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So...How was a highly sought after dictator able to enter a US airforce base just to kick the shit out of Guile?

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Because Bison is funded by the CIA

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Charlie's ending in Alpha 2 shows that some people in the airforce actually work for Bison.

No wonder he glows.

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I love the poses on this cover. Both look like they're underwater, or completely suspended in air. Guile is falling, but still trying to throw a sonic boom. Bison looks quite comfortable for a guy who just did a somersault over crates, like he's sitting in a hammock or something. What does his hand gesture mean anyway? "V" for "peace"?

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It's amazing indeed, I love these old covers that make zero sense.

Also Guile's sonic boom looks more like a flamboyant wrist accessory

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That box art is completely indecipherable unless you know what the moves are ahead of time. No one who didn't know Bison did a scissor kick would assume he's falling from above, most like.
Quite bizzare, but I like it still.

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>assume he wasn't
is what I meant.

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>How was a highly sought after dictator able to enter a US airforce base

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I think I finally got it. Bison is acting so cool, it's like he's doing a skateboard trick. Here.

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Speaking of falling...the snes boxart is even weirder
I like the genesis one more, higher profile characters in the shot. The snes is just lame in comparison

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Apparently this cover was the reason Guile was the main character in the SF movie. They never looking into it further than that.

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That's gnarly, dude.

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>What does his hand gesture mean anyway?
I assume he's intending to tweak Guile's nipples. also Bison appears to be wearing some Austin Powers tier false teeth

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Wait, for real? Cool bit of trivia.

(and imagine what happened if they based the movie of the snes box >>9601095 )

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Why are both box arts displaying horrible match ups? Honda dies to Sagat and Guile smashes Bison in street fighter games normally.

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The artist just had a thing for falling people I guess. Maybe he was shown SF2 and thought, "ok this is a game where people are falling".
Just look how Sagat is falling too. It's like he's just falling straight on his back, on a tiled floor no less. But he doesn't even bother to bend his legs. Why bother? Just maintain superior muai thai knee stance, good enough.
And something must be said about his drooping bulldog face, I guess.

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It always bugged me how nobody in Street Fighter looks like a street fighter. They all look like either professional martial artists or just weirdos. I always felt like "World Warrior" would have been a better title for the game, and "Street Fighter" would have been fitting of Fatal Fury.

I never heard that, interesting if true. But if you think about it, Guile is kind of the closest thing to a typical protagonist anyway narrative wise, he's the one with the grudge mission against the main villain Bison. Obviously Ryu is the official main character but Guile is the most typical protag at least by Western media standards, it kinda makes sense anyway.

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for the US military that's the greatest lapse of security in history
for him it's just Tuesday

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I heard that guile let him in. Bison just told the guards he was there to give guile a massage because guile hired bison because he thought he was a male prostitute because the M in bison's name is for Massive, so he's Massive Bison, and bison just told the guards on the base he was there to massage guile and pound the ass and when he saw guile he massaged his face and pounded the ass but not in the way that guile paid for but because guile was always fighting and having gay wrestling sex the guards thought it was part of the service. That's what I heard

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There also hid Dhalsim in the one hundred hand slap

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I always mistake the scar and think Sagat is giving a thumbs up while being beat down

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Diplomatic immunity, bitch.

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Nothing smashes Bison, especially not in Champion edition. That nigga's broken.

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I prefer the PAL Mega Drive box art

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what's wrong with your faaaaaaaaaaace?

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>Special Champion Edition

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Special alright.

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>SF2: Special Champion Edition
>Superior SF2: The New Challenged

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im more concerned about the blatant false advertising with guile able to throw 2 sonic booms at one. did capcom ever apologize for this?

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That's how it looks in the game when he's just about to throw one

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pce port has same box-art
i think it was the arcade flyer in japan or something

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Why are Guileā€™s arms so hairy?

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I learnt something new today. A shame it is decades old and worthless.

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Yeah it was the champion edition flyer or something.

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If only they shipped their console on day one with that six button controller we probably would have seen companies give more of a shit in regards to ports for certain other games. The Genesis tracks for some of the songs are pretty good to.

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My bank doesn't accept Bison Bucks

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Well that's why we still play 30 year old games

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I thought it was just because he's the most American of the Americans it would be better to appeal to Americans. He's the main character in the cartoon, the movie, even the guy shouting at you in the action figure commercials on TV
I always wondered what the Japanese thought of that when Ryu is obviously the face of the games

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>It always bugged me how nobody in Street Fighter looks like a street fighter. They all look like either professional martial artists or just weirdos. I always felt like "World Warrior" would have been a better title for the game, and "Street Fighter" would have been fitting of Fatal Fury.
That's extremely autistic and exactly the same way I feel. It's a series filled with world champions, super powered people, secret organizations and military people, a dictator, professional fighters all sorts of shit.
Who ever did the advertisement for the ports of the original Street Fighter obviously thought the same too.

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Final Fight was also originally meant to be Street Fighter's sequel, and it fits the name way more

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Yup, Bison's look is ripped straight from Doomed Megalopolis, Yasunori does the same hand pose in the movie too

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this was huge here in Europe my cousint rented this games for months

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Just beat up the guys. Stop trying to give it a story.

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What pisses me off is Guile telling me to go home and be the family man all those times to insult me, then you beat it with Guile and the asshole goes home to be the family man like it's okay when he does it.

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To be fair, it wasn't the first SNES box.

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What character is that? What is she from?

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he better question is how did this port manage to become a solid 10/10 only thing missing is the background NPCs the music was actually great!

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>and fits the name

A Street Fighter game with actual street fighting.

The quarters spoke for themselves on which was better, unfortunately.

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looks great

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Looks like AI

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After looking up summaries of the story, I'm wondering just how much Capcom has drawn from Teito Monogatari as inspiration beyond Street Fighter.

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That movie's influence is practically everywhere, but in a way that just blends into the DNA of Japanese pop-culture where you can't notice it unless you're actively searching for it. It's more subtle and weird because a lot of its influences are in way popularizing old things that were already intrinsically Japanese

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>I always felt like "World Warrior" would have been a better title for the game, and "Street Fighter" would have been fitting of Fatal Fury.
That's what I always thought. Orceven better: they could have kept Final Fight as "Street Fighter 89" and released Street Fighter II as "Final Fight" or "World Warriors".

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