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why are light gun games so hard

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Because le arcade quarter munching

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Because they were designed to steel your quarters. They are a gimmick.
I think the best experience I had with a home lightgun game was House of the Dead 3 on Xbox. I had the green madkatz submachine gun. That was a pretty fair challenge.

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Because players wanted hard games

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why are those peace of plastic still so expensive?

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Was thinking of getting the sindin or the gun 4 ir but everyone always tests it using the cursor on the screen which is no different to using a wii controller. The wii can not be used to aim a gun without the onscreen sights which is the main thing with gun games.

Depends, could be calibration or if its like T2 the arcade there are a lot of shots you can't avoid. You should be able to aim at any portion of the screen with good accuracy. House of the dead you are supposed to play many times to prepare, you were only really supposed to play arcade games for 3 minutes for the place to make a decent earning. Point blank aint too hard I'd say.

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sinden with no crosshair works good for me. i’d give it a 7-8/10

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Best joke of 1987.

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Depends on the game. The stuff Sega and Nacmo were making was hard but fair. Midway's shooters were pure bullshit but they had stellar presentation.

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That's what you tried to take away, because you couldn't refute the argument? Embarrassing.

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