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What's the best beat-em-up of all time?
I can't really get into this genre because the gameplay is too repetitive.
Is there a perfect example I should try out before I write it off as a whole?

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Accept they aren't for you and play games you enjoy, there is no sense in trying to make yourself like something

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I got hooked after playing Cadillacs & Dinosaurs

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The two Capcom D&D beat em up games are the only ones I can stomach. Spells, equipment, and branching paths break up the monotony.

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God Hand

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>too repetitive

You probably think that because you credit feed your way to the end.

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Complex inventory system in a beat em up? No thanks.

Goldenaxe and SoR2 are much more fun. Especially multiplayer.

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I'll also recommend the d&d bmups, specially start with the first, Tower of Doom. Then try King of Dragons or Knights of the Round.

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Streets of Rage 2 or 3
Guardians / Denjin Makai 2
TMNT Genesis or SNES
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs
undercover cops
Ninja Baseball Bat Man
Battle Circuit
Violent Storm

Some good variety there. But if you want a ton of move variety that is more in newer beat em ups

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I only ever enjoyed them as a kid playing with friends. Have a really hard time enjoying them as an adult singeplayer.

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Battletoads, because it's not a beat-em-up.

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Beat em ups are a brainlets genre after all.

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play streets of rage 2, it's got a nice repertoire of moves, specials and different grappling techniques, along with a decent difficulty curve for a newbie.

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constantly gameovering and replaying the same sections would also be repetitive.

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What you do is play the game with a handful of credits, you naturally git gud over time and lower them as time goes on. That's how you're supposed to play these games.

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yeah and you'll have to endure intense repition to get to that point, no way around it.

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you had to be there. they dont appeal to >modern audiences

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i bet you shitter can't 1cc either

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Thats like asking what the best turd is. They all have mindboggingly braindead and insulting gameplay

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I don't see why Viewtiful Joe shouldn't count unless they must be multi plane, so that easily

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you seem low iq so jarpigs might be more your speed

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This thread isn't about RPGs though?

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Man, no one is forcing you to post on the retro games board. If you are going to whine about arcade games being games for the arcade just go back to talking about Elden Ring or whatever on /v/ already.

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Retro would be Streets of Rage 2. All time would be Dragon's Crown, but this is VR so we're not talking about that one.

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I'm not good at bmups I admit, but I managed the tower of Doom 1cc with a couple weeks of playing



All great, I'd also add Metamorphic Force, it's silly but fun to play.

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If you don't enjoy playing through a standard 4 credits of an arcade game once or twice a day til you git gud, you don't enjoy arcade games period.

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Why did the entire genre move away from special moves costing health? Was it bad game design?

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No it was great game design, its a valuable resource and last resort move but casuals hated it they want to see the cool moves man

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Knights of Valour 2.

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No. It's just bad players. Though I do like SoR3 handled specials: A separate meter builds up, if it's full, the special attack is free. If it's not, the player loses health depending how low the meter is when they fire it off again. So specials can potentially cost more health compared to other games, or be free if used sparingly.

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I have the same problem as fighting games, I don't know the movesets and how to do anything except mash. And there is no instruction manual for arcade games (as far as I know?)

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>simpson shit

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I love games like Streets of Rage 2, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, Denjin Makai 2 and other beat em ups with fun movesets. They don't get too repetitive since they are usually short games and the characters have interesting shit that they can do
But I do hate every beat em up where you can only jump and use one or two different attacks, like The Simpsons, Asterix, etc. Am I looking at it in the wrong way? I feel like there's something to like about these games, but I just can't understand the fun in it

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Thats why the genre is almost dead now,
Difficult to keep it interesting.

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OP these are the only ones. That’s it.

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i've always loved the box art for this game.

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>I can't really get into this genre because the gameplay is too repetitive.
Then fuck off, it isn't for you. Asking for "the best" is just bait because you've already stated outright you won't tolerate it, you wouldn't be able to even understand the metric by which it would be judged best.

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>I can't really get into this genre because the gameplay is too repetitive.
I bet you play JRPG's all day and think a beat em up is too repetitive. lol

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Rent free

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>t. jarpig

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I always picked Max.

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It's not a beat em up.

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>write it off as a whole?
Feel no shame in doing that. RPG's aren't my thing. Doesn't make them bad games.

That said, I like the SNES Turtles in Time and Streets of Rage 2. Got REALLY close to beating them both, but never did finish them. They're good solo or on their own. TMNT turns into grab spamming because its super strong in that game. SoR2 has a bunch of different special moves per character so I'd say that's better than TMNT.

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>They're good solo or on their own.
Jesus, alcohol. They're good solo OR WITH FRIENDS.

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I'm not whining I'm being honest, enduring repetition is a part of these games, something you have to become acclimated to in order to enjoy them.
>heh I bet you think it's repetitive because [insult]
is trite nonsense.

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the best games in the series are bmups (arcade + & double dragon)

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It can't fucking be both. Might as well class it as a first person shooter while you're at it.

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The NES original is the best game in the series.

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if you like gimmicky shit maybe

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>* Pauses everyone's game every time you use a spell*

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We get it, you don't like arcade games. Now leave.

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The instructions were part of the cab, usually on the console or sometimes on the bezel around the monitor

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Final fight is really good but will seem really boring if you just tap the punch button the whole game. You are supposed to use timing along with throws and jumps to get through the levels quickly and without harm. You get kill 4 enemies at once using throws which is a lot more fun than just tapping A for 30 minutes on every single enemy.

Die hard arcade might be the ultimate evolution before it evolved into fighting force. The added a lot of variety to the levels and weapons.

Usually press a and b at once or using running attacks and knocking enemies into pits.

Grabbing takes skill in tmnt so I don't mind it.

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I like platforming and Nes Battletoads has the best amount of it.

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Rushing Beat is my shit, it has some fucked up damage scaling but I never gave up on it when I first rented it.

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x-men arcade (6 player version as the wide screen balances the player supers better)
simpsons arcade
tmnt turtles in time snes
streets of rage remake
dragon's crown

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Why can't it be both?

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Final Fight is a beat em up. There's fuck all platforming in it while battletoads is the opposite

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I never saw the movie but I remember the ads for this game. Is it really good or is it just a weird cash grab a-la Scarface or Godfather: The Game?

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the warriors is a rare case of a movie based property having a game with soul.

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I think the most fun I've had is playing Golden Axe 3.

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I never understood why people liked SoR2 more than 3.

3 looks better, plays better and has more memorable levels.

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soundtrack is shit
defusing bombs is shit
last boss is shit

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It was good, but been a while since I played it. Xbox version is vastly superior over PS2 version.

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SoR3 overcomplicates a winning formula. Also it has a worse roster.

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The Scarface game is excellent, and far from a lazy cash grab.

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>you had to be there.

> Be me
> 9 years old in 1990
> Play TMNT the arcade game in a movie theatre lobby
> Go watch the TMNT movie moments later in the same theatre.

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GREAT atmosphere in this game. They really captured the feel of the film, it was much better than it had any right being.

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I remember when the NES version came out, with that coupon for the free pizza that came with it. It was one of the biggest events in our childhood life. That pizza was so good.

My single earliest arcade memory is probably playing Double Dragon. Discovering it with my best friend and there's two characters so, naturally, that's who we pretended to be in our random outdoor childhood romps for the next year. And of course they weren't Billy and Jimmy Lee at the time, the side of the machine said "Spike" and "Hammer". I remember getting to the forest stage, felt surreal, watching this strange digital world unfold in gleaming phosphorous lights. Could never get past the twin Abobos back then. I think they were green?

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>never attempt to acquire taste
thats retarded but yea beat-em-ups are mid, like shmups. impulsive ape finger games but if thats your thing then hey ooga booga

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in what way? because graphically it aint much of an upgrade

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Imagine being such a joyless, pathetic tryhard your whole life.

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Graphically. Textures are much better.

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OP said he has tried to get into them, but can't, so how exactly will playing "the perfect one" change that opinion? It's the perfect example of something he's already said he isn't into. Just play something else at that point, there are tons of genres of games that you'll like better.

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>my toys are better than yours

Join threads about games you like, stop wasting your time on this earth

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Final fight. Only because of the glitch that's allows to do infinite combos, tmbt turtles in time is pretty goof also

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Little Fighter 2, a freeware PC game that doesn't look like anything special but it had surprisingly fun gameplay with some depth. Lots of customization, and cool characters.

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Something I didn't see others mention that is a huge part of beat em ups is the fact that they are meant to be played by more than one person, with many even going as far as having 4 (and even sometimes even 6) sticks so many people could play at the same time.
The amount of fun playing with 3 more people in a cabinet is hard to explain. With all the monsters, the fighting for the powerups and health, saving a buddy by dropping with a new live/bomb drop, and all the hectic stuff going around.
Playing solo is simply not the same experience. I recommend trying to play them coop with a friend online, physically together would be even better.

As for a specific game, one of my favourites is Alien vs Predator.
It has the perfect amount of complexity in character moves and enemy patterns / powerups that you can always come out of a game session feeling like you got better and the next time you could squeeze more moves/better play from your character.
It's an important part of the experience too because beat em ups that are too simple get boring really fast if the only thing you do is press punch over and over with the occasional powerup and enemy that takes a ton of hits.

Turtles in Time and (not retro) Dragon's Crown are amazing too.

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that's the river city ransom clone isn't it?

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GodHand on ps2

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>don't enjoy beat-em-ups
Everyone's recommending the D&D arcade games because they have an inventory system to add a layer to the gameplay. Also check out River City Ransom, which adds in an RPG-ish system of money, items, and upgrades. Aliens VS Predator leans heavily into weaponry over mashing the attack button. Die Hard Arcade is similar but also has special combo attacks worth learning. Battle Circuit is a bit like RCR, but without the ability to grind. Armored Warriors lets you use defeated enemy's weapons.
Don't play generic jump-and-attack-to-win games like Simpsons, X-Men, or Oriental Legends/Knights of Valour. They are flashy but just button mashers.

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I dunno about insulting, but braindead, yeah. That's great for drunken co-op though.
Also my favorite.

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unironically only sengoku 3 is remotely fun. horrible genre

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looks like it

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Funny considering the most demanding genre (at least in terms of input coordination), fighting games, is a close relative to it.

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Try IGS beat em ups if you want depth. Some they have fighting game motions to do moves and Gladiator even has wall bounce combos but you wouldn't know that because you're probably some console fag.

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You might want to try Battle Circuit, Capcom's last beat em up and pseudo sequel to captain commando. Every character has a pretty respectable move pool and you get to buy new moves in between stages, great visuals too. No idea why it never gets mentioned in these threads

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Captain Commando
Shadows of Mystara (DnD)

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I had a dream a long time ago that I was at my local arcade (Funspot) and they had a Seinfeld based Beat-em Up
basically it was the Simpsons game but with jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer

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How tf you beat D&D bmups? They ate all my quarters at arcades as a kid

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Streets of Rage 2 is probably the best beat em' up on console, but the Punisher arcade by Capcom was super fun.

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Outside of Streets of Rage 2 and 3 I'd say Capcom were clearly the kings of the beat em up genre. Alien vs Predator, The Punisher, the DnD games and Final Fight 2 and 3 are all great beat em ups too. Although if we're counting modern releases then Streets of Rage 4 would probably be the best beam em up of all time.

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Punisher Arcade game

Punisher Arcade game is better

>> No.9513118

>Goldenaxe and SoR2 are much more fun.
They are both shit compared to King of Dragons

>> No.9513121

>Streets of Rage 2
That's the most slow repetitive beat em up ever

>> No.9513125

>Streets of Rage 2 is probably the best beat em' up on console
Final Fight on Sega CD cleans house with it
Guardian Heroes is the best one

>> No.9513137

Simpsons has some team specials and has all sorts of cool items

>> No.9513161

The Scott Pilgrim game is coming out on steam in January, you can try it if you want a really decent look into the genre without being bogged down by anything like quarter-eaters.
Plus you can refund it if you don't like it.
Head over to the Fightcade subreddit and see if you can drum up a ROM collection though, you should be able to snag everything from the Capcom D&D games to Punisher.

Or you can just play Sreets of Rage 2.

>> No.9513228

because the games in the genre play very similar for the most part and most recomendations are based on nostalgia

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repetitive as fuck strats, and you call other bmups repetitive lmao

>> No.9513421

I enjoy repetition if it's fun to execute and finesse while being challenging. Tower of Doom has all that plus branching paths, very different characters and item system, lots of secrets too, it is a great bmup, one of my favs

>> No.9513454

Bmups with weapons tend to be superior to fisting and kicking shite, look at knights of the round or AvP for examples

>> No.9513495

The Warriors has a good story, a good combat system, and tons of variety. Robbing stores, stealth sections, graffiti minigames, etc

>> No.9513542

alien vs predator
shadows over mystara
denjin makai ii
violent storm

the end

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filtered by based grapplers

>> No.9513721

spamming oils because you can't fight properly isn't finesse

>> No.9513741

I have fun memories of Konami's Vendetta. There's nothing particularly special about it (other than using baseball bats to whack your enemies into the walls to the rear of the scenery) and oddly there's no jump button but the arcade I used to frequent when I was a kid in the late 90s gave you 8 credits for a quid so we really got our moneys worth out of it.

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There's just something special about Final Fight. Not exactly a "advanced beat em up" but, I can just out of the blue boot this baby up and have a great time. I know the game like the back of my hand yet, I keep coming back time.and time to kicking Belger out of the window.

Truly a.magical game

>> No.9513795

Weird I skipped both titles you mentioned because I thought that's what they were but /vr seems to be real high on both of them, so much so I put them in my backlog.

>> No.9513805

If no one mentioned, the Punisher and Nick Fury is a good romp.

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Nobody cares about your untranslated weeb games.

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>when you learn about the punch cancelling

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I can't believe no one said River City Ransom for the NES, my favorite.

>> No.9513883

retarded newfag zoomer

>> No.9513887

Was this originally an arcade game about high school romance?

>> No.9513890

I've been coming to this website for at least 25 years now.

>> No.9513892

that's not even your actual age fag

>> No.9513917

No, I'm almost double that. BTW zoomer being born in the 90s makes your opinion worthless so you can shut up now.

>> No.9513937

It is kinda sad that it became River City Girls, which is the pinnacle of suckiness, I know, not retro.

>> No.9513942


You're probably getting it confused with Nekketsu Koha Kunio-kun aka Renegade, which was an arcade game but didn't have any romance.


RCG1 wasn't even the worst Kunio game that launched that year.

>> No.9513960

>but didn't have any romance
You are wrong about that.

>> No.9513979

Oil is one strat among many, and if your timing and movement is tight you can chain lock the dark elf with oils but it's tricky

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>Streets of Rage 2 or 3

Streets of Rage 2 is the perfect bmup for me. Tight controls, varied enemies and strategies to deal with them in varied numbers which it's constantly throwing at you and forcing you to adapt to, and holy shit that soundtrack (either on original hardware or like Genesis plus GX with Nuked YM2612 for accurate sound emulation)

shit i'm gonna go play some more

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I won't say they're the best, but some memorable ones for me are
>Turtles in Time
It has lots of cool Turtles villain bosses and the way you can throw enemies at the screen is neat. Very exciting. Probably the best Turtles game?
>Fighting Force (PSX)
I replayed this quite a few times with my brothers.
>Gauntlet Legends
I'm stretching the definition a little but I don't know what else to call it, and this game kicked ass. It was another one I had tons of fun playing with my brothers.

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ok zoomer newfag who never played king of dragons

>> No.9514093

>You just don't like my favourite genre because you're bad at it!
Classic response

>> No.9514141

SoRR is surprisingly really fucking good for a fangame. I'd even go as far as to say it's as good as SoR2

>> No.9514154

I just beat Double Dragon 1 on NES. Fucking hard and getting used to the back elbow was awkward.

>> No.9514681

If you are in a tight enough situation to justify spending health to retake the offensive you are probably better off restarting that particular run. It's the same reason I could never get into strategy games. There's no incentive for anything less than an optimal/ideal run so as soon as you slip up, continuing feels pointless.
I too liked specials having a dedicated meter, so they could be limited without pissing away the most valuable in game resource. Streets of Rage 4 allowing you to recover health spent on special moves was an interesting take as well. Rather than outright punish you for specials, it made it a tense gamble.

>> No.9514691

Odin, methamphetamine. Having worked in arcades I AGREE.

>> No.9514693

there is a beat em up Battletoads game on arcade.

>> No.9514763

And yet you cannot refute it. Classic response.

>> No.9514849

No one is referring to that when they say Battletoads though.

>> No.9514851

I'm not the only one. Goldenaxe has dragons anyway. It's better.

>> No.9515836

Patricians do, only NESbeard shitters obsess with the NES one