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ITT: Digitized Fighter Game Nostalgia

Some are decent, and others are like, well, this:

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So now I know where Valve ripped off Lewis from.

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S.H.A.D.O.W. War of Succession, often considered the single worst digitized fighting game ever made.

Allegedly, programmers were greatly behind schedule, and the attempt to program fatalities would lead to the game crashing upon execution. Didn't matter to them, as an alleged programmer under the name TheMadViper stated, "Yes, it was created by a bunch of guys who knew nothing about making video games and they laughed all the way to the bank after selling it. They were actually one of the very few game developers that made a profit that year!"
"That's exactly what it was. We didn't know what the hell we were doing and did not get much support from 3DO either. Yeah, the game stank, but we didn't fail. It made money."

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Naughty Dog made this.

One of the characters is Jason Rubin. Think about that.
It's actually a little impressive, considering the costume budget was literally zero, and they made this in someone's apartment. But yeah, it's a fucking terribad game.

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Perhaps the only decent fighting game released on the Atari Jaguar.

Contrived storyline? Check
Kitschy character designs? Check
Ability to reduce your opponent to a steaming pile of shit? Check, check and check:
And an ultra-primitive trailer of the beta courtesy of Interactive Entertainment:

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Well shit. I thought I heard of all the terrible digitized fighters at this point. Going to read more into that one.

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Oh shit, I actually have this game... and it really is terrible.

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Oh Pit Fighter--I love your Attract mode loop so much. The screaming, the grunting, the "YEAH!"ing.

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The never-released Thea Realm Fighters:

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Street Fighter: The Movie


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That chill as fuck Guile theme at the end was incredible.
I am definitely going to be playing this game later.

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Jackie Chan The Kung Fu Master/Jackie Chan Fists of Fire



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Survival Arts from Sammy.
Seen it. Never played it. It just looked awfully bad.


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I've played it. It's bad, but not horribly bad.

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Battle Monsters.

A digitized fighter which should have fatalities, but doesn't:

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>those fucking grunts when you insert a coin

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And then, there's Neo Digitized Fighters:

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>no Primal Rage or Clayfighter yet

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They're still trying to make that a thing? I remember seeing that being riffed on 6-7 years ago.

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Neither were digitized live-action. They were stop motion.

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It's been the butt of the gamer joke for years. The guy's been at it since 2001.

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Just loaded this up in MAME yesterday....probably won't be doing that again anytime soon.


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The fact that you can pick up a homeless person and throw him is awesome, though.

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And apparently stopped in '08.

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Okay, allow me to explain to you the concept of how a "pre-rendered" fighting game works. Actors are filmed in front of a blue screen with a video camera. Actors are filmed performing maneuvers with the camera and each individual shot is stored into a computer.

The making of Primal Rage and Clayfighter went through the same exact process and whether or not the individual fighters were real really doesn't make any difference

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Did anyone actually like Clayfighter? There was that tournament edition and it got an N64 sequel, but no one really talks about it aside from how shit it was.

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As a kid, I loved it, but as I grew older and recognized it for what it was, I grew less fond of it. Still, it's not nearly as horrible as everyone makes it out to be.

It's the ICP of fighting games.

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Honestly, it's rather average. The only real draw for me is the Claymation aspect of it, so it's more of a style over substance issue

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>Rob Zombie
Please tell me that's the actual in game music.

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it is... the games soundtrack is pretty much just the album La Sexorcist by White Zombie

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I always felt like it tried too hard. You know that one kid in high school who always wore black tee shirts with a "clever" saying on them? Clay Fighter was like the video game version of that guy.

>Look, our logo is orange with a black silhouette, like Mortal Kombat except NOT, see what we did there?
>It's Frosty the Snowman, a beloved children's character, but he's MEAN! Aren't we cynical?
>Clay Fighter SIXTY-THREE AND A THIRD XD! So random!
>Oh god somebody please buy me ;_;

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Awesome as fuck!

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Way of the Warrior was my sole reason for wanting a 3DO. I remember a gaming rag doing a six-or-seven page spread on it, and I was ridiculously hypred over it. It put Naughty Dog on the map, though.

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>I always felt like it tried too hard.
the ironic part is that the entirety of your post is trying too hard

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>Look, our logo is orange with a black silhouette, like Mortal Kombat except NOT, see what we did there?
wasn't that "logo" only used in that one ad?
>Clay Fighter SIXTY-THREE AND A THIRD XD! So random!
it's not random at all, it's a joke on the fact that a lot of N64 games had 64 in the game title

also this >>972901

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>it's a joke on the fact that a lot of N64 games had 64 in the game title
No shit, my point is that Clay Fighter was trying way too hard to be quirky.

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It was also a reference to Naked Gun 33 1/3.

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Could have probably been a great game if it came along a little later, or was developed by the people who made NARC.

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Nope they are back:

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>that's so "more benchpress sets weekly than hours coding"

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>video was made in 2012
>said in the video there would be some video footage of the game in a few weeks.
>2013 no footage to be found

Also the game is 1 TB big? WTF?

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This one's my favorite, it was made by a bunch of rather dedicated chinese people who took thousands of pictures.

Yeah, totally unexpected I know, but they ripped off some other fighter moves and music, and the result is pretty hilarious.


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I think I figured out who the secret character is...
>The sequel to Dark Presence will be Conquering Light
>CL will have 18 characters 3 of them will be from DP
>Only 2 characters names match
>The third must be the secret character
>The character who matches the secret character silhouette the closest is Sakata

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WWF In Your House. Still one of my favourite wrestling games.

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its like you cant try anything remotely witty without trying too hard.

it was interplay trying to fit in with the other fighters but not taking the game too seriously. plus it seems like it was kind of hard to make a standout 2D fighter considering the only thing people cared about were the mechanics and how much it played like street fighter 2.

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Oh shit, I've been to the arcade these guys own.

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How is it?

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Pretty cool, a little cramped and dark but they've got a ton of machines. They've got a list of all their playable stuff somewhere on the site.

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lollll, holy shit. I have an old article of Game Players with a preview for this, but have been hard pressed to find much info about it. All I remember is that SHADOW stands for the Syndicate of Hate, Anarchy, Destruction, and Organized Warfare. They probably put more effort into coming up that than the rest of the game.

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Share whatever you can find. It's a godawful piece of shit, but hell, it deserves to be played for the sake of continuing its legacy.

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>Jackie Chan

Huh, that game actually has surprisingly high-quality and well-animated sprites for a digitized game. They still look like jank but it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Also, Jackie.

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>Syndicate of Hate, Anarchy, Destruction, and Organized Warfare
Oh man. That's the kind of title even some third rate political thriller author would've rejected.

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The best part is that it had some terrifingly complicated encryption, that made it a pain in the ass to emulate correctly on MAME. In fact, a lot of these digitized sprites (expecially the bad ones) have quite an interesting tale to tell, and it's all pretty well documented on the history.dat file you can download for MAME.

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shakey jake master race
all you pelbs are fox tier

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>all dem flash kicks

Goddamn it's like I'm playing online again.

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Technically this was never released, but still, it has a chick who shits diarrhea at you as a projectile:

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