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>One game you are really skilled at
>One game you are really awful at

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Puyo Puyo

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Mike Tyson's Punch Out
Mortal Kombat (Or any fighting game really)

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Super Smash Brothers Brawl, but to keep it /vr/ related, Super Mario World
Any and all RTS games

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teenage mutant ninja turtles

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Fighters in general

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>tfw you will never be good at Puyo Puyo

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Ninja Gaiden
Street Fighter or any fighting game

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r u me>?

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Good: Metal Slug
Bad: Bomber Man.

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Megaman 6
Megaman X6

Though i'm improving at Sigma's battle, getting to him was a pain in the ass, especially Rainy Turtloid/Infinity Mijinion.

6 was quite easy though, no real complaints. I'm playing through all classic and X series from time to time. suggest me some good games to try.

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smash bros 64
seriously, my last retro-bro won't play with me anymore because it's so frustrating for him
Castlevania games. I don't think I've ever beaten one.

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add.: which is weird, because I love the shit out of every metroid pre-prime.

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shmups in general, but I'm trying to improve

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suprisingly good at doukutsu monogatari
ashamedly bad at diablo 2 T_T

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mega man 3
most sports games, i just dont wanna

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>tfw you wouldn't describe yourself as being 'really skilled' at any game
I can beat the NES Castlevanias though
I suck bad at shmups

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Super Street Fighter II Turbo

Super Smash Bros. Melee

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If you can beat Castlevania without cheating you are highly skilled at platformers.

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Bomberman series
Megaman series

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Platformers, arcade-style games, action RPG's and uh, pinball I guess

I wish I wasn't so bad at shmups and fighting games. And I suck at Mega Man.

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I used to think I was skilled at a zillion different games until I got the internet. I was certainly the best locally for a long time, not that it says much when you're the best in a town of 5000 people.

I still think I'm pretty good at Quake though. My skills have diminished a bit, but I can still play Quake 3 online without losing 0-25.

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I usually can get by pretty well in RPG's.

Too bad I suck in any game that you have to research extensively or have to use any form of high-level strategy. Most RTS's and MMO's come to mind.

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..what MMOs come to mind when you think about 'high-level strategy' or 'extensive research'?

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NES: Gumshoe (with original zapper, the most people play it wrong)
NES: Rad-Racer (i just have to play it more often, however right now i can get to the 2nd or 3rd stage and then it's game over)

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Any games that have a million different items, that do a million different things... and MMOs usually are the brunt of that category.

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I don't follow unless you give a concrete example. Most RPG-style MMOs are hilariously oversimplified. You aren't arguing that you'd need 'extensive research' to figure out wether your berserker/warrior/generic melee damage dealer/tank needs the items with stats that give HP and physical damage or the stat that gives mana, right?

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Really Skilled at [spoile]Thunder Force 4[/spoile]
Really awful at [/spoiler]Gradius[/spoiler]

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it doesn't sound like he's actually played an mmo before. anyway, this is getting off topic.

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Metal Slug 2
I can finish with whole game with 1-3 lives (one coin)

The swappper
fuck this game, ONLY game that makes me feel like a retard because i cant do the fuckign puzzles

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All Ghosts 'n Goblins Games
All Mega Man/X Games

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Good: Descent 1/2

Bad: Everything else.

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I don't even believe you.

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Life Force. I don't know why. I don't like space shooters, I don't even really like Life Force that much, but for some reason I don't find it that difficult.

Battletoads. Motherfucking Turbo Tunnel. I've got really good at the first 2.5 levels of the game, then I spend all night failing at the Turbo Tunnel.

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I'm pretty good at the first Sonic game on Genesis.
I'm pretty damn good at SMB1.

I'm pretty awful at Megamans 1-6.
Some of the levels/enemies/bosses require godlike reflex at times. Playing through it multiple times helps, but still.

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Sorry. Don't know what to tell you.

For what it's worth, I actually owned GnG and SGnG growing up, and I played them so much (I love the spookyscary) I had no choice but to get good. But I only rented MM/X a time or two and was always like, "Robots? meh..."

Interestingly, my wife is the exact opposite.

(Also, I realize now what a fool I was, but I just can't seem to get them down. I just don't seem to improve with practice with these games. And I still don't care for robots.)

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Metal Gear Solid. I have played that game so many fucking times, because for the longest time it was the only PC game I owned and my brother was always hogging the PSX. It's been a while but I still remember the layouts of most of the early areas.

Fighting games, any one of them. I never get the combos right, I never get the timing down, I can never pull off the finishing moves, I can't fucking do ANYTHING in a fighting game.

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Life Force is pretty much the easiest shmup ever, so that's prbably why.

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I just don't even see how Mega Man isn't the easiest thing in the world for after GnG. Have you ever tried switching immedely from GnG to Mega Man? Seems like suddenly you'd be able control your jumps and armory and nothing seems particularly interested in killing you anymore.

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I take pride in being ok at Skullmonkeys.

Any of the R-Type games. Shmups in general, really. The only one I'm good at, and like, is Einhänder.

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>One game you are really skilled at
Bomberman, specifically Bomberman 64.

>One game you are really awful at
Any stealth game.

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Great at puzzle games, just a shame I don't care for them. I was quite amazing at Wario's Woods when I was into Animal Crossing.

I am horrible at fighting games.

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Im skilled at Einhander
Im awful at: any and all RTS

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I used to love beating other people on games like Magical Drop when I used to have GameTap but can't get into puzzles without reasons as I don't feel the time spent isn't worth it just for the game alone.

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I don't know what I am good at but I know I wanna be good at racing games, fighting games, and shmups

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>One game you are really skilled at
Super Ghouls N Ghosts

>One game you are really awful at
Fighting games in general

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>One game you are really skilled at
Super Mario 64 (still speedrunning)
and Pokemon Puzzle League.. I think, no one wants to play it :(
>One game you are really awful at

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Great at Pacman and Quake 3.

Absolute shit at NFS III: Hot Pursuit.

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skilled : Brigandine
bad: megaman 2d scroller

>> No.955449

Mega Man X2
and variation of Street Fighter II

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Any other shooter, really.

My best score on Hard Zanki Attack is 35.

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>One game you are really skilled at
Super Mario Bros. 3

>One game you are really awful at
Pretty much all FPS. I have terrible spatial awareness when it comes to videogames and get lost really easily when it's a 1st person view.

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My /vr/ thing would be Mario World. I can 100% that game no problem, but I can't do anything with modern Marios. Too slippery, I think.

Bonus: Both Pikmin games.

The entire Mega Man series.

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Skilled at: Uh, Kirby 64, I guess.
Awful at: Every fighting game EVER.

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good: playing d on nhl 20xx games for ps3
bad: 16 bit mario

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>One game you are really skilled at
Panel de Pon
>One game you are really awful at

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Oh man, this right here.

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>2D Zeldas, especially the Oracles
>3D Zeldas

I wish I could beat OoT.

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Everything else.

I can beat the hardest wads and barely take any damage in Plutonia, but I just can't do shit in anything else.

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i was undefeated at mean bean machine
dunno about bad

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I'm fairly good at the kirby puyo but the modern one just throws me off, no such problem with the modern tetrisses though.

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I'm pretty damn good at CTR. Beat Oxide in every time trial there is.

I suck balls at Warcraft 3. Had to use god mode/unlimited resources cheat every other mission in single player because I played it for the story and lore.

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Super Metroid

Tetris. fuck.

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I'm unbeatable in Bushido Blade. Absolutely unrivalled. You can't beat me, nobody ever could. I play with one hand, and I'm still unbeatable.

>One game you are really awful at
All other games, I guess.

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Magical Drop 3


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Worms Reloaded... even in 4 way matches, I still win about 60% of the time... despite odds suggesting it should be about 25%...

BAD: Fighters... I can't play a fighter online .. will win maybe 25% oft the time.

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Super Metroid
Silhouette Mirage
I keep getting up to stage 5 before losing all my live

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