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ITT: only the best retro game cover art

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based fellow driver

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great choice

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I love Virtua Fighter Remix's cover in Japan.
I wish Sega did more illustration work with their VF characters like this. 3D models are cool, but I also liked the variety of illustrated art for VF we got around this era.

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You’d only consider this in the best of category if you are truly patrician with respect to the medium of not only US painted covers of foreign games, but also the spirit of the 80’s/early 90’s.
This perfectly encapsulates an era.

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This whole set is great.

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I’ve always like Silent Hill’s box art. Some people make fun of it for being stupid looking or whatever but I think it perfectly captures the weird, dreamy atmosphere of Silent Hill.

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This is De La Jet Set Radio, right? Love this cover

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agree fully

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A lot of people say it's worse than the PAL and Jap versions, but I really like the American box art for Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2

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This was the box art for Unreal Tournament. I don’t know where the fuck you got that deviant art-tier edit from.

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dreamcast is always better

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Well I really like the gay box art for Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2

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This is the Dreamcast box art. That is an official promotional image but it was never used as a box art. You just posted some custom case. I don’t know why you’re wanting to die on this hill so badly.

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Oh hey anon, if you really like that, I've got the book from the guy who made that cover (as well Wing Commander and a bunch of Might and Magic ones) and his art process.

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Why won't they stop yelling?

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>perfect dark
>you can clearly see everything
what did they mean by this?

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The first one is the best, but I don't have that cover art.

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>longbox mgs1

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>trunks pic is just a random pic from dbz

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My neighbor said theyre pissed off about epsteins client list like everyone else is

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Higher quality from a German magazine

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they had a 15 seat Unreal LAN set up at Arcade Expo this year, was awesome, some kids had never seen it before.

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They look like drag queens lellylops

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The one and only.

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They even have the fucking annoying frog enemy in there.

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The classic.

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That's really cool and creative.

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that's not cover art. you think they'd print blurry ingame textures next to high res artwork? This is a mishmash of splash screen art, the fucking menu, a game screenshot, and some random unrelated colored shit

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nice one. wish more games did gimmicks like that.

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I'm looking through the virtual gaming library videos and I found this gem.

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Any computer games still come in physical form besides edutainment shovelware?

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The last physical PC games came out around the early-to-mid-2010s. The most recent two that I know of personally are Wolfenstein: The New Order and The Witcher 3.

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love this one

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not a ps1 longbox, bootleg tier

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Boxart you crapped out in twenty minutes using photoshop doesn't count, anon.

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The absolute GOAT box art

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This might be the most misleading cover art ever. I almost can't believe this exists. You would never know what this game is really about based on this art. As bad as the normal cover art is, this is horrible.

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Anyone here make their own retro boxes? That 3d Big Box scans site really got me interested, but a lot of the boxes on there are in German. Nint And Box has some great scans also, obviously for nintendo stuff only.

Any other recommendations of websites with good scans, or experience making them? I watched some youtube videos, seems like old cereal boxes is one good way to get decent cardboard for it.

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So simple, so faithful, yet it really makes you want to be there inside the action

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Maybe it's part of MGS collection that got released on PS2?

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those Activision '80s covers were so good for that.

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Found it.

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I disagree. It's just bad. PAL Silent Hill box art is the best.

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Damn, ultrabased omegapost.
Thanks anon you rock.

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Patrician choice. Atari boxart is unbelievably good.

Look at this. BASIC Programming cartridge had this as box art. They found a way to make what is most likely the most painful way to code basic into something that looks like you’ll be programming on a starship to a polymoog soundtrack.

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It just looks bad in a DVD case

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Gaming died when cover and promotional art stopped being drawn

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most kino doom box coming through

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Never realised it's Angela on the box until now

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looks like nustar wars poster

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those standardized console and PC DVD boxes are all trash. old PC or Amiga boxes did it right.

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Meds. Now.

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Way better than the game

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What is the best site to browse different cover arts? I use either gamefaqs or moby games.

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I just noticed this but JP cover and number of MGS3 is using brown color as ink. EU cover is the same art but zoomed in on Snake and using green color. Later HD collection and Japanese "20th Anniversary" reprint are original JP cover but green coloring. US cover art is very different but number is also green. First JP is the only region with brown colored number. Did they intend brown as the defining color of MGS3?

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big if true

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I know I kinda went full schizo but true.

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In-game it's red like MGS1 and 2

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Fucking loved this game. A friend had it, I think on C64.

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>Inert projectile

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I guess it's inconsistent.
US art of MGS2 is using red but Japanese art is using blue. Maybe they were experimenting with other colors for 3's cover art. It might be interpreted as autumn leaf color maybe, or has to do with flower color change after boss fight.

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The PAL one is better