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What was the impact of it when was released

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Pretty huge if you were into fighting games.
I dare say it lived up to the hype.

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Less than MVC

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>Less than MVC

Sadly 2D fighting game genre was seeing a decline. I mean, the team up was to draw in more interest for both Capcom and SNK, and it was a long-awaited match up. The arcade game uses Sega NAOMI hardware, so the Dreamcast port was basically arcade accurate. I remeber reading about the artists having to recreate all the sprites for the game, because the artists used different measurement scales.


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Was the neo geo a blue ocean type product? It was basically a luxury product out of the gate and outlasted a lot of other shit. I don’t know that such a thing exists today other than very high end pc gaming enthusiast parts.

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Not a big one, CvS1 was a very slow game compared to the other titles Capcom and SNK were putting out so hardcore players didn't move to it, CvS2 was seen as the game that got it right but arcades in the west were closing down and in Japan, Tekken and rhythm games dominated arcades. Capcom was moving away from arcades and SNK was going bankrupt so the CvS/SvC games feel like a send off, an end to that era where Capcom and SNK ruled arcades across the globe.

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The Neo Geo was primarily the MVS arcade platform which was cheap and widely available for everyone to play.

The AES was an afterthought.

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>What the fuck is SNK?
That about sums it up.
SNK is more popular now than it ever was twenty or thirty years ago.

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You are silly and speak nonsense.

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SNK was king in LatAm and had a pretty big following in Japan as well, it was just nowhere as popular as Capcom or Sega was in the rest of the West.

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What revisionist bullshit is this? SNK was only behind Capcom, Sega, and Namco in 90's arcade market.

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Lol! You very obviously weren't there.

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You're forgetting one big one in burgerland: Midway Games. They were owned and operated in the US, so they had a couple of advantages over the competitions. The first way that they had a much easier time negotiating distribution and marketing channels, so their arcade games were way, way easier for smaller arcades to order. The second was that they had a much better grasp on what Americans were interested in playing. That lead to Midway having four of the top 10 highest-grossing arcade games ever in the states (two of them were Mortal Kombat 1 and 2).

I can't speak for other countries, but Mortal Kombat mostly eclipsed the SNK fighters in the west. NeoGeo machines were common enough that there absolutely were people who played them, but people generally gravitated toward either MK or Street Fighter.

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>Capcom that made their own arcade boards
>Snk that made their own arcade boards
>Used a Sega board instead
Was their a reason for this? It was just the best at the time?

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Capcom already used Sega boards for Power Stone, so maybe they just thought it more convenient in some fashion.

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They only recreated most of the sprites. Capcom still ended up reusing CPS2 sprites for specific characters (Morrigan) which were scaled rather than redrawn. Caused the sprites in the ps1 version to look downright ugly.

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>They only recreated most of the sprites. Capcom still ended up reusing CPS2 sprites for specific characters (Morrigan) which were scaled rather than redrawn. Caused the sprites in the ps1 version to look downright ugly.

Oh that's right. Capcom had to remind us that they were still Capcom, and still found a way to recycle sprites. SNK did it a lot too. One problem the artists had was that Capcom's typical sprite art, the character heads would be 1/6th (ot 1/7th?) the size of the body, while the SNK sprites were like 1/8th or something. The SNK sprites in KOF and such have smaller heads in relation to their bodies. so they had to redraw all the sprites to fit the same proportions. I remeber playing it on the DC via burnt CDR. But it was a game that I didn't put in as much time as I wanted too. I always liked the look of the game. I love how the game used a mix of 3D models and 2D elements for the BG's.

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>What the fuck is SNK?
This was me, and I bought this game on it's Dreamcast launch day.
>Oh it's that one guy from Fatal Fury
>Hey this is pretty cool

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