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Why did they originally chose orange color for MGS3 cover art? Every other region including later Japanese release is using green as accent color.

Is there any reason they changed SH2's cover art colors? Both US and PAL cover arts change color depending on system. I'm guessing they chose red to make it look sinister, differentiate, and gain attention for Xbox US. They used green for EU because green wasn't used in original version unlike US. PC is in between color in both cases. Greatest hits EU is red for most likely to get attention.

Silent Hill one seems to be random decision for advertising, but MGS 3 one is confusing. Green is the first color comes to mind when people think of MGS3.

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You need to get a life, brah

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What should he post about on /vr/ then

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It's sepia-toned which fits the retro cold war aesthetic compared to the rest of the games in the series. They probably changed it because it doesn't pop on the shelves the way green does and makes the text bleed into the artwork.

It's brown in the NTSC cover because all NTSC covers legally have to look like shit.

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japan is NTSC as well

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Japan is NTSC-J

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and North America is NTSC-M

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>NA: November 17, 2004
>JP: December 16, 2004
>EU: March 4, 2005

Green was already released before JP art but I see your point. I guess they were experimenting.

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/vr/ games where you play a life

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Kinda reminds of how there's like a million different variations of MGS2's box art

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Okay then all NTSC-M covers legally have to look like shit. Thanks for your service.

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Yeah, and they are all interesting cover arts as well.
Still they went with original JP cover arts for HD collection worldwide. (MGS3 Green instead of sepia) I'm guessing that's the one they consider true cover art. Looking at HD collection I also have questions about Peace Walker's cover art as well but that doesn't fit in /vr/.

Your pic::
JP (Shareholder)
Subsistence (Xbox US only)
Subsistence (Worldwide)
Subsistence (Korea)

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Japanese premium package also comes with that xbox cover, but it's reversible and has Raiden in a similar pose

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I like how the orange color field blends into the shading on Snake on the US release. Good cover.

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That makes sense on to explain why another cover exists. I found the premium edition but couldn't found reversed version. However, strategy guide also use it.
I'm not sure red Japanese one (second row left of Korean one) was released. It might be stock version.
I'd rate it as:
JP>SubstanceJP>Korean>SubstanceXbox>US>RedJP(non released?)>KoreanSubstance

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Korean artwork was also reused for the chinese PC port

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Box looks amazing. Looking at it at a higher res, it's nearly as good as original JP art. It captures Raiden fighting together with Snake part very well.
I think other Chinese and Korean versions generally use same cover art as Japanese version. Maybe Asian region has same marketing divisions? I wonder why they went with another art here. I'm glad they did though.

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>Cover art mysteries
Half-Life Platinum had this weird low poly version of Counter-Strike cover on its box

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