfer games over ethernet with FTP. The USB transfer speeds are far too slow.

It'd be nice if I could do the same thing with the PS2, but this piece of shit omits the ethernet port for some stupid reason.

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rate my haul, i think i spent too much on it (~190€)

the lain ost includes some pc minigames
the nge ost had an artbook booklet
ayanami has gainax written at the bottom, looks legit
at least silver was the only one i still wanted, i don't care about having every alternate version for every gen

>> No.9951387

That Lain CD is one of the best ambient albums ever made.

>> No.9951391

Your handwriting is hideous

>> No.9951393

I'd like to see you do better on a cheap label placed on an unstable surface with a shitty, withered sharpie.

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i'm probably going to try to boot it up on my old ps one, with the detachable screen and visualizer on.

>> No.9951492

What are the pc games like on the lain cd?

>> No.9951494


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>my copy of Bootleg is actually an actual bootleg
the real thing would have been a big deal

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File: 1.09 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20230602_103128_Gallery.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

hmm my screen works in game, but if i use it as a cd player it keeps flickering non stop.

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Paypigs on suicide watch. I stopped collecting for N64 when they started charging shitty games for $30+. Blame the collectors.

>> No.9953878

Sell all your stuff (to me, for cheap) or else you're a paypig all the same!

>> No.9955628

>Blame the collectors.
You mean the debt collectors that took all your money so you can't buy more toys?

>> No.9955916

I already gave away most of my games either traded them or sold them ever since I got an Everdrive. I mean why spend 200 dollars on one game when I can have all of them in one cart.
Yes, I do blame them. Why do you think all the prices are shit people think everything they have is gold. They think it's an investment instead of enjoying what they have.

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File: 10 KB, 304x161, butthurt-o-meter.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I very much enjoy having toys that make poorfag bandwagoners seethe because they're now worth at least 10x what I paid for them.

>> No.9956336

>I paid more for this software than you did so that makes me better
Why are people this retarded?

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>I already gave away most of my games
Good. But why 'most'? Get rid of them all.

>> No.9956513

I got a copy of parasite eve 2 at a garage sale for 50 cents last weekend. Cheaper than burning a copy.

>> No.9956690

>i'm seething so hard i couldn't read the post through my delicious zoomie tears let alone compose a coherent response
Why are people this retarded?
I have hundreds of N64 games that I paid no more than a buck for. You probably paid more for the handful of games you bought to take pictures of than I paid for all of them. Faggots like you are why simply owning toys can be almost as entertaining as playing with them.

>> No.9956889

I don’t think that’s the same anon from above. I think the guy stating that it’s a waste of money nowadays because the prices are so inflated.

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I like physical copies but I got a hacked BC PS3 recently and it's so convenient for PS2 I'm thinking of going full mod/flash cart/ODE/emulation and dumping everything.

>> No.9957132

original retro games with their packaging are collectibles now.
collectibles do not make sense in a value to function comparison and they never will.
everyone knows you can play them other ways, you are not informing anyone of anything by repeatedly saying this.

>> No.9957168

my nigga I own exactly 7 N64 games I got for free at a yard sale and I have no desire for anymore because it's a terrible system with the worst controller known to man.

>> No.9958093

I want to buy stuff

>> No.9958189

It wasn't clear whether it was, so I made sure to craft my response to apply to any seething bandwagoner.
If you're gonna larp why not make up something more ridiculous, like how your uncle who works as Nintendo gave you sealed copies of every N64 game and you burned them all because you're not a normie and N64 is too mainstream?

>> No.9958195

Euro education is just as bad, if not worse, than American public education. Don't fool yourself, leech.

>> No.9958695

smart thing, do it
>dumping everything
the mere fact that you are here right now means that you would 100% regret this, i guarantee it.

i personally think that SOME level of hoarding plastic is acceptable imho
>hoarding cardboard
>hoarding collectors editions
>hoarding manuals, artbooks
>hoarding games and consoles

>> No.9958810

>It'd be nice if I could do the same thing with the PS2, but this piece of shit omits the ethernet port for some stupid reason.
I've seen there's mod kits you can apply to the original adapters that replace the IDE connections with SATA, while keeping the networking hardware, but I haven't bought one yet.

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