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Today's run was another last-minute failure.
How do you deal with losing in retro games?

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I just cope. Flirt with girls and reminds myself that I still got it and that vidya is for nerds.

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lose? I never lose, I just play until I win

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>How do you deal with losing in retro games?
You either savescum or muscle through.
That's it. There is no other option.

If you feel real sadness, depression or ever cope with alcohol or drugs, you are by definition a loser

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I learn from what i can and stay comfortable in the knowledge that there's always another attempt. i'm not dying any time soon and there's no way i won't beat all the games i'm interested in before i do.

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How do you relax after a failed session?

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I do whatever I can to laugh it off, because I know that deep down it isn't much of a big deal, even if I'm emotionally invested in it. Don't feel ashamed for feeling sad or upset, you shouldn't be too hard on yourself, it's normal to feel stronger emotions the more we're engaged with something, out of all things in life that supposedly aren't important, our hobbies are certainly the most important. What you need to do is sit back and look at your options, you can try practicing by using save states or codes, either built into this particular video game you're playing, or by things like Game Genie, anything that allows you to practice sections you struggle with the most, so you can get good at it, I know some would call this sort of practice cheating, but I feel that you're just saving time as you can win in those parts you're good at whenever, you don't have anything to prove there, it's just a matter of time. I know it's a lot easier said that done, but try to keep yourself calm and put the controller down if you get stressed out, because from my experience we get worse when we aren't playing calmy, less concentrated. I believe in you, OP!

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I just try again tomorrow.

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>How do you relax after a failed session?
That's like asking how do you relax after work, gym, ugly family meeting, a fight, a breakup, etc.
You don't.
You just live with the pain.
Everything else, like coping with something that gives you comfort, just makes you into an undesirable manchild.

my real life example:
>be me at home
>playing Dark Souls 1
>die to boss mechanic
>get mad
>die to boss again
>get mad
>longterm gf for 6 years who never got upset with me before becomes visibly irritated
>we fight each other and she gets mad
>1 week later
>breaking up
>1 month later
>me realising that complaining EVER turns me into a bitch

That's how it was for me at least

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