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Donkey Kong December
Donkey Kong December
Donkey Kong December
Donkey Kong December

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I replayed 1 and 2 not long ago and beat 3 for the first time. Started in November though.

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I'm a huge cocksucker with 3D platforming collect-a-thons, but I just dropped DK64 after two hours. Good lord, this game just feels like shit. I can't imagine having to do all this slow back tracking around with five characters.

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expand dongcember

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ah, DK64. that and Sonic Heroes are the 2 games where I have no idea how I enjoyed it as a kid

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Cranky Kong holiday

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Which dkc is the best
Just started playing 1 for Donkey Kong December, now that im at world 2 this game is alreary hard as shit.

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DK64 is a game that really benefits from being a child in the late 90s. If you were stuck inside that day and nothing good was on TV it was a swell time.

Playing it as an adult or even as a child in todays day and age it really doesnt hold up. The game wastes so much of your time even if you dont go for 100%.

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dunkey is a faggot but I like that there's a whole month to appreciate one of my favorite videogame franchises.
Also play the Land games, they're pretty good.
Most people will tell you 2 is the best but for me 1 will always be the best one.
funny you say that because as a kid i hated DK64 but as an adult I love it, its not even that tedious just dont collect everything in one go and focus on your character's items first before you swap.

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I feel like the first one is the best in terms of design and flow of platforming. DKC2 is probably better overall (graphics, music, atmosphere, controls) but the first one you can really get into a rhythm of playing it, almost like music. DKC2 has too many levels that require timing and grind the game to a halt.

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It was frustrating as a kid too.

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I would have probably loved it as a kid, yeah. But everything really does feel like it was made to waste your time.
The levels are huge, you don't move particularly fast and there isn't a way to move faster at least at the beginning (rolling seemed slightly faster, but it's obnoxious to do that everywhere), text scrolls slowly and speeding it up can result in you skipping to the next box before you're done reading. I was pretty annoyed from the start.

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I attempted to play both of these games and gave up on each more than once

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DKC2 is best because it has Dixie and pirates are cool.

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every time i see DKC it just makes me think about the time i played it in a hotel room and one of my friends played gay porn in the ear of another guy passed out drunk while flashing a strobe light into his eyes. he said it was the best sleep he ever had when he woke up in the morning.

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What console was DKC running on

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i was emulating it on a lenovo laptop

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The DKC classic games were dethroned by the 3DS and Wii U titles respectively and were always overrated. Nothing tops Tropical Freeze. It's the greatest 2D platformer ever made.

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Nothing tops your mom except for me when i blow loads in her

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Can't agree with you. At its best DK64 is more entertaining than games like Mario 64 or Banjo, it's just more rough around the edges.
Its fundamental problems (tagging, camera) can be solved via hacking. In fact one of them was already solved (check the tag everywhere hack), so we're halfway there.
A reminder that for each great star in Mario 64 there was a really shitty/boring one.
Most of the levels in DK64 are fine in concept. Sonic Heroes' level design was doomed at the conceptualization phase.

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Explain me this people.
How comes that the 1994 Gameboy title is so much better compared to its sequels on later much more advanced consoles?
With modern Nintendo, a handheld game with solid foundation (NSMB, Mario 3D Land) usually spawned a much more complex sequels on the home consoles, yet it's not the case with 1994's Gameboy Donkey Kong.
Mario vs. Donkey Kong for the GBA has an interesting visual style, but in terms of players movement agency and the level structure it's an obvious downgrade.
The next installment is literally a Lemmings clone that barely resembles its origin.
It's especially unfortunate given that most of the games released for the original gameboy, were limited reimplementations of grander console titles.

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I'm assuming Donkey Kong 94 was somebody's pet project. Honestly even before I knew that game existed I was hoping Nintendo would refresh the arcade game because that was likely the first video game I ever played. I doubt we'll ever see a more modern take. They seem to have kept any similar titles to their traditional handhelds.

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It's kind of like Game Boy Tetris or Super Mario Land 2. It's just the best version lol.

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At the end of the day, for me, Mario 64 wins out because it's at least fun to move around in that game, regardless of what you're doing. I don't feel that way about DK64. But I'm not a huge Mario 64 guy, either. I also didn't play that much as a kid because I didn't have a N64.

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Based Dunkey bro

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>Donkey Kong December

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no one mentioned this before you, you insufferable /v/ zoomers

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Dunkey made the internet holiday but go off.

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Why are you so mad?

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december bumo

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Dunkey's new videos on the history of the Donkey Kong franchise are pure kino