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I’m about 6 fights into Saturn Ogre (similar gameplay to SNES) and I’m having trouble with two things:
1. It seems even one level makes a huge difference in power. Am I expected to train very often to keep levels high?
2. Counterattacks are so OP, is close-range melee even viable? Should I switch everyone to bows?

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Yes, you've stumbled upon the original Tactics Ogre meta. Stay out of range, give everyone bows, and grind.

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That’s hilarious, thank you

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Generally you want all your units leveled to the current level of the enemies.

Unlike the remakes, in this one non-frontline units are VERY squishy and you actually have to think and use tactics to position and utilize your troops.
Under no circumstance should you let any of the magic users near the frontline. In the remake even a wizard could tank 2-3 hits with ease but here they get wiped out if they get into range instantly.
Same goes for any other squishy unit, if you leave them in range of the enemy you can rest assured they'll be dead the next turn.

Basically you have to single out and bait out the enemy and quickly dispatch them with yourt heavy hitters then reposition to do it again.

In the remake every unit is very tanky and has special attacks and so on so the flow is very different and you can essentially go all out and rush the enemy and maybe pause for a sec to regroup but here you'll have to be very careful about positioning and defenses.

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Good info, thanks. Not sure I have any “heavy hitters” yet except for the winged guy. As for the PC remake, I normally don’t play remakes, so def staying away. Now, I am playing the Saturn remake, but only because it appears to be super faithful with some minor graphical improvements.

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Canopus (winged guy) will be your heavy hitter for the most of the game, mostly because he can tank a bit but also he's very mobile and strong enough to matter.

Look up the conditions to get a Terror Knight and a Dragoon (you have to kill/defeat a certain number of units for each one to become available).
There's some meta to switching to and from classes to max out stats and speed (leveling someone as a ninja then switching class) but I played through the game without bothering with that too much.

Certain classes pair up better with certain weapons, which gives them an extra animated flourish when attacking. Berserkers with axes, Dragoons with spears and so on.
Unlike the remake archers are good so make use of them.

Don't bother too much with beast units since iirc they take up two spots and they're not worth it.

Later on you're going to get a lot of unique units so your regular ones are going to get phased out. Make sure to keep reading warren's report to unlock side quests and stages.

There's only a handful of REALLY tricky missions in the entire game where you have to save certain units and it's basically RNG and a lot of trial and error. The rest is doable.

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One thing that is not obvious and WILL fuck you is that enemy levels all match the highest level of your party. So if you have one guy who is higher than everyone else, your difficulty level just shot up. I did this unknowingly with my healer, and got torn a new asshole as all my fighters were outmatched.

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