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What could the Triforce as an item possibly give you?

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Nothing, just a key item to access the final dungeon

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According to leaks, projectiles with full health, access to a boss rush mode, something regarding time travel (without aging?) and other stuff I forgot

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>tfw never ever playable sheik

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anything (you) want, that's the point dummy just have a balanced heart

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We got cucked out of that three times actually. Was supposed to be a thing in Zelda TP and Retro Studios was working on a Sheik game

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>Retro Studios was working on a Sheik game
>it's true

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It's funny to imagine the clunky robot game guys making a ninja game

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They were also working on a Zelda version of FF Tactics but on the DS.
Same with Metroid, which was also going to be the debut game of the real Justin Bailey.

I get devs will get burned out from IPs they already worked on, but kinda sucks that stuff like Prime 1.5 and the Sheikah game never happened.

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Fierce Deity
You know it's true

Majora's Mask was one of 2 results of Ura Zelda and it's pre-release

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It was dogshit sadly so it got canned despite awesome concept art

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>some bitter leakfag
>not biased
They made the best DK game with 0 experience in the genre. It would have been kino

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They should turn what they had into Zero Suit Samus segments

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Everything is dog shit in a pre alpha

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aids, awful, awful game.

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Waking up every day in a world where it has the longest streak of being universally considered the best ever must be painful for you, probably psychologically too

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Another proof Sheik was supposed to be Male and Bill Trinen is a retard

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who in the what now?

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no idea what you're talking about. A link to something or some kind of summary might have helped

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The sheikah man in the thumbnail is a different character

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That literally isn't Sheik. They said it was just a new OC from the Sheikah tribe.

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A foot long cock.

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ding ding ding
Congratulations Malon

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Some NG+ mode or something.

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fucking retard

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Why are you so mad? Let's talk about it

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They made fantastic Donkey Kong games, I think they'd do fine with a Zelda game where you play as Sheik.

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Adds three inches to your penis, shifts your testicles to your insides, and gives you a vagina. May or may not regrow foreskin.

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