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you're not really wrong but you should explain why you feel this way so people don't think you're shitposting
the original 1996 game generally has a better sense of pacing, the environments are more varied, and i think the less thematically cohesive direction of the original game makes it feel less predictable and more eerie/uneasy than the 2002 remake
this remake is still a 9.5/10 for me but the original is perfect to me for what it is

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Why did they remove all the color and visual flare?

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i would say that it is because while the original 1996 game was an homage to the western horror movies of yesterday, they wanted to go whole hog on the remake and really make the entire thing look like the set of a traditional monster mansion movie
i think both games have a great sense of style to them that each have their own appeal

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