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Why is it STILL the GOAT OST, 30 years later? Why aren't games made with this level of passion, soul and fun anymore? Why did everyone's spirit, happiness and creativity just fucking die?

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It was a great game. Don't know why people shit on it so much. But yea OST was also great


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/vrpg/ HATES this fucking game so much. so do FF fans in general

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The more they hate it, the more my dick gets hard

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Anyone who hates this game had an objectively shit childhood.
>Actually use weapons outside of combat
>Static/visible enemy encounters
>Best OST
>Well-written characters
>Not just a walking/random encounter simulator
Easily the best retro tendie FF.

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I don't hate it, but I definitely dislike the fact that this was the reason we didn't get FF5 (aka the best one) in the west for a decade

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Never tried! By the time my family could afford an SNES FF4 was the jam.. I never thought to play the game because the magazines I read said it was babbys first RPG.

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I'm pissed we got no Dragon Warrior/Quest in NA that entire period. Had some GB/GBC games but no mainline until PSX DW7.

And then they teased a PSX remake of DW4, which was my all-time fav... then nothing.

Sucked for me back then.

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I played through it on rental as a kid and thought it was just okay. I agree that using weapons as tools is good, and yeah I like the music. But I didn't like the graphics, the small adventuring party, or the node-based world map.

I guess today I might like the visible enemies, but back then that didn't mean anything to me. I had endless patience for JRPG battles if I liked the game. (And even today, being free of random battles only means a lot to me if it's part of a system the game uses to actually arrange CHALLENGING battles, for example by limiting the total number of experience points you can possibly gather prior to a given battle. But this game doesn't have challenging battles.)

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This game aged better than all SNES FFs.

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It's really not as baby-ish as people act desu. I mean, sure, it's relatively easy. But the ice & volcano areas as well as Pazuzu's Tower can actually be kind of a pain in the ass, as long as you don't over-level or spam heals & OP spells. Even then, some battles are just gonna be forced losses when your whole party gets petrified. ("Artificial difficulty" though it may be, it's still preferable over being a cakewalk). It's kinda as easy as you want it to be.

Nonetheless, the OST, characters, atmosphere, unique weapons, enemies that change appearance & movesets the lower their HP gets.. All make it more than worth playing, as long as you're not a soulsfag who needs every game to be a sweatfest.

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>Don't know why people shit on it so much.
It's the SNES tendie equivalent of FF7, Quest 64, Golden Sun and nu-Pissona tailored to proto zooms with mental deficiency issues who can only digest to action rpg pigshit like Zelda and Devil Gay Cry.

This game was made to get more people into FF but as you can already see in this thread, it already backfired and created some weirdos who shit on the games.

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Dogshit, play more better Jammerpigs.

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Good, it's not that great.
Only ironic shitters seem to gravitate to it, similar to Underfaggots within the rest of the retro gaming space.

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>Well-written characters
>least dialogue heavy "FF" game
USA Fantasy fags have to lie to defend there garbage

At least we got the GBA release

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> but I definitely dislike the fact that this was the reason we didn't get FF5
At least you got dumbed-down 4 and 6. In Europe, Mystic Quest was the only SNES Final Fantasy we had until the very late PS ports.

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VI wasn't "dumbed down" in any way, unless you mean censorship.

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