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was this game good

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I would say yes.

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hows it compare to thug. already own thug wondering if worth picking up

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If you like "Holiday" by Green Day, it's the perfect game for you.

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I liked it, but I'm a THPSfag. I played the PS2 version. I actually bought the "Collector's Edition" for $60, which was the thing that led me to believe that the proliferation of "Premium" versions of games that were launching at $10 more with some extra crap was designed to get consumers used to paying $60 for vidya. I remember the outer sleeve having a grip tape texture on it, which was cool, but removing the sticker keeping it attached to the case tore a bunch of it off.

The whole "open world/no loadscreens" thing was supposed to be revolutionary, but in reality it was just you skating down an empty featureless tunnel for a while instead of looking at a loadscreen.

I hate the phrase "sovl" but American Wasteland doesn't have it when compared to THUG. The story of THAW is supposed to be that you're some homeless skate punk who comes to LA in the non!80s and helps build a skatepark (each major story mission gets you a new big piece for the park, which you can skate in at any time and watch change over the course of the game, which is admittedly pretty cool) and woo some skanky crustpunk whore love interest, but then they throw a bunch of consoomer bullshit at you. Literally the very first thing mission in the game is to go into a clothing store and buy a new outfit covered in dumb skater company logos.

The other thing that bothered me about THAW was that even though it was the 7th mainline game in the series it just assumes you have never played a TH game before, so you have to do a bunch of "training" shit in the beginning where the game "teaches" you how to do basic shit like a kickflip.

It's still a THPS game mechanically though, so if you like the gameplay its worth checking out, but the story sucks and the presentation kinda sucks and the soundtrack is dogshit. I would unironically recommend THUG 2 over THAW.

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it plays better on newer tvs.
input lag makes thps3&4 almost unplayable on anything but a crt
thug1 has 720p support but i think input lag still fucks up gameplay a bit
by thug2, they seemed to figure it out and it plays a little better.

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Did you not play it yourself?

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I think the thing I dislike about AW is that it is just all LA. I wanna globe trot.

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it was good if you like BMX, honestly that was the main attraction to the game
other than that, just stick with THUG 1

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Better than THUG2

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take your meds

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It's ok. It's mostly mission based like the underground games but instead of having different levels you have like 5 interconnecting maps with a couple smaller maps connected to them with long boring tunnels between them to hide the load times(if you can gain enough speed before entering and keep it in the tunnel you can freeze the game til it loads the next area). I hate the soundtrack but they include some obscure bands I really like 7 Seconds, SNFU(rip Chi Pig), Strike Anywhere and the Dirty Rotten Imbeciles. It's worth a try but it feels like they wanted to do something different but were rushed through.

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>spent an entire day playing in an online xbox lobby where we found all the gaps in the game
That was a comfy day

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Best and most fluent skate controls (the parkour shit not included.) The story mode is cringe though and is essentially just one long tutorial. If I remember correctly up until the very end they are still teaching you the controls for something.

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I have a love hate relationship with this game. It was the first Tony Hawk game I was able to buy with job money and it ended up being so underwhelming, I forced myself to go through it. What redeemed it was actually the classic mode exclusive maps.

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I vividly remember when I played this as a kid not being able to pass the mission where grind on the roller coaster while wearing the alien suit and just giving up

might actually play this again and actually beat it

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still no

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Not really. It was the last acceptable one. I remember disliking the setting, story and BMX shit. It felt like they were out of ideas. I remember when Proving Ground came out, I knew that was the final nail on the coffin. Luckily THPS1+2 was good, but it’s dead again. What a shame. Anyway OP, I’d half heartedly recommend American Wasteland. Not as good as the ones before, but it’s better than the ones that came after.

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The last tolerable Tony Hawk's game in my opinion. I wouldn't say it was actually any good, especially the idiotic tutorials in the Story Mode that prevent you from using certain moves.

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It's alright. The "whole world is one big level" thing felt, and still feels, very unimpressive and underwhelming in comparison to the globe throtting adventures of THUG 1 and 2. I think the best thing it has going on for it is the classic mode since it has most of the extra stages of Underground 2 Remix. The other thing is that you get the classic PS2 vibe of the series in HD if you play the 360 version. Otherwise, I think the story mode is a waste of time, and you're probably better off playing THUG Pro on a PC.

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why does the visual deisgn of this thing looks like it should be a Disney channel teenager girl instead of a middle aged man?