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why did this game never get ported to consoles

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It wasn't popular in arcades

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Supposedly it has something to do with the game engine, which wasn't entirely designed by Sega.

Lockheed Martin helped with the development of it and I guess some of the code in it is proprietary to them.

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The weapons manufacturer?

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ah so it was the jews again, shame. D2 arcade was marvelous.

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Lmao, you're retarded if you believe in this

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>lockheed martin

wtf bros, what did they mean by this. were all the arcade cabinets secretly farming usage data for drone training or something.

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Lockheed use to have a 3D imaging division and their tech was used in the development of the Model 1 arcade hardware.

The Model 2 and 3 are derived from the Model 1.

There a reason Sega's 3D arcade hardware was ahead of everyone else in the early to mid 90s.

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This game was the sole reason I started playing with emulation. Personally prefer real hardware, but for some arcade games it really is the only option. I built a emu pc with crt emudriver and a coinopps front end, daytona 2 gets a good workout. If you take the time to configure the model 2 emulator it really is pretty good. Pic related, don't mind the overscan I don't normally use this tv and couldn't be fucked playing with resolutions.

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PC wins again baby

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Does a day go by where realhardwarefags don’t lose?

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Daytona 2 cab was a $40000 purchase. Imagine buying that from sega and a week after the home console port gets announced. Thats why this and newer sega amusement games didnt receive home ports.

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we had one in a little town in argentina after we had the 2001 crisis, it definitely didn't cost 40 thousand dollars

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model 3 was too powerful for console plebbians

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>make an upgraded version of the game
>remove the iconic dome from Battle on the Edge and replace it with a shitty Daytona 1 knockoff track
seriously what the fuck were they thinking

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