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>be me
>65 years old
>I've been playing games ever since Space Invaders came out in the '70s
>But my favorite game of all time? Sonic the Hedgehog.
>Some people might find it strange that an old man like me loves a game about a blue hedgehog who runs really fast.
>But Sonic is more than just a game to me. It's a reminder of my youth, a time when anything was possible and the world was full of adventure.
>I still remember the first time I played Sonic on my Sega Genesis. The music, the colors, the speed
>it was like nothing I had ever experienced before.
>Over the years, I've played every Sonic game that's come out, from the classic 2D side-scrollers to the more recent 3D adventures.
>Some of them have been better than others, but they've all had that same sense of excitement and energy that I love.
>Whenever I'm feeling down or bored, I fire up my old Sega and spend some time with my favorite blue hedgehog.
>And you know what? It never gets old.
>Sonic may be a character from my past, but he still has the power to make me feel like a kid again.
>So if you ever see an old man playing Sonic the Hedgehog, don't be surprised. >Just remember that age is just a number, and the love of a good game is timeless.

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It does get old unlike mario, sales don’t lie

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The first one? That's a good pick. I still get an itch to replay SA2 (not 1 though) and the 2D classics every now and then. Reminds me of summer vacations.

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classic sonic is really good dont listen to the haters

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Sonic was designed to improve mario and it did
It took the dumb mushroom concept
Gave basically an infinite shield concept
Pinball physics because fun
And this meant the player could decide their own difficulty level based on rings, time

The graphics are timeless
The only reason sonic 1 isn't considered the best looking game of the 16 bit generation is because sonic 2 and 3 exist

A game like megadrive sonic is impossible on 8 bit systems,( master system sonic is a masterpiece in its own right )

Contrast to super mario world- it's DLC for mario 3.

Sonics verticality gives you choices and consequences like an RPG in real time- you go high, it's usually harder but there's rewards, miss a high jump and it isn't over, the lower path has its own secret.

Speaking of RPGs, sonic has the one of the best narratives in the 16 bit era- an achievement considered there are no spoken words. A message of climate change which radicalised an entire generation

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>>Just remember that age is just a number, and the love of a good game is timeless.

we've now had 2 generations born and out of adolescence not knowing a world without video games at all ages.

Does anyone under 30 actually bat an eye about someone older playing games?

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No, most people I know play games on their phone or switch in public but literally no one gives a fuck, most people are preoccupied with not wanting to Jill themselves because of the economy or wage slave job, they don’t care that someone else is playing Sonic on the train.

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Sonic was always a masterpiece.

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Honestly hard to even know these days since smartphones are so ubiquitous, unless you're blasting bing bing wahoos at max volume i guess.

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>adult furfag autists who were in their 30s and playing Sonic at release are now in their 60s

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Get to fuck gramps. this is zoomer county now. Also you are not 65 dude I'm not gonna humor this shit any further

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>Get to fuck gramps

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And I further congratulate you on responding to an AI generated post with AI generated art.

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