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I have a weird nostalgia for this version of the game including its quirks: the music, character names outside of the life bars, simple win icons instead of mk logos, red pants Cage etc. Even with the arcade version being much more easily available today, I still prefer to play the SNES port. Other ports feel just too wrong.

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>i like this thing despite it being clearly inferior
sounds like normal nostalgia to me. the fuck is "weird nostalgia"

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>sounds like normal nostalgia to me

This, nothing wrong with being nostalgic for something. and MKII on Snes was quite exciting back in the day.
I'll never forget that day when my classmate with a super wildcard copier told me had a leaked beta of MKII for Snes.
so I went there during a long lunch break and yep, he had a broken beta alright.

Broken as in, Baraka would not be alligned correctly almost seemingly floating in the middle of the screen. Blue pants Jax, and the most exciting feature.. you could do finishers during the match!

I miss those times.

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Is that the version with weirdly large chains in Dead Pool stage?

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Yes! I honestly never even noticed that before. but you're totally right.
been meaning to find a romhacker who could fix Baraka for ages now. (because its a fun beta, with the fatalities always being on and all)

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its the version i had as a kid but ive never been interested in going back to it. arcade only for me

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Was it also the one where the ai opponent slides towards you while crouching?

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Hmm, no I don't think so. and I got like 4 betas of MKII for Snes and I've never seen that behavior.

Beta 1: doesn't even load, header says LEINGANG WAS HERE
Beta 2: seems pretty close to final version
Beta 3: seems pretty close to final version
Beta 4: clearly oldest beta, weird clink sound during opening, blue pants jax, floating baraka, fatalities can be done during gameplay, and no intro since it just goes straight to the menu. (the options screen has an option to enable/disable the blood btw, something which didn't make it into the final where there's no such option)
also some funny comments when you enable/disable said blood.

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Console Wars proved the SNES MK2 is the best version on consoles.

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You can play it on fightcade anon, I see no one in the lobby ever. Wanna go a couple of rounds?

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No I'm Dutch, but thanks for asking.

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It really is a good version. I know it doesnt look as good as the arcade but its such a good port its kind of its own game... I cant explain it. I guess Im tryin to say is its as perfect as it can get on the snes.

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I was told here that the SNES version has less cheap AI. They weren't wrong

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The Snes version of MKII is really good, Probe really dropped the ball on their soulless Sega port.

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I had the Genesis version and I love it and have a lot of nostalgia for it. Love the unique character select screen music more than the original, and who could forget the FERGALITY!.
Buuuut, yeah I also remember renting the SNES version because it just was better.
Also, I got MK II for the Game Boy... I was a bit of a fanatic when I was a kid so I needed a portable version. It was very downscaled of course and had less characters and stages, BUT, I lucked out because at least it plays decently, in fact it's the only good original Game Boy MK game, as MK 1 or 3 on GB suck ass, I came to learn much later, dodged those 2.

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Console Wars proved the SNES version is the best console version.

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mk3 pit on the genesis was also slightly different...it had these weird water jets (or maybe it was supposed to be sparks from the blades?)

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I think it was supposed to be steam or something, very strange.
doesn't really matter, MK3 in general had some very weird aesthetic choices, look at those stupid last minute spikes in the bell tower.
giant rotating meat shredding blades? there's no depth.

MK3 had no direction, perfect case of just tossing in what everybody said would be cool.

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its weird how little stages like the belltower or graveyard occur. you will see multiple repeats of other stages before they are shown

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UMK3 was even worse, Boon coded it so that first all the new UMK3 stages should appear like.. 2 times? before the classic MK3 stages would.
really ruins the game all these years later, especially when you're like me and you have a little Arcade1Up MKII cabinet which doesn't have MK3 on it but only UMK3.
some day they'll hack it and I can not only add MK3 to it but also a patched UMK3.

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yep, its irritating for sure because on a normal playthru you will never see those stages. ive been meaning to try some of the hacks like ultimate kup or something, i think they fix this. i also remember when umk3 released on xbla it literally made you fight on scorpions lair every single time lmao

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Its a shame that they borked tge stages so much in their port, cuz the sprites look nice and clean.

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I played it tripping on acid one night. I love the game.

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i dont get this. could the genesis seriously not show more spikes?

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was the sprite size limited on SNES? why did their legs shrink when lying sideways?

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When this came out it was amazing. Sleepovers me and my friends would stay up all night playing this. It was like the arcade in your house. It was such a huge leap above MKII, the gimmick was still fresh, and the graphics control and sound were just perfect.

MK3 changed the aesthetic, and I didn't like it when it came out, but playing them all over again, including the arcade versions (on the PS3), MK3 is the best classic MK. It's because of the combos and run button. MKII just feels so slow after playing it. Yeah it removed a lot of characters that were beloved in MK2, but Ultimate and Trilogy fixed that, along with adding new problems.

I'd seriously kill for a modern arcade quality MK Trilogy release. The PS1 and N64 versions have so many downsides.

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I miss the way I used to feel when MKII was still in the process of being released and updated, every gaming magazine promised more and more hidden stuff and the entire experience seeing it all come together via magazine peaks and reviews was just so amazing.

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It had that characteristic SNES "smoothness" aesthetic. Hard to put my finger on what does it exactly, but SNES games always felt smooth and Genesis was always "gritty." Just all around, it was more than the graphics.

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I thought the "new" blue portal looked stupid. Like they came up with it at random.

MK3's portal looked better.

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Wasn't it like a secret stage? its pretty much just the existing portal but with a blue palette and the pit3 bridge (and for some reason the pit2 mountains+bridge)
MK3/UMK3 really had this terrible feel of just slapping shit together going on.

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