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This is my favorite Gamecube game.

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Bump. This is the greatest Gamecube game.

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this is mine

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That game sucks

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mine is f-zero gx

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I had the PS1 game. It's ass but good for like 20 minutes

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gamecube thread?
I really like this console's menu more than the others for some reason. Maybe it's the seemingly empty void and the calm music, or just feeling nostalgic going over the memory cards.

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My friends and I really liked this game. The Zoids GameCube game is another hidden gem.

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I'm torrenting the GameCube library and selecting while files I want. I looked this up but I couldn't find anyone saying how great it is on page 1 of Google. Is it truly a gem?

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It's just press a button for a long cutscene "attack". I don't how they could make it suck so bad.

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For me it's actually Pokémon colosseum strictly from a single player perspective, moreso for nostalgia than anything else but I felt like the setting was the most interesting thing they had done in a long time, and still ranks up there. GameFreak is just getting more creatively bankrupt, not less.

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The PS1 game is enjoyable but it's not as good as the Gamecube game.
Because it's the best game on the console. Haven't you played it.
This guy knows what's up.
It's the best game on the console.
It's ok to be wrong sometimes.

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Was this show really based off Muslims?

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Everyone after classic Beyblade is trash. They literally ruined Kai really bad

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my brother won a copy of that game at a Beyblade Tournament, we actually got it a fair few months before we actually got a GameCube in fact

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i guess this is my second favorite Gamecube game, losing only to Beach Spikers.

I miss the joint menu of the first game so much.

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Please elaborate.

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What is BeyBlade? Isn't it spinning top toys? How do you translate spinning tops into a full video game?

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Which one? There are 3

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i think he meant the mc receiving the gayblade from some muslim guy. also no girl characters implying that it's a male only club and haram for women