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>Download rom
>Play it


What's so hard about that?

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"It's preservation" is the worst excuse I've heard for maintaining a collection.
Collecting something is fun, and if you enjoy collecting more power to you. But pretending like you're curating this storied history of media by buying games on ebay and putting them on your basement shelf is ridiculous.

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How is buying a used copy of a game related to preservation?

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>awful state
bruh I can play the game for free whenever I want with 99.9% accuracy.
If I want to I can use a flash cart for 99.999% accuracy.
If I REALLY want to I can burn new EEP-ROMs and make a repro cart that will be 99.9999999999% accurate. For a few bucks.
that's not an awful state.

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these people don't give a shit about just playing the games or they'd do so using the many means available. i mean chrono trigger itself is what ten bucks on steam? What a steal for such a wonderful game. anyone interested in playing the title by exchanging money for it may do so readily.

the possession and curation of the physical objects is their priority. I don't understand it, but that's what it is.

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well, he's not wrong
preservation is pretty fucked for some games seein as how some tards just hoard rare games and don't even dump
of course that's not how it is every game, or even most games, sure ain't the case for trigger

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99.9% of video games for consoles are available publicly.

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yeah that's what i just said
doesn't change the fact that 0.01% does exist
plus >for consoles
granted it's not like it's that common for pc or arcade games either

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nothing. I have curated rom sets for multiple consoles. Ill never be able to play it all. There are too many videogames for anyone to play and more are coming out.

just emulate. find a comfy set up to play your emu stuff with. get a crt if you want. tah dah, infinite games for free.

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99.9% or even 90% is far, far higher than any other medium in history

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anon... i agree with you... blease anon... read the posts fully...

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You have to delete the ROM within 24 hours

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>SNES JRPGs used to cost $100
>Which $200 by today's standards

Why are people even complaining? The price only went up slightly. Maybe if you want it so badly you should just buy it because $200 isn't even that much for something you like? Or emulate?

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your posts are too whiny

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well yours are too complainy :v
seriously though there's no reason to argue about it

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not him but seriously, why do you write like a 14 year old girl using AOL instant messenger

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>How am I supposed to know the definitive version if I don't pay for it...
Download it.
>Why do resellers keep getting away with...
Download it.
>Retro compilations keep removing...
Just download the missing games.

People need to stop paying publishers and just enjoy games.

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do i? well if it helps i'm not but yeah idk
ig i just speak however i feel like at the time so maybe that's why, call it autism or whatever
i mean i do have autism, at least apparently, might just a misdiagnosis but i figure there is at least something weird with my brain, can't deny that

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You’re certifiably retarded

Source? I’m a doctor

Don’t believe me?

That’s fair. I am not a doctor; anyone could tell your condition anon.

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Why do anyone would want to play the worst version of Chrono Trigger in 2023? just buy a R4 and be happy dude

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well, i wouldn't say i'm not retarded tbf, but i think that's mostly just from growin up sheltered
and ironically not even that sheltered, because i found porn and gore and shit online when i was 12
but like, i have a comfort zone and sometimes it's hard to get out of, it was really hard as a kid, i never engaged with other kids if i didn't have to, and when i was forced to it's not like i shot the shit with em or anything, just did my job

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A surprising amount of people genuinely enjoy paying to be consumers when better, less expensive or even free, alternatives exist to acquire a product. Like how you'll see people pre-order a game digitally, even though there's zero chance its gonna sell out. Some people just enjoy the process of spending money on things they like and they feel it adds a higher degree of ownership and authenticity to their product, even though the guy with the ROM of Chrono Trigger on his hard drives owns the game just as much as the guy who paid $20 for it on Steam.

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And with flash carts ROM != emulation anymore so you can play downloaded roms on original hardware. Playstation 2 fan? Get a fat model and a chink network adapter with a FMCB memory card and bam! You can play as many games as you can fit on a 2tb hdd. There were really neat compilations for the PS2, the Genesis collection and the SNK arcade stuff immediately comes to mind.

Last Monday night I had an urge to play some Bucky O'Hare. It was one of my favorite games as a kid but I lost my copy 20 years ago and I've missed that game ever since. Current prices for that cart are fucking insane, thank God for roms. So I checked my folders and lo and behold, there was Bucky. It took me 5 hours to beat the game (my first time doing so) and I had a fucking blast, it was just as intense as I remembered it. It sucks that don't have my childhood copy anymore but in the end what matters is the game. Never once did I think "oh I'm playing this ROM file on my Wii, of all things... and with this weird-ass Classic controller" nope when a game is that good none of that shit matters. It was just like winning a trip back to my living room in 1993.

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Unironically buy a multi-cart. I got one off Amazon a while back that had every SNES JRPG on it that I could think of and it cost me about $30. Save function works fine in all the games I've tested, everything about it seems flawless as far as I can tell.

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its a speculation boom. just like comics in the '90s. basically people started finding rare copies that sold for a lot and it became a market around collecting games and hopes that they would one day be worth thousands of dollars.

but it fails for the same reason it did for comics. when you have something that there are 500,000 copies of and they begin to be collected, then even if the demand is very high, the supply is so common that their inflated value can only be sold to future speculators. the bubble will ultimately burst.

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Advertising your "retro" "gaming" channel is NOT RETRO GAMES. Please go back to le vee.

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Chrono Trigger is still an active IP. It’s not yours to preserve.

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You have to setup your buttons in the emulator, that can be annoying. And you need a controller to plug into your laptop, not everyone has one of those. Another thing is you might be an idiot and download a fucked up emulator and then think all emulators are fucked up. Or you might just not have time to fuck around with an emulator.

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>game preservation
Aka hoarders and scalpers.

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shitty /v/ meme. Other than /a/, non-vidya boards are ok with talking about board related youtubers

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You’re gonna be missing out on a fair number of games with a cheap SNES cart since most of them can’t play special chip games. A lot of worthwhile games have those chips too.

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I saw the thumbnail before it was deleted
So, did you watch the video, was the video really about games like CT being expensive and not having a lot of purchase option (the retard argument), or is the video deeper than this, like some systems still don't have perfect emulation?
I recall complaining about LRG releasing absolute garbage like the Nes and GB Bill & Ted game, someone called that "preservation". If I can go download it any and emulate it anytime, it's preserved already
Otherwise for some other retards, some dude owning a one in a kind arcade machine/proto/whatever that he has a private dump of and that's it, and maybe some misc video game museum has a dump they'll finally release when you'll be dead, otherwise, just go to california one a year to have the PRIVILEGE to play the piece of shit... is "preservation" according to some people and that's retarded
I heard that the Love Hina guy was looking into making some sort of website where company can just sell you their old games for cheap or free, like they're doing for some old manga. That'd be great, I think

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Video was a weak zoomer faggot basically begging console companies to PLEASE re-release their old libraries of game because most games are stuck on ANCIENT hardware that is DYING of PLASTIC ROT!! Oh no we speak of emulation around here, that's illegal PIRATE stuff just think of the DEMONETIZATION I need the monies to buy X-Borg games and please Nintendo, as a ZOOMER who grew up with Mario 64 on the Wii Virtual Console, please make Super Mario Sunshine available on the Switch? I'll suck your dick Subaru Miyamotor please, for me?

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Ahh, so the retard argument then
I do hate that Nintendo haven't found a solution to the VC and we have to basically start over every gen and now with a poor subscription selection. A lot of collections are pretty lazy now with even Nintendo releasing a "least they could do" collection of their flagship 3D Mario titles
But FFS, just emulate. It is NOT a goddamn "preservation" issue

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I liked VC enough, pay a cheap one time fee and get the old game on your (then current) machine. It was a convenience which was easy to accommodate.

Nintendo just had to jew the fuck out though and do their annual subscription bullshit, together with unfathomably bad emulation, or incredibly bad ports. Super Mario 64 on the Switch was part of a full price bundle, as a timed exclusive, and it has over 150ms of input lag, that is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING, Nintendo deserves piracy.
I'm glad SM64 has been reverse engineered.

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>I'm glad SM64 has been reverse engineered
The worst thing about the shitty lazy collection is that it was during the beginning of the reverse engineering and it looked so poor on Nintendo's side
If Nintendo was really smart, since it was reverse engineered anyways, they'd put a xth anniversary version on all consoles, sell it on Steam, include a usable source. One up the people who's done it for free by just selling it themselves. It would guarantee double digit million copies

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I swear "preservation" is some sort of insane youtube cult that started in the past 2 years. I've never heard collecting or piracy be synonymous with preserving so much so quickly

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The Wii was the last Nintendo console with any soul. I bought the Switch 4 or 5 years ago, mainly for BotW but I gotta say so far it has been the most disappointing console I've ever owned and it's not even close. It doesn't even work as a handheld without 3rd party accessories because the joycons suck so much ass. I look at the library of games and there's so very little that is of any interest to me. Most of it consist of indie shovelware, uninspired originals, ports and remakes of 10+ years old games that somehow manage to run like shit on the Switch and of course that godawful subscription model which honestly they can fucking sit on it and spin.

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Hilariously, I'd argue that the Wii had some really weird Nintendo output

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>download rom on laptop
>connect laptop to tv with hdmi
>plug in console controller to laptop
>play game

What's wrong with this?

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Also, if a game is really expensive on Ebay, it generally means it's already being "preserved" by other people that fight over who gets to "preserve" which copy.

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