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This game is 30 years old now, fuck,

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2 is better.

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Agreed, 1 is the best though. Always and forever. I have so much trouble beating 2 though honestly...I love it because it is Splatterhouse but the charm and design just aren't there for me.

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This one and the second one used to be one of my favorite games of all time.
I remember being a kid playing them over and over again. Watching the intro and recording music on a empty cassette so I can listen to on my Walkman. I never managed to play the original one (only knew about it through magazines) until years later with the use of MAME. What a great franchise and a fantastic tribute to horror movies of their time. The nes one is great too if you want to try it out.

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Thank you, I haven't played the NES one in years. I really loved it from what I remember. Honestly, the first one is in my top 5 games of all time lists. It was one of the first games I got on the Wii Virtual console. I beat the first one on arcade so many times via MAME. I can 1 credit clear it usually. Have you played the PC engine port? Try the hard mode on that port. I think you'll get some fun out of it.

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I hated the redesign but I guess they felt it necessary to keep the paramount lawyers off their back.

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A friend of mine introduced me to the PC engine port I haven't played it though. Have you played the newer ones? There were some aspects I loved about it and it was a fun game but it missed a lot of what made me fall in love with the classics. I really did wish they could do some sort of classic remaster

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I've never touched the newer one. I would love to try it. I wish I could play it on Xbox one, I'll get a 360 soon hopefully. Is it worth playing? I heard pretty bad stuff about it, lol. So, the pc engine port plays pretty faithfully to the Arcade original. The only noticeable difference in gameplay is the Monster Jennifer boss battle. Her ai is reworked for some reason. Also, the alien whose head flies off has some different A.I. I think the PC engine is worth playing just for the added hard mode. If you've beaten the arcade one so many times this added challenge will be fun for you. I would check it out. Even if you just have to emulate it.

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