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>The only good 3D Sonic game
>The best Sonic game
>The best Saturn game
And I'm tired of pretending it's not.

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It's the greatest game of all time

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It's really, really mediocre, but the soundtrack is great. And that's about it.

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well the first statement is true but ya kinda went off the rails afterward frankly
great racer in general too, shame there's not many levels with how unique they are

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I don't really consider this a game. A piece of audiovisual art, is closer to what it is.

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Jokes aside, it is a mystery to me why Sega never made a Sonic racing game like this again.

But because of that, it is still a unique hedgehog experience

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Yeah it's like Bubsy 3D

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OSt is fire

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I'm tired of pretending like this isn't the best video game cover ever


Nigga sounds like MJ almost

Also jannies tongue my anus

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The very first clip

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Fuck how can so many people be tone deaf? Like 6 year olds sing in unison better

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So much better

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>>y2k ready

God damn how were so many people so retarded? Like was a port of a sega saturn game going to make your pc explode?

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based, I'm tired of filtered zoomies shitting on this game just because they suck at racing games

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I downloaded Sonic Gems Collection to play Sonic CD on my Wii (before you sperg out, the Japanese version of the collection with the 'good' Sonic CD soundtrack) and apparently Sonic R is included as well as that Virtua Fighter game with Sonic characters. I've always wanted to give them a try but honestly Sonic R looks as boring as most of the internet claims it to be

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Spoken like someone not ready for y2k.
We still have the people with 2038 bullshit. It's mainly because it's fun.

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>Good game from a good system
>Good music
>Good character ratio
Idk why people dont like it, Its actually good

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It has minor collectathon elements somewhat like DKR, which provide fun and some challenge for a little while.

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Why didn't drifting in Sonic catch on? Its great. Treating Sonic as a racecar was brilliant.

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The core gameplay is great but the music sucks and the graphics look like Atari

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Can you recommend any other unconventional/imaginative racing games besides crash, diddy kong and mario kart? Not necessarily asking for racing games with kiddy furries, just anything that strays away from mundane "realistic" cars doing laps. Cool fantasy race tracks, unusual "vehicles"...stuff like that

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Chocobo Racing

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I feel like beetle adventure racing is very similar to Sonic r in terms of exploration, collectibles, just with a more realistic setting

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I wouldn't go as far as OP did, but I do like the game.

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It would be the best if it had 3 more tracks and if every track was bigger

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Wrong on all counts, but I love it. It's a fucking great game and the first game I ever 100%ed.

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God, imagine...... Sonic R2 is such a fucking great idea

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>that Virtua Fighter game with Sonic characters
Fighters Megamix is fucking amazing man, easily rivals Tekken 3 as the best 3D brawler of its gen.

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The Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart game looks pretty fun, and it's free.

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well believing in conspiracies is a good way to get considered a kook by the public, whether it's founded or not, so i suppose any excuse where you can be allowed to believe somethin strange and discuss it amongst others is a good one

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