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in all honesty what is the hardest light gun game ever?

i want to cry out in pain

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I am also curious about this. I find it hard to rate the difficulty of the light gun games I have played since I don't really know if I just suck or they are all hard.

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Stuff from American Laser Games. Dragons Lair, but light gun.

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they are ungodly hard

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>in all honesty

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Multi-Purpose Arcade Combat Simulator. Good luck trying to play it.

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What is so hard about it? You need an extra accurate light gun and using a CRT bigger than 13 inches is cheating?

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I guess it can't be helped.

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LA Machineguns maybe?

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Oh wait maybe The Ocean Hunter, there's a section where the final boss's weakpoint is his elbow and it's impossible to get past this section without credit dumping

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Bosses are the worst parts of light gun games. I'm not even sure what the best ones are.

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Probably something like Police Trainer that has adjustable difficulty and gets stupid on the hardest.

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It's real military training software and only worked with a replica gun, all to save money on live ammo and firing ranges. Don't know about it being the hardest, but from what I've seen and heard you need to actually learn how to use the gun correctly because the hitzones are almost single pixels.

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Elemental gear bolt is pretty tough

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sucks this game is so rare

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Western arcade gun games like CarnEvil and Area 51 tend to be unfairly hard since they designed the games to suck quarters at the expense of game balance and didn’t know how to make a game. There are actually a couple Japanese made games that follow the same pattern but they are the exception not the norm (for example that one Sega shooter where you are riding a mine cart)

ALG games can be memorized. Mad Dog McCree and Johnny Rock are fun. CarnEvil kills you whether you have it memorized or not and isn’t fun in general, only notable for its novelty 3dfx graphics

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Try playing the Golgo 13 arcade game when you reach the part when you have to shoot someone's shoe heel.

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Anything on an LCD

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To the Earth for NES seems like it was engineered to cause seizures, break Zappers, and make you question your life choices.