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>better maps
>better weapons
>better art direction
>better music
yup, looks like Unreal ‘99 Tournament Edition mogs Doom X3: Quake Arena… nothing personnel kid

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this game still looks great today

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>mogs Doom X3: Quake Arena…
Can't just say you like the game, you have to be intentionally divisive.

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Ok, then go fetch a copy. Get one for your frfiends if you have any. Oh wait. It's not sold anywhere anymore and you don't have friends.

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You are correct. This game made me obsess over skyboxes. I think MMs at the end in the moon is pretty close but yea, nothing unreal 99.

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>facing worlds, a map well known for being a snipefest where everyone has to cross the middle bridge area to reach their opponents, giving little reason to do anything other than snipe
>simple mirror maps like 2fort and turbine are HORRIBLE because there are very little options and everyone gets funneled through the same path where they get torn apart by snipers
>also everyone:
I really get tired of the hypocrisy when it comes to Facing Worlds. It served the same purpose simple mirror maps still serve today, acting as a good training ground for new players. But everyone wants to shit all over every mirror map except Facing Worlds for some bizarre reason. It's really bizarre given how Facing World is even worse about funneling everyone through the middle of the map than most mirror maps.
Can anyone explain why this shitty map gets a free pass and even praise while better mirror maps get savaged?

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It's abandonware which means it's free. It can still be played online too with minimal work.

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I mean aside from the absolutely killer aesthetics, there was a lot of fun to be had because the servers I played on, the teleporter was king. Idk about other mirror map games but specifically this one had a lot going for it for me personally I’d say:
Aesthetics (already mentioned)
Seeing groups ran past each other using the tele avoiding rocket and sniper fire created a tense fun atmosphere. Generally 2-4 players might make it so there were constant fire fights inside th flag room. Seeing all the fire between towers Reminds me a lot of the opening to judge dredd where the have a huge fire fight between buildings. Also, as I recall, unless it was a turbo snipers map where everyone had them, I remember snipers and redeemers being on a timer for respawns but I can’t remember exactly. I did play where only one person on each team had a sniper, so that solves that issue.

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better ingredients
better pizza

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this and the flak cannon were my go tos

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I like em both. But most of the UT maps have a strong scifi or fantasy vibe. Quake 3 is low on style, too drab, but the maps are kinda like abstract art and play pretty well.

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I think he's a /v/ refugee and doesn't realize you don't have to bait to have a thread here.
as an avid fan of both series, I love Ut99 and ut2k4 for ctf and assault the most, and quake for duel

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It looked cool and had great music and felt epic. people's memories are how good it made them feel to sit on top with a sniper rifle vs novice bots and get a M-M-M-Monster Kill...kill...kill....

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Shock rifle is by far the best weapon in ut2k4.
Sniper is better in ut99 unless you're doing shock combos for area denial. A very cool predictive mechanism that no other arena shooter has.

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You're not wrong. The funnest map I remember was on Halo for PC. The map was what became Blood Gulch I think, but same premise, two 'forts' in symmetrical area. The best was all sniper rifles and no shields. Area between 'forts' was an absolute no mans land. Incredibly fun.

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Absolute brainlet take. Newbies love Face because it has a simple layout and allows easy sniping of other newbies. Pros love it because despite the simple basic layout it offers tons of options for tactical play with the portals and ledges, like going up and down the bases from the outside instead of using the obvious entry/exit points. And because snipers are a non-issue for any player with a bit of CTF experience, having a sniper essentially means having -1 player on your team if everyone knows what they're doing like in clan matches.

The only people who hate Face are guys who think they're better than they actually are, because they don't see the tactical possibilities of the map that the pros can take advantage of, while also lacking lacking proper movement skills so they get shat on by the newbie snipers they look down on.

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>sees something negative about Facing Worlds
>completely skips past rest of post to rage instead of realizing anon was defending other similar symmetrical maps that regularly get shit on for the reasons Facing Worlds is popular
>and defends simple symmetrical maps in general for being good training maps for new players
You should save your arguments for people you are actually disagreeing with.

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You don't make any sense, but what do I expect from the way you post your greentext headcanon that's only missing a wojak...
A simple layout only serves to attract the newbies. The staying power for long term and high-level players comes from all the tactical options. Face isn't a simple map at all, just because the basic layout is plain. Funneling players through the middle doesn't mean anything for anyone other than the flag carrier, because everyone else has the translocator. You know, that one thing that UT has that all these other games whose maps you compared to Face lack. Fighting isn't usually done in the middle, but mostly in front of the bases or inside.

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>but the translocator!
Half the servers I saw back in the day had that disabled precisely because of all the teleporting ninja experts who could make it practically unplayable for everyone else. Hell, you can hop on the sole remaining vanilla UT1999 server right now that runs Facing Worlds 24/7. Everyone is sniping, and 95% of combat happens in the middle of the map. These people have been playing non-stop longer than most players did back in the day, so the long term/high-level argument doesn't hold much water.
You're still raging about Facing Worlds when I already said it has it's use. What is your damage?

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>Half the servers I saw back in the day had that disabled
The translocator is to UT what strafejumping is to quake. It's an integral part CTF, and playing without it is simply unthinkable. You're playing on some weird fun servers with meme rules.

> Everyone is sniping
On your meme servers where the "teleporting ninja experts" (basically any clan-level player ever) don't go. If the odd clan player can make the game "practically unplayable" for everyone else there, then those guys are really nowhere near as good as you claim them to be. Of course they would be sniping, because that's what newbies do, when they know neither how to deal with the translocator (much less use if themselves) nor how to play face.

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