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>Spooky Disney Haunted Mansion DEmake
How did this get allowed again?

All soul and horror is removed for "muh graphics"

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REmake > Original

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This is the most dogshit contrarian board in this entire website.

fuck you faggot you're not cool

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This makes the zoomer shit himself in fear

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Actually, I am cool
Fuck you and your shit taste.

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>prefers le grandma's spooky bed and breakfast
lmao! and the boomer shits his diaper

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No it isn't, whenever you see shit like this thread it's usually one retard who looks like a highschooler trying to be cool. If you pay no attention to /v/tards who don't even play the games they post about then this place is pretty cool, some really nice people around here

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I definitely think Mikami was reacting to Silent Hill, and the claim that RE isn't very scary. He definitely overdid it. For exampe, everything is now lit by candles in a supposed abandoned mansion. Who has been relighting these candles for the last 3 months?

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I recognise you, hello fren
>High schooler
I grew up on re1 have some respect you zoomer cunt

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