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Hey check out my cool cloak

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thanks doc

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nice anon

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Very cool :)

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>no OLED
>messy desk
>random cables and cds everywhere
>no screenshot
>uses phone to make a photo of his screen
>playing on LCD monitor
>playing on LCD monitor with the worst shader I have ever seen
>using the sword summon
Disgusting american Schwein.

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I've always wondered about this background, on the right of the image it seems to be a "period accurate" portrait of Dracula, but what is the thing on the left? For a long time I thought it was a broken skull, but some years ago I figured it's more like some kind of baby dragon firebreathing(?)

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dope as hell, chief
somehow i never noticed either of those
it looks vaguely like death, the thing at the top center is the face, the things next to his head are his hands, and the body is just his cloak in a dynamic pose

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It's a Salamander, commonly depicted on fireplaces in ye olden times.

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very cool, anon

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Cool cloak, Alucard. Want to bring it to the White House?

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Op here, I think what makez me love sotn is the weird little backround thing like this

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I actually have a small cast iron stove, and not only are they called salamanders in my country, but I'm pretty sure I heard this some time years ago, but I had never made the connection...

Some of the coolest, most evocative backgrounds in any game IMO

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looks like shit on that monitor brother

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looks fine to me

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