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What retro games do you wish got a proper sequel but never did?

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I wish MERCS on Sega had one. Another is Typгop though I'm not sure how that'd work.

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Quake. No, Str*gg games don't count

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Bulk Slash.

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Rising Zan

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Shenmue 2

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i wanted chrono trigger and secret of evermore sequels on the snes

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Omega boost
Eternal darkness
Alien soldier

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literally got 2 direct sequels
your not liking them doesn't mean they don't exist.
TP never got a direct sequel at all

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>TP never got a direct sequel at all
your not liking them doesn't mean they don't exist.

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a tec demo for a peripheral is not a game sequel.

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worst poster on /vr/

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That's why I said "proper", as in not a handheld spinoff.

Filtering and hiding replies, btw. No need for your stupidity in my life.

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Hate to break it to you but…they aren’t spinoffs. Only in your head canon. Also, not retro.

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what a butthurt baby.
they aren't spinoffs they're sequels to windwaker and are normal zelda gameplay (aside from being touchscreen controlled)
they're bad, but they are direct sequels and not a spinoff or tech demo.
Link to the Past also had handheld sequels, 2 of them, and those certainly count.
the main line Zelda games that have not gotten direct sequels are TP, and Skyward Sword.

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lol, rekt

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The game Kuon for the PS2 is really unique and has a sort of cliffhanger ending. I think a sequel would be great.

Also, Dual Hearts, also for the PS2

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I genuinely forgot this game existed.

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its a tragedy okami still doesnt have a proper sequel.

I am reminded that Okamiden exists though, I always wondered if it was any good

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Yup, came here to say Dual Hearts. What a wonderful game.

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Vagrant Story

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It's good, with the caveat that it's a DS game, and it gets a little lazy in recycling content from the original game. It's a great DS game though.

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Basically imagine Okami but the first time you thought the game was going to end it actually ends. It's not really bad but the scale of the game is just not there at all.

Also didn't Hideki Kamiya get completely butthurt that Capcom made this sequel without him or am I thinking of some other sequel?

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It still hurts

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The Thousand Year Door.

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Persona 2 eternal punishment

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Pilot wings was my fucking jam on n64 man. I really also liked that racing game about jetskis. Pilot Wings was so horrible they'd throw parachuting at you, like dive out of a fucking cannon or fly this obsolete plane sort of thing. It's like that weird game your obsessed with you show your friend before you play GTA or mario. It's not that I want a high score or anything completing it is actually pretty difficult and online play would actually be full of cheaters and make the game look super gay so I'm glad they didn't really do it again. That game was fucking awesome though like uh point break two, it's extreme sports but you know less I wanted a point break movie why do I have to do this in point break and your in a point break movie so you have to do some weird extreme stunts but it makes more sense and is less gay.

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>you will never get to save Alex's future

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I personally think P3 is the last good one, but regardless this is an extremely good opinion

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Killer7 had like 60% of the stuff planned for it cut, and still manages to be one of my favorite games, so probably that

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This but there's also a non retro xeno game that needs a sequel more than any game but shenmue.

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Heavy Metal FAKK2

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Munch's Odyssey and Vexx

it sucks that each Oddworld was really different, so me liking one of them means i was doomed!
also Vexx was awesome, limited by the hardware somewhat, still fairly innovative for the time too.
also Zelda pulls similar stuff, fuck me for wanting LA 2, right?

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Honestly I'd like a proper sequel to any of the Oddworld games.

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Still waiting on Banjo Threeie

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