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Time was this graphical fidelity was called awe-inspiring.

I fail to see it and I'm sure you feel the same way.

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I can see why.

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>playing first person perspective games before ultima underworld/wolf 3d

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It actually runs pretty smooth with the right kind of hardware.

But it still is just empty 3D space populated by the occasional featureless monolith.

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Zoomier. you had to be there. ..

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The linear nature of time confuses and upsets me as well, fellow zoomer.

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Spend a couple of months playing only Atari and C64, then run it. You will be blown away by the graphics.

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You're clearly not trying hard enough to fit in. Apply yourself.

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Mercenary II: Damocles and Mercenary III: The Dion Crisis are pure unfiltered untextured early 3D kino

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I still love flat 3D graphics, there's something pure and illimitable about it that you don't get with textured 3D. Sometimes it could be a bitch estimating distances to the ground in flightsims though, you had to rely heavily on the instruments.

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Dammit, look what you could be playing.

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It was pretty awe inspiring at the time. It seems like people really don't remember a time before 3D graphics existed. The idea that you could take this boring calculating workstation and program it to create an interactive virtual world that you could fly around in was astonishing. Few people could conceive that was even possible before someone finally did it.

To put it in perspective, Zork came out for PCs 5 years before Flight Sim 2.0 in OPs picture.Five years to go from text based games to a completely 3D flight sim with physics! You are damn right it inspired some fucking awe.

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Kek yeah that illustrates it well. The textures make it easier to perceive distances but also limits the sense of scale. Tbf I think mfs 2000 can look pretty nice too in its own way. But it hasn't aged as well.

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