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Only kino /vr/ bosses allowed in this thread

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>Sonic shit

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SMBZ is canon.

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That, it is
I usually dislike idwshit, but Scrapnik Island is genuinely kino

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Forgot pic

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we call them mayors

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You start

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In the same way that "I can't defeat Air Man" got canonized by the Mega Man comic.

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Not as whole, but that line is, especially since IDW is practically canon at this point
Not like Sega's gonna actually USE any of it, besides a few quick mentions

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Yeah he was kino. Not difficult as an adult really, pretty easy, Silver Sonic in Sonic 2 was even harder. But, still a really cinematic and epic boss confrontation especially as a kid, it's things like that that made Sonic way cooler than other platformers that went for purely comedic childish vibes. Felt like you were really saving the world.

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even for MGS, this asshole stands out.
>uhhhhhh...it's a b-bee guy

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>THE PAIIIiiiinnnnnnnN!!!!!!!!!

c'mon kojima... you can't tell me you really were going for camp in this shit were you?

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MGS3 is intentionally written to be like a cheesy Bond flick so it has to be

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more like Kojima was so obsessed with Harry Gregson-Williams that he learned that Harry wouldn't do another game soundtrack unless it was orchestral so Jokima decided to make a bong spoof

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>Harry Gregson-Williams

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This fucking guy.

>swooces into battle, constantly flying overhead and spawning sickles
>beat his ass
>flies into the background
>spits a tooth out and discards the fancy robes
>lands in front of you wearing old school grim reaper robes and packing a big scythe
>fights you head on now
>will royally fuck you up if you drop your guard
>fight ends with a decapitation

Fucking stellar fight. Best Death fight in the entire series hands down.

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Plus the fight takes place on top of the mast of a ship, which is also really cool. Also, this fight was foretold earlier on, because Death tries to confront Richter in the Prologue of the game, which is also cool.

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It's *Sonikino, bitch.

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Let's fucking go

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wrong, auster, we call bosses "Bossman".

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The supercharged jew that slain millions of mexicans

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Oh good, someone posted at least one CV Death, let me add another.

>one of, maybe even the best entrance he's ever had
>like as if his power was already cast over the world and he's centering it all in one place to deal with (you)
>on the attack the instant he's done
>various moves actually do different levels of damage and can hurt like fuck
>multi-tasking ground-bound move where he's trying to pull you in, spin his big scythe hella fast, AND actually has an invisible forcefield on his half of the room that'll burn up your subweapon the moment it leaves your grasp
>surprise cunt move where he'll sweep across the room when he's done

In execution, I'm probably making the guy sound harder than he really is, but dude has a surprising bit going on when you stop to think about it, and he does it with a creepy style that I don't see all that often in later games.

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King Dodongo aka the ultimate life form

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You’d be pissed off too if you had a space station shoved up your ass.

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Sephiroth? Ganondorf?
My bitches.

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coolest boss in all of king's field history

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