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What´cha emulating right now?
Im currently Emulating Chrono Cross on PCSXR but im having troubles , i cant never get it to work properly.
Any help? Tips? Configurations?

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Suikoden and Tales of Destiny.

Try ePSX, it's absurdly simple to setup and seems to work just fine.

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Playing OOT again.

I tried to use SNES9X but my usb Xbox 360 controller does not work on it. :(

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I'm glad the emulation has advanced past that old plugin bullshit. I didn't even know epsxe was so outdated until I came here.

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FF IX. Enjoying it so far. Don't know why I've never played through it all the way before

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Odd, mine works perfectly. All I do is go into controller config and when it asks for the input I just hit the corresponding controller button/stick.

I'm also on Windows 7 if that makes a difference.

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Just downloaded a bunch of Saturn stuff. Apparently, Saturn emulation is really good, contrary to what I had originally believed.

Right now, I'm playing WWF No Mercy on Project 64 for some nostalgia.

Why is N64 emulation still not great? Seems like even PS2 emulation is better.

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I am on Windows 7, too. It is quite odd because it used to work on SNES9X but it stopped working on my most recent reformat yet it works on Steam/P64/Dolphin.

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Probably has something to do with the similarity of computer games to formatted CDs, as opposed to solid-state cartridges.

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Because after Beatrix lays waste to your shit/or Eiko joins up, whichever benchmark you prefer, it starts to go downhill. Up to that point though, it's one of the best FF games in the lineup. And they forgot about Freya, muh poor rat waifu.

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Just use the peop's soft plug-in.

The framebuffers make the game run like ass with the opengl and opengl2 plug-ins.

I'm playing FF8.

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Yes, I was about to say that I cant do plugin-based emulators. All of them seem to have major problems down the road.

I prefer Xebra when it comes to PSX emulation. The interface has a learning curve, and it cant do full screen for some reason, but it works really well. It has a tendency to skip at times but thats probably because Im not running it on accuracy mode.

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I remember having trouble configuring Chrono Cross too; but using ePSXe and reading their forums to find the best plugins and configs for it, I eventually succeeded.

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Or go here:


I use Mednafen in RetroArch and it's pretty smooth with no skipping. I've heard that the audio/visual output of Xebra is not the best. The interface in Xebra is pretty bad too. Plus, Xebra hasn't been updated in a few years. Mednafen is clearly the successor.

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Plugin based emulators are the past, and software emulators are the future. We just need to have CPUs strong enough to do x2, x3, and x4 in software mode to completely phase them out. In the meantime I use a CRT at 480p.

Software ps1 emulation is so much more accurate.

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Guides, FAQs, etc. Go there and you might find answers to your questions.

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>Apparently, Saturn emulation is really good, contrary to what I had originally believed.

It's ONLY good in SSF, a closed source Windows only emulator. Saturn emulation is still in the dark ages.

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Would a Gamestop 360 controller work for these? The USB sort, not that wireless bullshit. Would make playing 90% of these games far better since keyboard controls don't work well during timed events. Muh undextrous fingers feel bad, man.

Specifically for ePSX, but am willing to try some other ones if those are more compatible. Somehow I doubt it, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask a dumb question now and then.

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>I tried to use SNES9X but my usb Xbox 360 controller does not work on it. :(

Try the latest svn.

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Reminder: Don't use Motion in Joy for PS3 controllers. It's ad ware and sketchy. Use Xinput wrapper.


Yes, 360 controllers work.

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>I remember having trouble configuring Chrono Cross too; but using ePSXe and reading their forums to find the best plugins and configs for it, I eventually succeeded.

This is called "plugin hell". This is why we hate plugins. Having to configure shit. So annoying.

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Seems just the wireless sort work from that article. Not enough info to go on from there, sadly.

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Been trying to get Ape Escape to run but I'm having some trouble. The game starts up fine but when it actually comes to playing it the analogs fuck up. Instead of moving my character the left stick just moves the camera. The right analog stick doesn't even do anything.

Screencap of what I have set up. What am I doing wrong other than using ePSXe?

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Dont use ePSXe you nigger. Thats your problem

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>I'm playing FF8

Ah, me too. After finishing Crisis Core and FF7, it feels a little lackluster, though. I just don't care for the characters.
I'm still in the first disc, so I hope that will change soon. Hopefully.

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I tried with PCSX-R but that was worse. The game wouldn't even start.

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MAME: dot dodgers, mainly DoDonPachi
GEN: Castlevania Bloodlines, this game feels a lot harder than CV1, and is certainly much harder than CV4.
SNES: Super Mario World, just as fun as I remembered it to be.

I want to emulate SM64, but I need an N64 converter to be able to do that. Something about playing N64 games anything other than the N64 controller feels weird.

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Dude just read the wiki.

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Fucking broken Zell. Waifu Selphie. Shit Rinoa. Waifu Quistis. Retard Irvine. Muh Sword Master Squall.

One of the best casts, and some of those weapons were mondo cool.

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>Accuracy Rating: High
>Motion is jittery as hell
>The audio is crackly and poppy running full speed. And often just sounds wrong here and there, like volume/tone jerks and shit

I don't understand.

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Wired controllers work.


Use RetroArch with mednafen core. Set controller to digital in Options before playing.

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1. The accuracy of the emulator is high, just the audio/visual out put is bad compared to others.
2. I copied that review from a poster in Emulation General who tested it. I haven't confirmed it. The Wikia is a bit half assed and early. It needs a lot of work/review/etc.

The ePSXe pages are out dated too, since they updated to 1.9.0, and fixed some of the issues.

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Reminder that this is the main Emulation General. This is merely a /vr/ edition.

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Picked up Sin & Punishment from the Wii Virtual Console, yesterday. I'm glad they took the time to translate the menu screens and training mode. I also grabbed Sonic Chaos with my leftover points.

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I've been fucking around with it for awhile now, and can't seem to get it working, no matter the tutorial I follow. Everything is installed correctly, but it will not do shit for my emulator(epsx 1.8) despite it being see-able on control panel.

Should I just switch emus? Drop 20 bucks to get the wireless shit working instead? Fuck me I'm retarded or something. I just wanna play Suikoden and AC without shitty keyboard input. Sui I can manage, but AC would require robot hands.

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Nothing. I have a modded PlayStation and a SNES flash cart. Once I gt used to being able to play a variety of things on original hardware I can't enjoy emulation anymore.

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That worked, thanks a lot sir. I am not playing F-Zero for the first time.

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Famicon Club Detective II
Mega Man X

on my PSP with a snes9x port.

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>Why is N64 emulation still not great? Seems like even PS2 emulation is better.

The N64 was pretty much the PS3 of its time: overly complex, with an obscure architecture that made no goddamn sense from a development POV. Even to this day some of the RSP's functions remain undocumented and unknown, and trying to emulate the system at a low level i.e. with a high degree of accuracy makes system requirements for emulation shoot up to the stratosphere. Thus, most efforts up until now have been on just roughly approximating how the N64 works (this is called high level emulation), and on getting the most popular games to run without issues and at full speed on even toaster-grade hardware. The result is the hack-and-workaround plugin hell we are currently stuck with.

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You must be using the old as fuck stable, then. I can run Ape Escape on PCSX-R without issue. Make sure you have a PS1 BIOS, and that it's selected under the configuration menu.

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Hunt around for some No Mercy mods. It's a lot of fun.

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>Should I just switch emus?
for fuck's sake yes, just do what everyone else has been telling you and go download mednafen or retroarch or something. go pirate xpadder also and see if that helps.

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There's no intrinsic reason you can't have a GPU-enabled emulator and also avoid the whole plugin-bullshit.

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Probably not that same guy, but thanks man. Haven't done much emulation other than SNES stuff. Sorry for my ignorance and stupid questions. I'll do better next time, onee-san.

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Those guys can help out.

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Trying to play Sin and Punishment with the english texture pack.

I can't fucking get it to work.

First I tried using the Rice plugin, but then the game would either run at 15fps or 130fps. Then I tried Glide64, and it would crash every time.

Now, the fucking textures won't even load. I don't know what the fuck to do.

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Read the whole thing top to bottom three times, nothing relevant or helpful, didn't wanna ask a seemingly retarded question there. Read the wiki, did the tutorials it listed, grabbed all the drivers, doesn't work. It's either my stupidity somehow, or the controller just isn't compatible since it's a Gamestop version, not an actual Microsoft one. Again, could just drop 20 on the wireless adaptor and use my spare wireless for it, if that would solve the problem.

I've literally done everything by the letter that was recommended and shit won't work my fucking suikoden or Armored Core. Am I stupid anon? Am I just not worthy of doing this hobby?

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One last thing: try the Pokopom input plugin:


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>I can't get this working.
>I don't wanna ask for help because I'll sound dumb.

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That's the gist of it, yes.Fucking sad, ain't it?


Nothing. It wasn't meant to be.

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Hi guys, I came here because I got an issue.

I don't know why, but Umihara Kawase Shun didn't emulate properly on no$gba. On the upper screen, it suppose to appear the scenario and umihara, but I can only listen the music and mo movement (I can move, but there's no image) The game runs on 60fps bte, no lags.

I tried to use DesMUME too, but the game lags a lot!

Is this a compatibility problem or I need to configure the emulator?

Thanks in advance to respond!


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btw, I think it count as a retro, because this is a port from the SNES game

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Try enabling the JIT recompiler on Desmume.

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Thanks to /vr, I realized there was a "TV mode" filter for both Snes9X and Nestopia. It's a godsend, really. Now all I need is a similar filter for a Genesis emulator.

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Kega has one, but it doesn't have scanlines, if that's what you want. Alternatively, RetroArch's Genplus GX core has NTSC filters, and you can compound them with a scanline shader.

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I own a PS2 so I'll be trying my luck with an actual console. Two birds with one stone! I'm thinking about starting with Swap Magic.

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It works! Thanks anon!

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Didn't work... I don't know, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky runs at full speed on DESMUME, but this game...

Thanks anyways anon!

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LSD. Literally the only game I emulate because I don't even play vidya

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>Now all I need is a similar filter for a Genesis emulator.
Gens has the very same NTSC filter.

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Mednafen: Metal Gear Solid, Rondo of Blood
bsnes: ActRaiser.

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I got an Xperia Play recently. It's way obsolete now, but still great for emulation. The new DS emulator does well on it.

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P2 Eternal Punishment since I finished IS. what a great game.
I don't like EP as much for now. I don't enjoy the cast as much. why?

they all dress so fucking bad.

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new ds emu? which one is that? I've had an xperia play for ages and everything runs great except ds

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nm, found it DraStic

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I'm emulating SMT on snes9x
Fucking shit has a bug where you don't get the ID card to go to Gotou's heardquarters. So I spent like 5 hours walking in circles without knowing what to do, I finally swallowed my pride and checked gamefaqs, imagine my face when I realized I wasn't doing anything wrong

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try psxfin game worked fine for me on that emulator

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I really wanted to like IS (i played a bit of the psp remake). The pacing of the game and plot progressions was much better than P3 and 4. The story seemed more interesting overall. I liked the rumor system. The characters seemed awesome (i fucking love Maya).

but... the gameplay is absolutely awful. Having to randomly guess whether to dance, persuade, interview ect. to grind out tarot cards was awful. You can kind of negate this by forming pacts with common demons to get free tarot... but it still sucks. Plus the battle system just isn't very interesting. And worst of all is ridiculously easy to the point of boredom. Also didn't like how all you have to do to get demons is grind out cards (much prefer the fusion system of the ps2 titles).

I just wanted a chance to vocalize my disappointment :(

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Wait, what had the bug, the game or the emulator?

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I don't see what's so "wow" about that.

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