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This character had great social power. Although the Mario games were better it was extremely embarrassing to admit.

Same energy as chad vs virin meme

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Yes, any character that results in the birth of chris chan must be a true social chad icon.

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idk i'd say his games are better than the mario games desu (but not the wario games for my money), if anything he takes the notion of mario's jumping physics and simply adds more to it with his pinball physics, plus in general there's more to the levels thus more ways to dick aboot and have fun
shame about what happened when they went 3d, and a real shame they could never learn from their mistakes and instead just made the gameplay even worse
that guy would just find another thing to be obsessed over were it not for sonic

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Stop piggybacking Mario. Sonic isn't inferior to Mario. Sonic is rubbish.

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A hedgehog's penis is on their soft underbelly, so Sonic's entire fleshy belly is his penis.

You're welcome.

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clearly it's not the entire body
i'd wager his penis would be where a man's belly button would be, bein anthropomorphic and all
if ya think that's bad, just look up echidna peni

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>Same energy as chad vs virin meme
Well yeah, that's the true origin of the meme.

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sonic is what made the genesis 'cool' even though it was inferior in every way, he's probably the only reason we even got a dreamcast. even though he couldn't save sega he was a good mascot

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> the only reason we even got a dreamcast
>3D Sonic game on Dreamcast yet it sold WAY less than PS1
>3D Mario game on N64 yet it sold AY less than PS1
I wonder what made people buy Playstations. Turned out to have an outstanding library but I don't understand, what game was the system seller when it came out? I'm comparing DC to PS1 because it's still a 90s console and Saturn didn't have a 3D Sonic game (no 3D Blast doesn't count)

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Tomb Raider, Crash, Resident Evil, Tekken, Ridge Racer, FF7

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PS1 targeted the aging vidya demographic and used CDs which were much cheaper to make that cartridges. Sony was also much more attractive to 3rd party devs in general for various reasons. I love the N64 but I understand why the PS1 won commercially

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sony gave away dev kits, ps1 was very open vs nintendo and who could make games. its basically the same idea that caused the original game crash, except it didn't happen this time and we got a great library of original games

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mario art has aged like fine wine. Sonic looks retarted in this pic

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That's because we mainly see Mario's official Japanese art. American Sonic has always been garbage. Yeah, I said it, the US cover of Sonic 2 is trash

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It clearly is, because there's spines/hair on the belly there. Sonic's blue parts is his spines, which means all that tan belly is one huge cock.

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