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Uh, bros..... better pc port soon?

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The existing port is already excellent with V's fix and other patches.

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If you aren't a tech illiterate zoomoid, you already played the PC port with mods that make it actually good and the best way to play the game.

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>muh PC port
>muh PC port
>muh PC port

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The only thing lacking with the port we have now is worse textures (somewhat)

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what will this do

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>Discord shilling
>have to be in this super sekret LGBTQ clique to get the downloads and other good stuff

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>contrarian anti-current-thing dorks can't access cool new things

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OP posted a link to the repository you shithead
Also to join the decomp discussion all you just have to do is click on those retarded registration icons that nearly all Discord channels do so that you can access channels

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is there one that adds the radar back on hard mode?

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>mgs1 post
>mgs2 pic

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Ha, no.

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Autism is wanting a "better pc port"

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>reverse engineering a game with an already existing PC port
>instead of reverse engineering MGS3
Call me selfish or whatever but this project makes no sense

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That's like saying why reverse engineer SM64 while Sunshine exists

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damn i forgot about the time they ported mario 64 to pc in '98

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Yeah. I've done a Big Boss run a few years ago playing on the PC port and only had an FMV issue. And that was way before all the fixes were in, it's pretty good today.

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It's missing many effects. HD collection is also missing those. It's not a perfect port by any means

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They definitely should add a 4:3 option. I know you can adjust it on PC regardless but widescreen makes MGS games easier than intended. They are build around camera constraints.

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I'm not even sure what enhancements I'd like to see

Normally I want to see every classic game with pathtraced lighting but the textures are painted so well already, I'm not sure if it would look good.

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Autism is being angry at improvement

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>PC port exists already
Playing the PC port is separate to seeing how the game is implemented. (At least to a close approximation.)
And since mods already exist you'd imagine the mod makers would appreciate an easier base to work on and extend anyway. Rather than trying to hack binaries and hoping it all works, especially when mixing multiple patches from different developers together.

We've seen this for plenty of other games already that had decades of mods and romhacks, but those only increased in quality and quantity when their associated game got a full source release. And developers+users can mix and match easily when sources are shared.

Not to mention if you like the game, it's valuable for its implementation to exist for study and use. People can learn from and use it as a base to extend or make new games on the same engine. We've seen this already with everything from Doom up to OoT. Getting wholly different games like Sonic Robo Blast 2, or expansion like Indigo.
Having a real source foundation is much more than just getting the ability to port the game.
Especially for the MGS games where there's so many detailed systems, it'd be nice to see if anything new is found. Or just really see how the systems interact with each other technically.

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dial 8 kill yourself you will never be a woman

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Shitcord should allow me to view a public channel without broadcasting my username to a group of literally-whos who might be people I'd rather avoid.

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>Joined discord
>It was a discord
No thanks

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>no, don't make my vintage dusty discs obsolete I paid a fortune for them!!

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if this leads to people making insane VR missions and custom content, hell yea
the main problem with MGS1 is how little game there is

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I Hope so, and maybe with 4K textures. And I'm hoping they reverse even Legacy of Kain - Soul Reaver too.

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We don't have the source to the PC version either so this discussion is moot.

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The entire point of a decomplication is to reverse engineer the source.
It may not be 1:1, and lacks all the original commentary+documentation, but it's still good enough to do the things already mentioned.
Nothing is stopping people from doing this with the PC version as well.
I'm not sure why you think it's not worth discussing at all. Just because we don't have the official source code of the PC version?

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Oh, I thought they were decompiling the PS1 game. I hope they don't end up finding out the PC version is just the PS1 game running on bleem, because it sure as hell feels like it.

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>I thought they were decompiling the PS1 game
They are.
But again, this doesn't prevent someone from reversing the PC version if there's a reason to.
But it's more likely someone will just port the PSX source code and supersede the official PC port with an open source version.
I still don't get what you meant.

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What the fuck is a decompilation?

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tl;dr turn game binaries into game source code so you have the same level of control the original developers had when they were making it

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In order to be able to run, human-readable computer code has to be compiled, or translated to machine code. This process is mostly irreversible, but there are ways to guesstimate what the original code was through reimplementation and testing.

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Nice. Thanks for the answer.
Is there some way I could repay your good will?
Maybe... some image I could upload?

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Oh. Alright.

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Any decompilation can be ported to PC, look at Mario 64 and Ocarina.

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I know, I mistakenly assumed they were decompiling the PC version instead, which always felt emulated to me.

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Even if they did they could make it a not-shit port. Someone was able to optimize the shit out of Mario 64 and greatly improve its performance on the N64.


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