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I'm getting pretty tired of these inverted sections for these games. Do people actually like them?

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it was neat at first but at certain points the enemies are just too much of a bother to actually fight
nice callback to simon's quest with the major bosses though

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I love SOTN, but I'll be the first to admit the inverted castle is wack for the most part and obviously only exists to pad the game by reusing assists.

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Literaly just finished a playthrough and even thou it is one of my favorite games the inverted castle was clearly filler and while the bosses and enemies are cool its definately lesser than the forst half of the game. Would have been alot cooler of they just stuck them in a handful of new areas but what can you do it was their first time making a game like this. Probably why the difficulty balence is so weak.

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What kills me most is the number of important areas that held important items in the normal castle that just have a high potion of something in them at the end. The entire reverse entry way is completely pointless outside of the 3 unigue enemies in the two hallways.

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Yeah, I like them. They're pretty rad.

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What other game does this?

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Every CV since SotN

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Pretty sure harmony is the only one that did.

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Why do people lie on anonymous messageboards?

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Aria of sorrow kind of did too, but it was very short run through.

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Because I'm angry that Dreamcast didn't get a castle vania game and no one wants to talk about Sega Saturn with me

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there is a "playable" beta version of cv resurrection available now

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Thats why Super Metroid is the superior version of SotN

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I'm curious, has anyone tried the Konami classic collection version of sotn on 360? It doesn't look fantastic on HD but it feels the same to me, anyone else familiar with this version? Anyway to play the Saturn version on more modern systems?

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By being a travel slog? Let me guess, you play "soulsvanias" too.

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The upside down castle isn't amazing once the novelty wears off and you realize that even with all the movement abilities, it's fucking obnoxious to traverse the place while upside down, sure, but what other games do their levels one more time but upside down? I'm sure there's more, but to me it doesn't feel like it's common.

I've always assumed that the upside down castle was something they like, came up with or only got to realizing late in development, hence why it feels a bit halfbaked. Real cool to put it in there, but in hindsight there's some weaknesses.

Harmony Of Dissonance had two full castles, but it wasn't just the same castle again flipped turned upside down with some hue changes. Usually there were some noticeable chances of the palette and even tiles, as well as layout and features, which made them distinct, and you actually went back and forth between these two 'layers' of the castle to progress, as you couldn't always progress in the same spots, or you needed to do something in one castle to affect the other. It's much better implemented in that game.
Aria Of Sorrow doesn't even really do it, it just has a series of rooms redone for a short bit.

I feel sorry for you, but blame Sega for mismanaging the Saturn.

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Harmony may have 2 castles, but psychologically it's the same as just having an inverted one. You are still doing the same areas multiple times over, even if they look slighltly different. Doing a full castle, then opening up another one where you have to go through it again is boring and lazy design.

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>I'm getting pretty tired of a good game because I am a whiny little fag

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No, I'm getting whiny because they keep re-using the same gimmick in other Castlevania games. It was ok once, but after that it gets old.

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No, I personally would prefer Journeying across a location like Simon's Quest. Bloodstained(Ritual) was the closest to attempt this and it fell pretty short for what was promised.

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Super Metroid gets bland by the 3-4th run. It becomes a game of "How fast can I do this".

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I keep telling my everyone to play the saturn version with a patch but no one wants to listen

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Why didn’t this canceled games ever revival as GameCube titles?

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Are there multiple patches like this? Seems like there's a couple different ones just from glancing at cdromance real quick

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I've tried two versions of Dracula X. The animations are glitchy as fuck and the hit box is designed to fuck you over.

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Outside of maria is anything added to the saturn version any good? The garden area seemed pretty short in videos ive watched of it. Certainly didnt justify the terrible performance and jank effects

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People here keep recommending the Saturn version but if you've never played SotN then you won't even know what items you're picking up

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I plan to play that one in Maria mode if I ever do a replay, but there's no point in 200%ing again and idgaf about a couple extra mid level swords or w/e

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It's fucking KINO

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They've literally never used the upside down castle again.

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Not to mention the worse sound quality and graphics. The new areas of the castle are also completely unremarkable and with really cheap looking new enemies that look like they were sprited by a 12 year old.

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Portrait of Ruin had upside down paintings.

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PoR doesn't have upside-down versions of any maps

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There's the Alucard Spear which is neat and some other cool equipment, but Maria is definitely the big appeal. A shame that the PSP version ruined her.

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