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What went so right?

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Let's start this thread off right:

Metroid Prime is BETTER than Metroid Prime 2.

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I like Prime 2 but it feels like a chore to play with the whole light and dark world and key hunting

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They should've just ported the whole trilogy to the switch in one cartridge

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Bait makes me tired, but I do want to assert that Prime 2 is the better game. It's one of the few sequels that I consider just a straight upgrade over the original.

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prime 3 isn't a bad game either

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I'm with you on this, Prime 2 gives you a better sense of being in over your head at the start and keeps that pressure on you up until the very end once you get the Light Suit.
Prime 1 strips more of your gear away at the start yeah but the first visit to Chozo Ruins is pretty safe. I think Prime 2 has more interesting places to visit too. Though the music of Phendrana Drifts is fucking stellar, and I prefer fighting Sheegoths over Grenchlers.

Really though, both games are fucking great.

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These were the first Metroid games I played, also the last. They weren't very fun.

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Based dark Samus appreciator

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>prime 3 isn't a bad game either
>Really though, both games are fucking great.

I prefer Prime 2 by a slim margin. And yea Prime 3 is underrated. It's a great trilogy.

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