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Let's go surfing now Everybody's learning how Come on on safari with me

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It's time to catch waves and chew bubble gum ...and i'm all outta gum

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Best Duke expansion.

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To the beach boys you were all african animals, were they wrong?

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Endangered Species not getting released is a better proof that we live in the worst timeline than DNF

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blow it out your blowhole

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Why is Duke so cursed? There's more cancelled Duke games than released ones.

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There's literally one Douk game that matters, and it's great. Don't care about any sequels or potential sequels at all, especially not in the year of our lord 2023.

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I'm sure that there aren't. There are at least 16 released Duke games, not counting addons and different versions of Duke3D.
That said, you probably can count around 10 cancelled games. 6 of them were doomed from the get go, one was basically a port of DN Arena to DS and another one didn't fit Duke that well and was reworked into Vivisector.
Duke Nukem D-Day and 2D DNF are the only games worth mourning.

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nah, eurojank tier without any way to aim your gun, would be extremely disappointing after 3d.

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3drealms was a small studio run by an eccentric neckbeard. saw both the good and bad of that arrangement.

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I don't know, Alien Rampage was neat.
And well, it would still be better than the GBC one.

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You don't care about sequels because you know Randy Bobandy owns the IP.

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>randy losing all his dook and bootylands money playing poker tomorrow live streamed
What a time to be alive. Maybe he can sell the IPs after he gets cleaned out

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featuring not-jon st. john as duke nukem