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Anyone seen this? Someone went and remastered all the sound effects and dialogue from HL1, Blue Shift and Opposing Force into 24/44.1kHz.

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Yeah I've got a copy in my closet. It's pretty cool.

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Damn that sounds good. Thanks for the tip.

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I thought the remastered audio would feel off-putting but it works so well. A huge part of the charm of HL for me is the crusty audio so I'm surprised I like it so much. I think it'll really enhance the experience.

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so what
fuck remasters
fuck remakes

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thank you for your contribution

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He does it for free

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Very cool but I prefer the compression artifacts unironically. What's cooler is the 3ds port.

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this would've been cooler a decade ago, but now it feels like it robs the game of its soul

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I was liking it until I heard the suit. The low-quality robotic voice of the suit was part of the atmosphere. Now it sounds like you're traveling with your own personal Siri-type AI. Hopefully it will be possible to sort out the new audio files for the suit to preserve the original effect. Also the voices over intercoms should be left as original, the scratchy-ness of it helped. But the clearer voices in-person and sound effects are very nice.

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I'm an audiofag myself but a little bit of the charm of the game is the compressed sound. it's crunchy in a good way. It would probably drive me crazy to have it sound cleaner

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Out of all the remasters/remakes for HL this is the one that was least needed