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What are your must play ps1 games?

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Digimon World 2

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driver 2

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Didn't grow up with one(was old enough just poor fag) but over the last ten or so years I've dabbled in the Playstation library.

My suggestions as an outsider on must plays:
>Ape Escape
>Silent Hill
>RE 1,2, and 3
>Ace Combat 2

That's all I got but again it's must plays and overall I still need to play a bunch mmore.

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Crash Team Racing
The greatest racing game of all time (after its remake, of course)

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Colin McRae Rally
Wipeout XL
Robotron X
ISS Pro Evolution 2

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Vandal Hearts.

That's a Dreamcast game.

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lapd future cop
mortal kombat trilogy
gran turismo 1
tekken 3

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Ghost in the Shell
FF7 and MGS duh
Wipeout XL/3
All the classic REs
Silent Hill
FF Tactics
Ridge Racer IV

There are other classics like Abe's Odissey that are better on PC, but really you can't go wrong with Ps1, there is so much good shit.

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Quake 2
FF Origins

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Kaze no NOTAM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNFRUg5yEmo

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Vagrant Story
Legend of Dragoon
Tecmo's Deception and it's sequels Kagero and Dark Deception
Legend of Mana

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None desu

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These types of useless superficial list threads should just get deleted.

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crash bandicoot 1 2 waped
crash team racing
ape escape
tomb raider 1-4
twisted metal 1-4 and small brawl
rogue trip 2012
soviet strike
nuclear strike
spyro 1-3
gex 3
medal of honor underground
driver 1 and 2

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It's literally just spam that serves nothing if there isn't any specific stipulation

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Symphony of the Night
Mega Man X4, X5 and X6
Crash Trilogy
Spyro Trilogy

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>mortal kombat trilogy
not bad, but load times.

my list:
- twisted metal 2
- oddworld: abe's odyssey/exoddus
- in the hunt
- bushido blade 1
- SotN
- Alundra
- einhander
- breath of fire 3
- legacy of kain: soul reaver
- nightmare creatures
- mr driller
- castlevania chronicles
- darius gaiden
- front mission series
- megaman 8
- parasite eve series
- xenogears
- x-men vs street fighter

here are some potentially good or kusoge games you might try
- expendable
- irritating stick
- king's field series
- medievil
- MK special forces

- mega man legends series
- spyro

psx is a great console it's hard to make a small list.

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>FF7 and MGS duh
There is literally nothing one would miss out on when never """""""""""""playing"""""""""""""""" FF7, duh my ass

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Jumping Flash
Jumping Flash 2
Ghost in the Shell

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Digimon World

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Digimon World 3

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•Ace Combat 1-3, Critical Depth, Gamera 2000, Omega Boost, Tempest X3, Vanark

•Bloody Roar 2, Ehrgeiz, Soul Edge, Tekken 2&3, Rival Schools, Bushido Blade 2,

•Ape Escape, Crash 2&3, Dr Slump, Spyro 1-3

•Alundra [Un-Worked], Brave Musashi, Brave Prove, Community Pom, Dragon Valor, Legend Mana, MediEvil 1&2 [PAL], Threads Fate, Vagrant Story [Zenith]

•MM Legends 1&2, MGS 1+VR, Rising Zan, Soul Reaver, Tail Concerto, Tron Bonne, Tomb Raider 1-5

•Castlevania Chronicles/Symphony [+Quality], Goemon Akogingu, MM 8/X4/X5, Oddworld Oddysee/Exodus, Strider 2

•Arc Lad 1&2, Azure Dreams, Breath Fire 3&4, Chrono Cross, FF 7[Retranslation]/8/9, Grandia, Koudelka, Lunar 1&2 [Un-Worked], Legend Dragoon, Parasite Eve, Rhapsody 1&2, Saga Frontier 2, SMT 1&2, Star Ocean 2, Tales Phantasia/Destiny/Eternia, Persona 2 Sin & Punishment, Suikoden 1&2, Thousand Arms, Valkyrie Profile, Wild Arms, Xenogears [2.0]

•Brigandine Grand, FF Tactics, Monster Tactics, Front Mission 2&3, Kartia, Langrisser 4, Robot Wars, Saiyuki, Master of Monsters, Nectaris, Tearring Saga, Vandal Hearts 1&2 [+Turn Based], Vanguard Bandits

•Apocalypse, Future Cop, Ghost In Shell, One

•Fighting Force, Gekido, Gunnm Memory, Jackie Chan Stunt

•Deception 2&3, Remote Control Dandy, Popn Tanks, Team Buddies, Silent Bomber, Trap Gunner

•Devil Dice, Frogger Swampy, Mr Domino, Incredible Crisis, Paranoia Scape

•CTR, Choro Q 1-4, Jet Moto 2&3, RC de Go, Re-Volt, Wipeout 2&3, N-Gen, Racing Lagoon, Rollcage 1&2, Twisted Metal 2, Vigilante 8 2nd

•Aconcagua,, LSD Dream, Mizzurna Falls, Policenauts

•Res Evil 1-3, Silent Hill, Dino Crisis 1&2, Chaos Break, TRAG

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It gives noobs shit to look up. Reduces ps1 library from 5000 games to 200.

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Digimon Digital Card Battle

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Digimon Rumble Arena

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>It gives noobs shit to look up
So does Googling "best PS1 games"

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Not a single list ITT so far that doesn't have a lot of shitgames. Not even posting mine since OP only said one sentence and I doubt he really cares

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The Adventure of Little Ralph.

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bunmei koro koro game egg is a PS1 game

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Croc: Legend of the Gobbos

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Croc 2

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It's a deranged fanboy making this thread once every month. Replies to himself with weird inorganic lists that are always missing 1/4 of the real must haves so he can make 50 posts without just copypasting the same post to make it look like the PS1 has so many good games that everyone has his own unique top 20, which is obviously nonsense if you don't let nostalgia blind you and don't have clinical shittaste

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Literally all of those suck and you could just put them in one post. Only 1 comes close to being something good in an obscure way and the transition screen loading times completely kill it

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>resident evil trilogy
>crash trilogy

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>classics like Abe's Oddysee are better on PC
Not sure where you heard that, but it's wrong.
>Have to hold down buttons for a second for GameSpeak to work.
>Controller support suck ass. Dpad doesn't work. Analog Triggers don't work. Start button doesn't work.
>Cutscenes stutter due to lack of modern OS patching.
Relive fixes all of this - but if we're talking about the OG PC version vs the PS1 version, there are no benefits for choosing OG PC except for a small diamond that lets you know when you pass a checkpoint (although some would argue this is immersion-breaking, like we're playing sonic the hedgehog).

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digimon is fucking gay, play monster rancher 2

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Broken Helix
Legend of Dragoon
Duke Nukem: any of them really.
Twisted Metal Series
Armored Core
Tekken 3
Final Doom
Persona 2 I prefer the PSP persona 1
Metal Gear Solid
Rival Schools

I want to give Broken Helix a particular Mention. It's one of the earliest games I know of or remember playing that had alternate endings. Pretty fucking cool options to choose from too. Very Based Game with based voice acting.

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Schizo nonsense.
Btw, the 64 is trash.

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ac3 with the translation patch is pretty god tier

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Ace Combat 2
Ace Combat 3
Bloody Roar 2
Castlevania SOTN
Colony Wars
Crash 2
Cradh 3
Dead or Alive
Destruction Derby 2
Dino Crisis
Dino Crisis 2
Driver 2
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Front Mission 2
Front Mission 3
Gran Turismo
Kamen Rider
Kamen Rider V3
King's Field 2
King's Field 3
Jumping Flash
Jumping Flash 2
Hokuto no Ken
Ghost in the Shell
Metal Gear Solid
Hot Shots Golf
Hot Shots Golf 2
Need for Speed 3
Need for Speed High Stakes
Parasite Eve
Parasite Eve 2
Quake 2
Rage Racer
Resident Evil
Resident Evil 2
Resident Evil 3
Ridge Racer Revolutiom
Ridge RacerType 4
Racing Lagoon
Street Fighter EX
Street Fighter EX2
Tekken 2
Tekken 3
Tobal no 1
Tobal 2
Twisted Metal 2
Vagrant Story
Vandal Hearts
Vandal Hearts 2
Wipeout 3

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Forgot GT2 but whatever

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>greatest racing game of all time
>No gears
>No force feedback with steering wheel
>It's basically a party game and not even a good one compared to MariocLart 64

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Not even hardcore ps1fags and n64fags consider any kart racer "the greatest ever".

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There are unironically none on it that didn't get ported to stronger and better systems

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half of this is fluff. and it doesn't even include vigilante 8. meme list

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shut the fuck up retard, digital card battle is kino

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It has TM2 already, I don't need any 7/10 wannabes

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my list:

spyro 1 + 2
crash 1 + 2
rival schools
brave fencer musashi
coolboarders 2
tomb raider 2
ridge racer type 4
digimon digital card battle
dino crisis
crash team racing
south park rally
chrono trigger
parapa the rapper

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v8, both of them, are better than any tm game

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I've already said that I don't need any 7/10 wannabes. Neither do I need your subjective opinion. Go make your own list.

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1.) False.
2.)a lot of those ports are worse, lazily just zooming in like Valkyrie Profile and breath of fire 3 on psp

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Yeah but google isn't /vr/. I was curious as to what this board thought of as their must play, I should have said one game per post but I wasn't thinking.

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I can't get over how slow the combat is for DW3. I want to like it, it looks good, but it takes forever to have a fight.

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Carsh, Spyro, Harry Potters

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>>No gears
>>No force feedback with steering wheel
Irrelevant hyper-realism addict memes.
>>It's basically a party game

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>hates Digimon

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>(although some would argue this is immersion-breaking, like we're playing sonic the hedgehog).
Pretty sure, I've heard this before

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is Shadow Tower good?

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Yes, it's extremely good if you like first person dungeon crawling/adventure/RPGs. Was stunned by how good it was, still have to play the sequel but jesus what a work.

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Don't listen to this faggot.
Play Digimon World 2 and Monster Rancher 2

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Don't know why but I interpreted this as must four, so here's four.
>Ghost in the Shell
>Soul Reaver
>Blood Omen
>Ace Combat 3

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>- king's field series
Shut the fuck up. You never even heard of this game until you looked up FromSoftware on Wikipedia.

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but you see it every time you play armored core

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easy, just squares best:
final fantasy 7
final fantasy 8
final fantasy 9
final fantasy origins
final fantasy tactics
final fantasy anthology
final fantasy chronicles
final fantasy fables chocobo's dungeon
final fantasy fables chocobo's dungeon 2
final fantasy chocobo racing
SpongeBob SquarePants


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Syphon Filter 1&2
Crash Team Racing
Crash 2
Spyro Ripto's Rage
Roll Cage
Jet Moto 3
Gran Turismo 2
Twisted Metal 2
Tiny Tank
Castlevania SOTN
Tekken 3
Bloody Roar 2

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Metal Gear Solid

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The only game you would ever need.

Although the roster is extremely outdated. Like 95% of wrestlers are dead or retired now

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This was so fun even if you're not into wrasslin.

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Silent Hill

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Toy Story 2

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absolutely based post

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Japanese version of NBA jam. The other versions had fucked up ai, and Japan told them to fix it or fuck off. Try it. It's great.

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>Ctrl + f
>no blasto
for shame /vr/

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My most played games:
• Ace Combat 2
• Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
• Crash Team Racing
• Croc 2
• Kula World (a.k.a. Roll Away)
• R4: Ridge Racer Type 4
• Rollcage Stage II
• Soul Blade
• Tekken 3

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what is buzz shooting at here

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>Street Fighter EX
>Street Fighter EX2
>Tekken 2
>Tekken 3
>Tobal no 1
>Tobal 2

Whats even the point of this.
This list is retarded.
I also agree with that other anon that vigilante 8 is better than TM2

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All of the Final Fantasy games

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My list would look something like:
>Ace Combat 2
>Crash Bandicoot 3
>Crash Team Racing
>Croc 2
>Kula World a.k.a. Roll Away
>Ridge Racer Type 4
>Rollcage Stage II
>Soul Blade
>Tekken 3

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>vigilante 8 is better than TM2
You have just invalidated your opinion

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Brave Fencer Musashi
>I can't get over how slow the combat is for DW3.
This is my problem with DW2. Especially
when the framerate starts chugging because there are two full teams of Digimon on-screen.

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Ya not sure about that

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This game.
2d platformer with 2d fighter boss fights.

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Brave Fencer Musashi

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ya mudda

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tarzan is better but shorter

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Rival schools
Futurecop lapd
Digimon world
Crash team racing
Driver 1/2
Final fantasy 7
Demo 1

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Runner ups:
Metal gear solid
Wwf smackdown 2

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Enough with the fucking digimon

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you don't need to play the first driver, embarrassing nonsensical story content and repetitive missions. only advantage it has is made pointless by driver 2 emulation scaling perfectly with cpu overclocking to a locked 30fps

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Die Hard Trilogy.

>> No.9630143

me footy and me racing (like in Top Geah). simple as

>> No.9630167

Comfy, thanks for posting this

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Board Game Top Shop, Doom, Test Drive 6, Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors, Alien Trilogy, Wipeout 3, Ape Escape, Tekken 3, Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2, Metal Gear Solid, and Kaveri: Deception II (imagine being in a house and you play as Jigsaw setting traps for hopeless victims), Evil Zone (a fighting game where you only use 1 attack button for everything. Timing is everything)

Those are the games that I own and have loved very much at one point or another.

Now for games I don’t own nor h e played but look awesome!!

Akuji The Heartless
Kingsleys Adventure
Silent Hilll
Monster Rancher
Tail Concerto
Final Fantasy Tactics
Hellboy: Aslylum Seeker
Torneko: the Last Hope
Adventures of Lomax
Namco Museum Vol 1. - Vol. 5
Rising Zan: The Samurai Gunman
Incredible Crisis

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iss pro evolution soccer 2

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Legend of Legaia
The Legend of Dragoon
Final Fantasy VII/VIII/IX
Mega Man Legends/2
Misadventures of Tron Bonne
Tales of Destiny/(Eternia / Destiny II)
Legend of Mana
All three Spyro games
Gran Turismo 2
Alunrda/Alundra 2
All three Crash Bandicoot games

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Demolition racer

THE best racing game ever

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Two questions.
>what are the best games on PS1 that can best work with a bluetooth SNES controller?
>what controller does /vr/ use for PS1 roms?

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Kinda off topic but i dont want to push another thread off the board:

Was PS1 the first console where there was game on it with full voice acting (like in all cutscenes in the game for example)?

I guess depends if you count the Mega CD

>> No.9633478

The first *fully* voice acted game was panzer dragoon saga.

>> No.9633681

Shovelgear solid.

>> No.9634508

I'd bet on the PC Engine CD.

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Does anyone have the chart of notable PS1 exclusives?

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>MUST play
None really