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And here is the reason why emulation of good old games is doomed: https://gbatemp.net/threads/silent-hill-2-greatest-hits-hd-cancelled-and-goodbye.615163/page-3

nostalgica purist fags going full accuracy vs the texture replacing HD filter upscaleing CRTfags

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oh sheit, this is not the image i uploaded. wtf

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As I get older I’m increasing convinced 95% of emulator devs and fan projects should be put to the sword, find me a bigger group of mentally ill attention whore fags who are one question or comment away from a total meltdown

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I don't get it, what does this have to do with GOG?

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Yeah, the emudev scene is really some fucked up place. There are even wild rumors about sony paying some emudevs to slow down progess of development.

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a likely story

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Since OP is a faggot who isn't even capable of communication:
>the pcsx2 texture dumping function dont solve the paletted multi dumping problem and its outside of interests of devs
>the devs suffer something called "puritanism" the "pixel perfect mania" or the "accuracy emulation fever" they dont have much care for the enhancements department, the texture replacement function is like an accident in this emu, first the try of topaztk in a bestial way and later the incorporation of stenzek from duckstation, without those 2 events, today we are stiil waiting for this function, if you ask why they didnt do earlier, they respond the classic: the ps2 engine is too complex... complex like doing a texmod replacer function but for dx11 and say stop of all this theatre. To some with programming knowledge: JUST DO IT!
>bunch of whining from people who couldn't program their way out of a wet paper bag about how SOMEONE ELSE must do it for them
The real tl:dr is this;
The devs are currently focused on trying to get the entire library to 100% working instead of every single "enhancement" feature zoomers are screaming for. Zoomers be raging about it. And it was important enough to OP to make a fucking thread about it.

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>...first the try of topaztk in a bestial way and later the incorporation of stenzek...
Wtf are the devs polski?