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Saturn's answer to Tekken (which was Namco's answer to Virtua Fighter)

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ok this is getting kind of confusing
let's take a step back from the history books and just look at the games

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what was Last Bronx an answer to?

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FV was an arcade game first, how the fuck was it "Saturn's answer"?

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and its better than both

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tekken was also an arcade game you dumb fuck, op is talking about ps port

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It's aight. Better than Virtua Fighter for sure

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How the fuck Saturn port becomes an "answer" to anything if the arcade version wasn't one, you mongoloid?

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No wonder. Tekken plays fine but has literal kusoge presentation. Now, Tekken 2 is a different matter entirely.

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Oh yeah, the devs were like "hey, we are asked by the corporate to port this game from Model 2 to Saturn. Let's not simply port the game, let's also make this port the answer to PS1 Tekken port!". Totally happened.

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Knees too pointy, would not fug

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>posts pic from the arcade version

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>released several months after Tekken 2
This answer to Tekken was kind of late

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what was Soul Blade an answer to?

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You called?

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inb4 the tekken 3 spammer

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why can you destroy peoples clothes lol

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inb4 the "tekken 3 spammer" spammer

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Saturn has no answers. Stop ruining the catalog with forced Sega revisionism

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this is the correct answer.

But was dead or arlive an answer to?
or what was bloody roar an answer to?
or what was dynasty warriors an answer to?
or what was tobal 1 an answer to?
and yes, the list actually goes on

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I knew you'd be here.

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fighting vipers was ok but fighters megamix is fucking fantastic.
>quick compilation game as filler until vf3
>its better than vf3

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hahaha what the fuck, megamix has bark and bean?

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>hahaha what the fuck, megamix has bark and bean?

mega Mix was made by AM2 as an exclusive for the Saturn. It is basically a mash -up of Virtua Fighter and Fighting Vipers, but I feel like the gameplay is closer to FV than VF, but also features other AM2 created characters. bean and Bark were created by AM2 for Sonic the fighters. Janet was from Virtua Cop 2 (AM2), Daytona Hornet car = AM2. rent-A-hero is another AM2 created game. Virtua Fighter Kids = AM2. Though MegaMix contains a lot of the fighting move from Virtua Fighter 3 for the VF3 cast, and Janet is basically Aoi from VF3.

As for Fighting Vipers, the game is hardly a Tekken clone, as it does contain some unique gameplay elements, not really found in other fighting games. The armor mechanic, the walled environments, Characters with armor on, move slower and can take less damage. With no armor, they take more damage, but move faster. Each character has two variations of fighting styles.

>what was Soul Blade an answer to?

Toshinden is a weapon based 3D arena fighter. It does have more 3D movement than Virtua (except for 3) Fighter/ Tekken. Soul Blade/ Soul Calibur is basically a Namco take on Toshinden. Last Bronx was Sega's version of a weapons based arena fighter.

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fuck you then

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Honey's cunny

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What's up with this Tekken 3 obsession? Like this weird dude appears under every T3 post and seethes at T3 being mentioned as if T3 shagged him and didn't call back or something.

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Lmao you must be new. Every big game has its bunch of weirdos. Check OoT threads and you will see at least a couple of schizos seething about it.

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Same schizo who posts how nobody plays VF under every VF post, probably

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Nobody plays VF

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Reminds me of Doodle's in Monster Rancher 1.

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VF is better than Tekken.

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nobody plays VF