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What is the most overrated game on this console?

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Final Fantasy VII

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probably FF8.

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I like how you both interpreted overrated in different ways but are both correct!

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Crash Bandicoot

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both Crash Bandicoot 2 and Spyro 2
both of them took the fun and tight concept of their first games and then blew them out of proportion.
3 then turned everything around luckily

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Resident evil 2,and i say that as someone who liked it but its a pretty braindead movie game before movie game were a thing really.

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People rarely even mention it

Mixed feels. I like both Crash 2 and 3 but never played the original

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people shit on FF8 all the time.

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it's also hailed as the best ff and the best jrpg and the best vidya by a lot of retards.

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IDGAF Spoony.

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easy retard, it's not a war. like it? play it.

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All Crash Bandicoot trilogy

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I have to agree.

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there was this ps1 motorcycle game where you were able to kick others from their vehicles, my friends loved it. dont know the name anymore (which is telling), it was overrated.

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Final Fantasy VII by a mile

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Beat me to it.

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It was probably Road Rash or Road Rash 3D or Road Rash Jailbreak.

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Oh good a thread where people can say whatever game >(you) like is overrated to farm outrage

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Memetal Queer Shitlid

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Thps2. Personally I think manuals, and the endless trick chains they created, completely ruined the series - thus making thps1 the only good one. I’m completely serious. Meanwhile, reviews would have you believe that thps2 (and 3) were the second and third coming of Christ.

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manuals leveled the playing field for shitters so they could feel awesome. this is why reviewers love the later games

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Ridiculous learning curve right in the beginning

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I got to say this one too, I played it and it was a very underwhelming shooter I've played many way better ones over the years that.
In fact because it was rendered in 3d the ps1 could not match the awesomeness and scale of previous gen, current gen and arcade shooters that were 2d.
It's also a very ugly game on top of all those other shortcomings too.

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early 3d ruined a lot of nice shooters. they were already worst than 2d back then and they aged like milk now.

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If it was on Saturd it'd be muh masterpiece but on a real console it's shit.

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Nah, I think it was a product of it's time and had huge hype. In retrospect it wasn't THAT amazing, but was good for the time for sure.

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>In retrospect it wasn't THAT amazing
You're saying it was overrated the. That said, I disagree because FF7 is a masterpiece

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RE2 for sure:
>collapsed the non-linearity of the first game
>story is a hollywood parody of the first game
>in general it just rehashes the first game without being as good
>puzzles start off braindead and are eventually phased out entirely
>you get so much ammunition it makes re4 blush

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Yeah bud, didn't say overrated. I loved it too when it came out. I guess I would call it RATED lol since it was neither over or under.

I can't go back and play it today and experience it like I did back then. If I play today it is a slog to me and not fun.

So more like it is an amazing, genre defining game that is still a good game but has not stood the test of time compared to modern contemporaries.

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What were you trying to demonstrate with "THAT"?

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>modern contemporaries
This is also an oxymoron; a 1997 game's contemporaries are not from recent years

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Bruh deal with it, FF7 as a game today is... ok.


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I'm not arguing with you about the quality of FF7 mate I'm telling you the demonstrative "THAT" implies that there is a precedent for FF7 being "THAT" amazing which you seek to challenge; therefore you do think the game is overrated. That's all there is, I'm not bothered by your opinions I just want you to articulate yourself

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This guy gets it. RE2 didn't actually improve on anything from the 1st game, it's just some bizarro clown world version of RE1.
THPS3 I get, but I'm not seeing how endless trick chains were really a thing in THPS2 outside of vigorously rehearsed segments. 2 was a good balance between 1 & 3, and it had better levels.

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I can agree with this one

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Tomb Raider; it was mogged hard by all the PS1 sequels.

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Silent Hill

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those ones who only NTSC-U and NTSC-J release.

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the remake, TR: Anniversary, is the best game in the franchise

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Twisted Metal

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100% agree. the first one is the only one I could get into.

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