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Why is this so fucking hard?
What was their endgame here?

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to filter gays like (you)

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to SAGE and HIDE retards like op!

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>Why is this so fucking hard?
It's technically the second half of Sonic 3. Which makes it much harder than vanilla Sonic 3 by default.

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If you use that lock on thing with Sonic 3 it has saves which means unlimited continues. But you obviously have to beat Sonic 3 first

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What exactly is hard for you OP? It has the same difficulty as Sonic 3. Even more, same as any classic Sonic game.

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You have to be 18 to post here.

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Sandopolis 2 and maybe the last few special stages are the only challenging parts in this game.

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Sonic 2 is significantly filled with more unfun bullshit. I’ll never forgive the final boss’s hitbox

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the final boss is the easiest shit in the world if you're not a complete retard

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The final boss is not hard it's just long if you want to play it safe. Mecha Sonic before him is harder. Also I've heard that they put 3 rings at the beginning of this stage in Origins but I may be wrong

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mecha sonic is pretty quick to master, egg boss is fucking retarded
wrong retard. Going in blind there are so many places one thinks you can hit it that instakill you. You have to hit it in some retarded intended way to win.

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It was hard because you can't save like in Sonic 3 but has levels designed for a game with saving

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>mecha sonic is pretty quick to master
Yeah but the problem is his hitbox when he is standing still. You have to land on his forehead and I've always found it hard

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saving is possible when you use the lockon with S3 right?

this game is literally DLC before DLC was a thing

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People always call it DLC but I disagree, it's a fullblown video game. It's longer than 1 and despite not having as much zones, as long as 2. Those levels sometimes refuse to end

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Sandopolis and Lava Reef are my favorite stages. I love the Lava Reef music so much, and Sandopolis has some cool shit going on like the ghosts and the ziplines.

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the eggman boss literally has instakills all over its body except one area. There is no warning or tell. You can beat the mecha sonic fight a ton of different ways and even as fast as two turns

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There was a point in time where Sonic games were considered way too easy and forgiving for platformers

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Sandopolis drags on forever

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Sandopolis act 2 is annoying but only cause it's so long. The rest is easy.
This is the only boss in classic sonic that killed me on my last run through the trilogy.

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