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What retro characters do you ship?

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The tattle villagers from Kakariko Village in Link to the Past, and my fist.

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The tattletale villagers from Kakariko Village in Link to the Past, and my fist.

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Princess Peach and my black dildi

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none really, but these two are cute together imo, even if the relationship would never actually work inuniverse
ya think he ever made a vr version of her after the adventure?

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Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield

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my two lesbian sims

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I don't really understand the concept here, except maybe if you're gonna write romantic fanfiction or something, or you're actually creating both characters entirely (as in the Sims example above) and can play out a fantasy story for them within the game. If a fictional lady is attractive then I want her for myself, not for Little Mac or whoever.

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desu i don't do it often myself, usually just play out thinkin of myself and a character well mostly just fapping to it these days honestly, but sometimes two characters have fun chemistry together, and ya figure ya wouldn't be able to make her happy in an actual relationship, not just a mostly sexual one

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Wario and the queen from Battletoads.

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Z block and S block from tetris

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These two are siblings.

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None, because I'm not mentally ill.

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No stop homosexuality is a sin. Also Sakura is straight.

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Sakura belongs to Dan
Karin belongs to Birdie

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Nothing, I'm an adult.

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Anyways, i ship Tempo and Katy.

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Good taste

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Wrong character and continuity.

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my ranger & my necromancer in guild wars and when guild wars 2 came out i made their descendant.

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Samus and Master Chief

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who are they also Halo and Metroid wouldn't be together, they're not gay lol

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