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>be me
>find a remix of a classic retro tune of YT
>random orchestral/butt rock intro that lasts 2 minutes
>the actual song loops once and is barely audible amidst all the electric guitars and gibberish choir
>song ends the way it began
Thanks for wasting my time

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>try to listen to a nes soundtrack on yt
>it’s drenched in reverb and other post process vomit
Literal cancer.

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>looks up remixes on YT
>this doesn't sound exactly how it did in the game
>imma bitch on 4chan!

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for me it's reel big mario, the best retro game remix

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How is the production on this: https://youtu.be/c-t5Z5GBGsE

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>Listening to remixes of 30 year old videogame music on YouTube
>effective use of time

Here's a soothing official remix to commiserate your loss of time. https://youtu.be/OcE681xzZpk .

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For me it is Japanese salarymen in kneehighs

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I've had these sounds stuck in my head on repeat for near eternity.

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there's no reason to expect that any kids making a "full" version of a song is going to be good - just because you yourself don't know how to play a guitar doesn't mean that some faggot who put in a few weeks practising becomes someone with taste, understanding of proportion, and the vast rest of stuff that an actual musical artist would get. Assume by default that anything made is made by an "HD texture pack" tier kiddy retard who thinks "because i can, because i have gimp/a guitar, and they couldn't do it good before because they only had 64 pixels/8 bit instruments".

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>>random orchestral/butt rock intro that lasts 2 minutes
You basically described almost every remix on OC Remix back in the 2000s-2010s. I fucking hated that shit of dicking around with a super long intro that had nothing to do with the actual track it's a remix of. And it was fucking everywhere.

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It's a huge problem with remixes in general.

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ok so most remixes suck. Now some that dont suck plz

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Not /vr/, but I get annoyed even with 'official' remixes in modern games like Dissidia where the composer throws in an extra section that doesn't fit the rest of the song, and breaks the flow of the original.

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Are you limiting yourself to OCremix entries from the 2000-2010s or something? This stupid trend has already been rightfully vanquished and abandoned forever. Now we are drowning in Sega Genesis/Famitracker remakes instead.

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This stupid trend has already been rightfully vanquished and abandoned forever. Now we are drowning in Sega Genesis/Famitracker remixes instead. I think the MIDI arranges phase was my favorite era of videogame remixes personally.


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I thought the current trend was making known music with soundfonts like Super Mario 64.

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SSH is the only man I trust for metal remixes of retro music

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>Retro game song "restoration"

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Anon, Saitama Saisyu Heiki is a legit composer that has actually released albums. His work is not the same thing as normal fan remixes, he actually understands things like music theory.
Fucking legend though.

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>modern anime

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>Western cover
>Loops the actual song once then goes into a donut steel original composition that's completely different than the original song's tone
>Japanese cover
>Autistically repeat the original loop to the letter with no fluff whatsoever, 30 times in a row

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>music theory
Bah, a tool for the plebeians.

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Not enough breakdowns and "BLEGH" for you, you homosexual?

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>Oh boy a new ice cap zone remix just dropped