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>go to goodwill website and see that they want volunteers
>went to volunteer so i could be the first to see the inventory every day
>bike 2 miles to goodwill and waited in line to ask manager if i could volunteer
>he looks unsure and tells me to call a number he writes down on a receipt
>i bike 2 miles back home and call the number
>"i went to goodwill to volunteer and they asked me to call this number to see what's available"
>(her) "volun-what?"
>(her) "yeah we don't do that here"
>"oh okay. bye"
what the fuck. it's not like they have to fucking pay me anything to work there. it's not like they lose money when they hire volunteers. who the fuck turns down free labor that they advertise on their fucking website

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cool blog post bro

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Volunteering is now treated like employment.

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I think Goodwills are nearly sovereign individual stores in terms of management so maybe the manager at your store just wasn't interested? I dunno OP, that's awful weird.

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i noticed that the game prices at goodwills vary from store to store - i know theres some collector working in the back at ones that price copies of smb64 @ 20 dollars

dont be that faggot, OP

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daha-ha-ha-ha what a loser!

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