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what is the game you defend the most despite unpopular opinion and why?

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for me the answer to that is not a retro one
skyward sword
it ain't perfect by any stretch but honestly imo it did a lot right and never gets the credit it deserves just cause nintendo decided to be treat people as tards and not make the tutorials optional (also the overworld blows chunks)

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Final Fantasy 7. I know it's not doing anything great in the game design department but it was just epic to 12 year old me

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This always cops shit with the FE crowd for being too easy but it absorbed me as a kid and probably because it was easy

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I played it as an adult for the first time, and it's honestly a "high-tier" in the Final Fantasy franchise.

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Sonic Adventure 1. I know it's janky as fuck but it just has so much soul.

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mega man 8. pure sovl

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There are a few. Why? They're good games so they don't need to be defended. I mostly do it to get lulz off that one Saturn autist that spergs out in every non Sega thread

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Arcanum because it's a broken, turd of a game that is also in many ways a masterpiece.

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Zelda 2

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>What is the game you defend the most despite unpopular opinion?
Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six (1992/NES)

Well, it's usually seen as something that controls poorly and has nothing to offer, especially for a 1992 NES release, with an OST of only 5 tracks and poor graphics. I find these complaints to be fair, but controls are easy to get used to and flow well once you do, webslinging can be fun and it feels like Spider-Man, it's also atmospheric due to that very same OST and look that are often criticize, more grim than usual, but it works. I also love how enemies explode when defeated, SFX are satisfying and when you know what to do, it's a quick and fun 15min run.

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Mega Man & Bass. It's refreshing to play after how easy the mainline games got and after how fucking shit Mega Man 7 was.

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oh yeah that too, forgot about that
i like 7 too

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Azurik: Rise of Perathia

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not a /v/ or a zelda faggot but didn't that shit get a perfect 10/10 rating like all other zelda games do?

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for some reason it became cool to shit on Quake II but it's really not that bad.

It's gets the Seinfield effect from shitty, shallow eastern euro shooters that flooded the market shortly afterward and getting overshadowed quickly in '98 by console shooters, and Half life. That said, it's a great game and fun to go back to occasionally. People that complain about the slow movement, bullet sponge enemies, and weapons but I think these people never played FPS besides doom. Blake stone, wolfenstein, and plenty of 80s & 90s FPS games were slow, clunky, lacked weapon variety, relied on key fetches, and had spongy enemies. It's a swan song to the death of the old way of the genre and people like to hate on it.

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idk probably but either way most normalfags hated it even if the paid journos didn't

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Quake 2.
It was my first and I play it at least once a year.
I understand why so many people don't like it but I won't move away from it; I enjoy it as much as other shooters like Unreal or Q3A.

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Banjo-Tooie lives up to Kazooie and I will die on that hill.

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I can't speak for any of the sequels, but the first Bubsy game on SNES was a good platformer for its time with nice cartoony graphics and fun music. I suspect a lot of the negative attention it gets now is from zoomers who've never actually played it who are just parroting what Youtubers who never bothered to learn the controls have to say about the game. There is no fall damage if you use the glide mechanic.

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