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I think FF:A, which is technically the first title of the Mana series, is better than any 2d Zelda. It oozes soul and has superior lore. Also, the ending also makes me teary eyed.
I think the main thing to keep in mind is always have a lot of keys and Mattocks before dungeons.
It also has cryptic puzzles like AlttP. I beat the game at 9-10 years old without a guide, but I had to use one a little bit at 32.
I consider it better than other Mana games.

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I still remember the music. Such a confusing game for me as a kid with no knowledge of the genre to begin with. Running around rooms with no idea what to do (wasn't the most attentive reader) and that delerious tune playing on loop. What a fever dream that game was.
The entire ost is good stuff really.

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I don't know how I was able to beat the game without a guide as a kid.

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Yeah, it's great. I remember trying it a friend's and got hooked so he lent me his GB and the game for a few days.
Didn't use any guide, but I had seen a videogame show earlier with some tips and they gave away the palmtrees and 8 puzzle.

Years later I tried Sword of Mana, but it didn't click. It just felt pretty slow and drawn-out compared to the snappy original.

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I've tried sword too, and while it's not bad it certainly didn't make a memory like adventure.

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>is better than any 2d Zelda
It's at least better than any Zelda past ALttP, that's for sure.

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I figured out what "palm trees and 8" means as a kid. I'm not some amazing genius, though, because soon after I got stuck in a dungeon without enough keys to continue.

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I tried and beat it; it was boring. Garbage characters, story, mechanics (keys, keys, lmao). Then i played sword and was blown out to see how superior it was in every way. I don't get the hate; It must be the "baby's first rpg" thing.
>It oozes soul and has superior lore. Also, the ending also makes me teary eyed.
LMAO. Now, sword's lore and endgame? Yeah, those was pure gold, especially that one scene when duke casts aside the sword in front of julius. Or "that goes for me, too." Hell, such nice memories.

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Lol, didn't fix that. Forgot to mention this
It's unreal to see how superior are both sword protagonists to the original garbage ones. They got cooler names too.